They were packing up Ben some clothes when the door bell rang. John kept packing while Ben went to answer the door. He opened the door and froze because standing in front of him was none other than Chris Andrews. Ben stepped back "What are you doing here?"

Chris pointed the gun at Ben. "I told you this would happen if my brother wasn't let go." He walked forward.

Ben stepped back."I didn't say anything to get him arrested."

"Then how come my brother is in jail right now?" Chris said walking closer to Ben.

Ben took another stop back. "Because he wasn't wearing any gloves and his finger prints were all over the place. They had evidence that he was there."

"What did you say when you had to identify them." Chris asked lowering the gun.

"I said that I didn't recognize any of them." Ben said as his arms went around his stomach. "I didn't say anything they just figured it out I swear."

"Who is that Ben?" John asked walking into the living room. He stopped when he saw the man standing in his living room. "You got a lot of balls showing your face here." He started too walked up to Chris but he saw the gun in his hand and stopped.

Chris raised the gun and pointed it at John. "Well if it isn't the great John Cooper." He said smiling. "I heard a lot about you Cooper. I know that before you two got together you were on so much drugs and it was so bad you got committed."

"I wasn't on drugs I was just going through a rough time." John said walking up to Ben.

Chris stepped back. "Yeah right and the whole while you were messed up Ben was there for you. Caring for you, being your friend when you fucked up on the job because you were TO high. Using your back as an excuse for acting like a druggie, than a cop. You're nothing but a fraud and you always will be."

"Get out of my house Andrews or I will kill you." John said pushing Ben behind him.

Chris smiled "Or what huh because I'm the one with the gun here not you."

"You really think that I'm going to let you hurt my family?" John asked.

Chris nodded "Yeah I do if you know what's good for you, you will."

John stood his ground. "I'm not letting you hurt them."

"Oh I just want to kill that demon inside you." Chris pointed the gun at Ben then lowered it down to his stomach.

"John!" Ben cried out.

"Wait stop!" John said "What do you want?"

"I already told you what I want and the faster you let me kill it. The faster I'll be gone out of your lives." Chris pointed the gun back at John. "Move out of my way Cooper."
John shook his head. "I'm not going anywhere."

Chris sighed "Fine." He made the mistake of pulling the gun toward him to cock it and the next thing he knew he was on the ground with John on top of him. They were fighting over the gun. Ben stood and watched as the two fought for the gun. John eventually gets the gun and throws it across the room. He then started pounding Chris over and over again. Ben was yelling and yelling for him to stop but John was relentless. Ben watched as Chris was hit over and over again. He was about to reach out for John but a sharp pain in his stomach made him stop. Both hands went to his stomach and he let out a groan. Then he feels something running down his legs and he looks down and panics.

"John." Ben says silently. Looking up he sees that he's still hitting Chris. "John!" He yelled.

John stopped and looked back at Ben. He saw the pure horror, pain and, fear in Ben's eyes. "Ben are you okay?"

Ben looked down at the pool of blood on the floor. "The baby?"

John finally noticed all the blood and he goes over to him. "Oh my god what happened?"

Ben was now crying from the pain. "I don't know but it hurts. John I think something is wrong." He knelt down onto his knees and let out a yell in pain. "John!"

John got down on his knees. "Okay just hold on." He pulled out his phone and called 911, even though he was 911. He helped Ben over to the couch and held his hand. "Just hang in there for me okay."

Ben shook his head. "I can't it hurts John and hurt's so bad."

"Well you're only 5 months so you can't be giving birth right now so it has to be something else." John said.

Ben closed his eyes. "I don't know but I hope everything is okay."

John continued to hold his hand and he also started rubbing his belly. "Everything is going to be okay?" He kissed Ben on the cheek. "Just breathe for me."

At the hospital

Ben was rushed into the back and John couldn't go in so he stayed in the waiting room. Around midnight that night john was asleep in the chair.

He was woken up by a nurse. "Excuse me sir?"

John jumped up. "What's going on?"

She looked down at her pad. "Has he been under a lot of stress lately?"

John nodded "Yeah he was attacked a while ago and the attacker has threatened him."

"Like how?" She said.

"He said that he was going to kill the baby if he said anything to us about who attacked him. He just showed up today at our house and-" John closed his eyes and sighed. "Just tell me what's happening with them."

"By him stressing so much it caused him to go into early labor." She said. "But because the pregnancy is this early we had to take the baby out or she would have died."

John smiled "She?'

The nurse smiled "Yes she but she had to be put in an incubator but she's doing really well. It's very rare but because he's a male. When a male is pregnant the baby develops faster. So with a male five months is a fully developed baby but with a female the baby wouldn't be close."

"What does that mean?" John asked.

"That means that the baby wouldn't be fully developed and would be at risk of dying." She smiled at the confused look on John's face. "Okay in other words your baby girl is alive and well but she will have to stay here for a while."

John nodded and started to cry. "She's going to okay though, right?"

She nodded "She's going to be alright."

John let out a breath. "Oh thank god but what about Ben? How is he doing?"

Her smile faded "Ben's case is a little different. We were able to get the baby out alive but-"

John paled "Are you saying that he's dead?"


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