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For Rose things never came easily, if she wanted something she'd have to work her fingers to the bone to get it. She envied people who could walk into a room and get everything they wanted, it seriously wasn't fair. But lately things had been changing for Rose, in a way she never thought it would. So much had happened in the past few months it was impossible for her to live the life she once knew. Of course she didn't blame anybody for this, as she was happy with everything that had happened, besides a few things she wished she could change.

Rose had entered that competition a few months ago and since then, nothing had been the same. She had met some wonderful people and accomplished so many goals and dreams she had, it was actually hard to believe. She was no longer a student struggling to pay off bills or keep food on the table, as of right now Rose Daniels was working for Family Guy as a storyboard artist and she loved it.

Seth MacFarlane had walked into Rose's life and changed everything about it, he was her idol, her inspiration and now he was her first real relationship. After months of chasing each other around they both finally got what they wanted, but it had certainly took some time. Through all of the heartache and tears, Seth had chased Rose through the airport on the day she was leaving for England and convinced her to stay in America and live happily ever after with him. It was perfect and whenever Rose thought about it, she got butterflies in her tummy and felt giddy. Seth had certainly proved his love and devotion towards her and Rose knew he was serious.

When it came to love and relationships Seth didn't kid around, being so wealthy and famous it was hard for him to find a real genuine girl to settle down with. So Rose knew this wasn't just a fling, it was the real deal and she was really happy and excited about it. She still barely knew Seth but there was plenty of time to get to know him!

Daydreaming was something Rose did often, and she realised she'd been daydreaming for so long she'd stopped drawing and fell behind. "Crap" she muttered as she sorted her hair out and readjusted her position in her seat; she then looked back down at her paper and wanted to scream out in frustration. Sometimes working as a storyboard artist really pissed you off, every scene had to be perfect and it was too much pressure. Rose and pressure didn't mix very well, especially when frustration was thrown into the mix too.

"Wow... Rosie looks frustrated" a voice from the doorway said, making Rose look up from her desk to see who it was. She smiled when she saw Danny and Artie leaning in the doorway watching her.
"How long have you guys been there?" Rose asked as she took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes out of frustration.

"Not long, but long enough to see you've worked into your lunch break again"

"I have?" Rose looked at her watch and realised she had indeed worked well into her lunch break, "Dammit that's the third time this week! I'm supposed to be meeting Seth soon!"

"Don't panic Rose he's still caught up in a meeting" Artie said walking into the room and sitting on one of the empty chairs. "He is?" Rose asked a little relieved as she looked at her watch again and sighed.

She was so hungry she could eat anything right now!

"Yeah the American Dad meeting ran over so he messaged me to tell you that he's running late but will make it up to you" Artie replied and smiled when Rose sighed out of happiness, "Rose he wouldn't really care if you were running a little late, if you're busy working he should understand. But just don't work yourself to the point where you can't carry on"

"I promise I won't" Rose replied with a small smile, but she couldn't help but yawn and rub her stomach.

"Seriously Rose what's bothering you? I know you say everything is alright but I've never seen you like this before" Artie asked as he noticed she looked panicked and worried about something. Rose fiddled with the sleeves on her cardigan and sighed out of defeat, she'd been trying to pretend she was okay but everybody knew she wasn't. "I'm just a little worried about something that's all"

"Care to share? Maybe we can help" Danny said as he sat down in another chair next to Rose and switched off her lamp on the desk, it was that bright he could see spots in his eyes.
"Well because I've dropped out of Uni my lease has run out on my student accommodation, and I need to find a place to live"

"But that's easy... live with Seth"

"Danny it's not that simple"

"Why isn't it? You're in a relationship and you love each other... plain and simple"

"I don't want to just pack up all of my stuff and land on Seth's doorstep"

"Well yes that's understandable, but Rose just talk to him about it. I'm sure he won't turn you away, if he does then we'll make sure he gets what's coming to him" Rose smiled at that and said "I'll talk to him about it later, I really need to get a move on with packing"

"When have you gotta leave your place?"

"In about 2 days"

"What? Rose you should have told us earlier and we would have helped!"

"Danny I'll be okay, I haven't got much stuff to pack anyway"

"But you've been working late hours for weeks now, Rose you should have sorted this out"

"Artie don't gang up on me with him" Rose said quite frustrated as she ran a hand through her hair and sighed, "I screwed up okay? But my head has been all over the place since the whole airport scenario" Rose felt more butterflies when she said that but she continued, "I've been getting acceptance letters for my student film but I'm having to turn everybody down and sort things out, plus I still can't get my head round the fact that I'm actually with Seth for real, so I'm a little frazzled right now" Artie and Danny looked at Rose and they soon felt bad, she'd been through a lot lately and she still needed time to adjust.

"We're sorry Rose" Danny said making Rose look at him, "We know it's hard to adjust but leaving your packing 2 days before you're supposed to leave was a bit stupid"

"I know"

"You need to speak to Seth about it"

"I will I promise"


"I'm gonna have to anyway because I'll be on the streets if I don't"

"That wouldn't happen, remember you have Alex as a friend and a mother so trust me, that wouldn't happen" Rose smiled at that, Alex had taken Rose under her wing and looked after her since day one. She was friendly but quite protective over her friends, especially Seth. If anything happened between them, Alex would certainly have something to say about it!

"Speaking of Alex, I said we'd meet her for a late lunch if we could unchain you from this room and drag you out into the everyday world again"

"Artie I'm not that bad!" Rose replied and laughed as she wrapped her arms around herself to try and keep warm. It always got warm in the studios so the air conditioning was on constantly, but today Rose was freezing so she'd brought her oversized cardigan with her.

"I beg to differ Rose, you work yourself silly sometimes"

"I just have a lot to do that's all" Rose replied and shrugged her shoulders making Danny smile and say, "Come on then, Alex doesn't like to be kept waiting" then he got up from his chair making Artie and Rose follow on behind him.

"You got her out of the room? What did you tell her? Alec ate the last piece of cake again?" Alex asked with a smirk as she saw that Rose has emerged from the drawing room. "There's cake?" Rose asked with high hope making Alex smirk, one of the girls from the American Dad department baked cakes and always used delicious frosting and Rose had become quite addicted to it. Alec ate the last piece one time and Rose didn't speak to him for a week, much to everybody's amusement.

"I've already got you some sweetie; you look like you need some food"

"I'm okay" Rose said taking the plate off Alex and staring hungrily at the cake, she hadn't really eaten today but she wanted to eat like a normal human being and not like an animal. So she started to eat slowly and listened to the guys when they spoke.

"You've been working silly hours Rose and I can see your weight is changing, you're turning into Seth"

"How'd you mean?" Rose asked as she licked her fingers from all of the frosting.

"Seth used to work from 5am to 10pm without a break when Family Guy first began, he was working himself to death and one day I found him collapsed at his desk and had to call an ambulance. It was awful and I can see that you're going down the same route" Rose stared at Alex and then looked back down at her plate. She had no idea that Seth did that to himself, and she certainly didn't want to end up in the hospital again. Alex always had a way of making Rose see sense; it was a weird but wonderful thing. "So just calm yourself down Rose and stick to a schedule before you work yourself to death" Rose could only nod, as she'd put a huge piece of cake in her mouth and couldn't speak. She put a hand over her mouth as she looked horrible when she was eating.

"This would be such an amazing moment to make you laugh and spray everyone with cake" Danny said and started to laugh at the glare Rose was giving him.

"Danny you even consider doing that I'll rip your balls off" Alex said sternly but this only made Danny laugh even more making Rose smirk and try to hold it together, if she laughed then the cake would go everywhere. She tried to chew quicker and eventually swallowed the cake and laughed as she said to Danny, "You always terrorise me when I'm eating!"

"Because it's so damn funny that's why" Rose just glared at him but soon smiled when Alex spoke again, "You heard from Seth yet sweetie?"

"Nope last I heard he was caught up in a meeting"

"Still? He's been in that meeting for hours now"

"What's it about?"

"The American Dad team have been pitching new ideas to make the show better than it already is, and they need Seth's approval of everything before they can make the changes"

"Oh I see"

"We sometimes do it for Family Guy; Seth loves this show more than anything so he spends more time on it. So if any new ideas come up then he's all ears" All Rose could do was smile whilst Alex was talking. She loved hearing stories about Seth, he was a real caring genuine guy, she'd read some people's experiences of meeting him and they said he was a total douche. But Seth seemed to be the sweetest person in the world and would give anybody the time of day; he loved his fans and always gave them what they wanted.

"Aww look somebody's daydreaming again" Rose heard Mila say in a mushy voice making her giggle and say, "I am not"

"You so are, it's all you ever do lately! It's always Seth this and Seth that" then Mila laughed making Rose laugh because all she could see was Meg.

"I'm just happy to be with him that's all, I love the stories you guys tell me about him. He sounds like an amazing guy"

"Well you've got plenty of time to get to know the real MacFarlane and soon you'll have your own little stories to tell" Mila replied and took Rose's hand giving it a squeeze making Rose smile back at her. But then Mila made a disgusted noise and said "Rose why is your hand all sticky?"

"I was eating cake and the frosting got everywhere" Rose replied and laughed when Mila was frantically wiping her hand on her blouse to try and get rid of the sticky but to no avail.

"That's just gross"

"It's only frosting... hey want some more?" then Rose got up from her chair and held out her hand towards Mila who jumped away and said "Don't!"

"It won't hurt you" Rose said and then chased Mila down the corridor towards the toilets where Mila ran inside and Rose stayed outside laughing.

"Oh man that's too easy" she said to herself as she readjusted her cardigan and tucked her hair behind her ears and then looked up to see everybody staring at her, "What?"

"And you say I'm bad at terrorising people?" Danny teased making Rose smile and say "It was just fun that's all"

"Kids these days" Rose felt her heart skip a beat when she heard that voice, Seth was standing a short distance away holding a cup of coffee and looking pretty tired, but the smile on his face was genuine and he looked like he was in a very good mood.

"I'm sorry Seth, I forgot kids back in your day were well behaved" Rose teased making Seth stare at her, "Girl don't make me get my cane out on your ass" he said in an old man's voice making Rose put her hands to her mouth to stifle her laugher, but it was impossible. The laugher escaped her mouth and soon she was giggling like a school girl, causing Seth to start laughing as well.

"Who gave her cake?" he asked, noticing Rose was laughing more than usual, a thing she did often when somebody gave her sugary foods.

"Guilty" Alex said quietly but couldn't help but laugh at Rose giggling to herself.

Seth smiled as well and said "I'm gonna have to get used to it I guess"

"You love me though" Rose said after she eventually calmed herself down enough to speak to Seth and everybody else. "I can't deny that babe" Seth said softly making Rose blush and stare down at the floor. Although they were in a committed relationship, Rose was still incredibly shy around Seth, sometimes she didn't have a clue what to say to him without thinking she'd sound dumb. He always showered her with compliments and she knew he meant every word he said, but she wasn't used to this sort of attention. So it was difficult to look at him without her cheeks burning a new shade of red!

"How did the meeting go Seth?" Alec asked, breaking the uneasy silence that had surrounded the group.

"Pretty good to be honest, that show has got a lot of new potential and I can't wait to see how it pans out" Seth replied as he played with the paper cup in his hands and continued to smile at Rose who looked embarrassed about something but was trying to hide it.

"The new writing staff working hard then?"

"Absolutely they're incredible; I'm really impressed with the material they're coming up with"

"I'm sure it will pay off in the new series"

"Let's hope so"

"How's the schedule looking today then?"

"It's pretty light for the afternoon, we've got one table read and then it's normal work as per usual"

"Well Seth just remember that this little lady (he pointed to Rose) hasn't had a proper lunch break and is working herself silly" Rose looked at Alec completely bewildered for a minute, why were they trying to drop her in it lately? What was wrong with working?

"Is that so?" Seth said thoughtfully as he stared at Rose who could feel her cheeks burning red again, "Yes" is all she mumbled and then she played with a loose string on her cardigan. Seth just smiled at her and said "Come on babe I'm taking you for lunch"


"Hey what did we talk about? No buts" Seth replied making Rose smile in defeat and say "Okay then whatever" then she got up from the couch and walked over to Seth who smiled again and said "Lets head out, we'll see you guys in a little while"

"No worries Seth take your time and have fun" Alex replied with a bright smile as she watched Seth lead Rose towards the exit to take her out for lunch. So far things were turning out perfect, both of them were happy and committed and Alex hoped it stayed like this.

"The one time I need a small box I can't find one!" Rose said to herself as she clambered around her kitchen trying to pack things away. She still hadn't told Seth she was moving out yet, so he was going to have a big surprise when he came to her apartment later on this evening. Although they were dating, they still lived separately and spent time apart, like normal couples did. Seth sometimes spent nights at Rose's and then sometimes she slept over at his place and both were okay with that. Rose was always happy when she was snuggled up in Seth's arms, it was such an amazing feeling and she hated when they had to part in the morning.

It had been a few months into their relationship, but Rose and Seth hadn't had sex yet, it was something neither of them had really discussed. Of course they'd touched and caressed each other, but they always fell asleep with some clothing on, but Rose couldn't deny how good Seth looked only wearing boxers... he was delicious!

"Focus woman" Rose said to herself as she shook her head to get rid of the thoughts that were swirling around in her brain. She wanted Seth and wanted him badly, but she was just too nervous to talk about sex with him. He wanted it badly too, she could see it in his eyes whenever they were in bed together, but Rose was extremely self conscious of her body, especially with the hideous scars on her back. Seth hadn't really seen them properly yet, as Rose always lay on her back in bed refusing to let him see them. They were horrible and she didn't want Seth to judge her and break up with her because of them. They made her feel ugly so she always covered them up whenever she had the chance.

Rose sighed once more but she could still see Seth's gorgeous body in her mind, his soft smooth skin and gorgeous six-pack and what was beyond his boxers was... focus woman! Rose shook her head again and sighed when she heard somebody knocking on her door.

"Just a second" she called as she pushed the boxes to one side so she could get to the door to answer it. "No worries babe take your time" came a reply making Rose freeze in her tracks and stare at the door, he was early! She was still in the middle of packing and she planned to hide it from him but now she was screwed!

Eventually realising she had to open the door; Rose slowly walked towards it and unlocked it to reveal Seth standing in front of her smiling. "Hey babe"

"Hey gorgeous" Rose replied brightly making Seth smile as she stepped aside to let him in, she'd forgotten to turn down her music so Rose walked over to her new laptop to turn the volume down. Whilst she was doing that, Seth looked around the rooms and noticed boxes were strewn everywhere and bits and pieces of her furniture were laid out on the floor.

"Babe?" Seth called over to Rose whilst he was still looking at the boxes.

"Mmm?" Rose replied as she was closing her laptop down and opening the case to put it away for safety.

"What's with all the boxes? Going somewhere and not telling me?" Rose turned around to face Seth looking quite scared making Seth raise his eyebrows, "What?"

"I erm-" Rose started to say but couldn't finish for some reason, she felt awful knowing Seth would feel bad for her because she'd been kicked out of her apartment. But she needed to leave the campus as she wasn't a part of the University anymore.

"You... what?" Seth said slowly hoping Rose would continue the sentence. But instead she sighed and walked over to the table to pick up a piece of paper, and then she walked over to Seth and handed it to him. Then she wrapped her arms around herself and stared down at the floor whilst Seth read the letter about her being evicted. After a few minutes of silence, Seth lowered the paper and stared at Rose, he wasn't angry about anything, he was just surprised that Rose kept this from him for so long.

"Babe, why didn't you tell me about this?" Rose laughed slightly and ran a hand through her hair as she said, "Because... I didn't want you to think I was expecting you to say 'oh come and live with me' and then everything would be perfect"

"But I-"

"Yes Seth I know you wouldn't have a problem with it but I would have felt terrible knowing you were forced into saying it, we said we'd take things slow so I was trying to look for my own place but I couldn't find anything and now I'm stuck and have nowhere to go and-" Rose was cut off when Seth walked forward and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Her fears and problems melted away instantly when she felt his lips against hers. Man she hoped this didn't get old!

Seth eventually pulled away leaving Rose completely silent and quite surprised, it was the only way he could think of to shut her up for a while!

"You're adorable when you're lost for words" Seth murmured as he tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, and before she could say anything, Seth began to speak first, "I know you were nervous about telling me babe, but you should know by now that I'm not like that. You can tell me anything and you know you can have anything you want" Rose looked up at him then about to speak but Seth planted another kiss on her lips and left her silent once more, "I know you don't want anything off me Rose, but I have money and I want to spend it. So don't ever feel like you can't ask for anything, and don't think you're being greedy or turning into a gold digger because then you're just being stupid. I love you Rose, you're sweet and your heart is pure and that's exactly what I need, I know you love me for me and I know you'd never demand anything. But don't keep things from me, especially big issues like this where you're being evicted. Of course I'd want you to live with me, do you know how hard it is for me when I have to go to bed alone at night? I love waking up knowing you're beside me and I want that everyday"

"Really?" Rose replied as she stared up at Seth who smiled and said "Yes really, I love you Rose. So... will you live with me?" Rose couldn't help but grin at that and laughed as she said "Yes" and then pulled him into a hug.

Seth held her tightly and couldn't help but smile, "We're gonna be roomies! Yayy!" he said like Peter making Rose laugh even more and say "Stop it"

"What? You don't like knowing you're gonna be living with Peter?" Rose continued to laugh as this was the longest Seth had ever used the voices in front of her, she never asked him to do anything. She loved hearing Seth, but whenever he used the voices she laughed until she nearly cried.

To hear him switch from voice to voice right in front of your very eyes was incredible!

"You'll be going to bed every night with the Q man! Giggity giggity baby! Alright!" by this time Rose was nearly in pieces she was laughing that much. Seth couldn't help but laugh with her as he held onto her tightly, he loved and adored this woman and her laughter was too infectious.

"I think your reaction to the voices is my favourite" he said softly as Rose slowly calmed down and leant back to look at Seth.

"I'm sorry it's just I've never really heard them properly before"

"Sure you have"

"Not when we're alone, I never ask you to do them for me"

"Why is that exactly? Mostly everybody asks me to do the voices"

"Because I love hearing you" Rose replied with a sweet smile making Seth look at her and smile, "I love you Rosie" Rose scrunched her face up when he said Rosie, it was a nickname they'd given her and they drove her crazy with it, "Even when you do that you still look adorable"

Rose giggled and said "I love you"

"Love you more"

"Not possible"

Seth smiled again and then said "So how much have you got left to pack?"

"Not much, just my clothes and I've gotta do summat with this furniture" Seth looked around and saw that she didn't really have much furniture really; "Maybe you could sell it?"

"Who would want it?"

"I've heard this Ebay website is popular" Rose gave Seth a lopsided smile and thought he looked so damn adorable, he hadn't really got much computer experience so when he spoke about it, it was really quite funny.

"Hmm sounds like a good idea"

"And maybe I can sign a few things, help make it sell" Seth suggested making Rose smile at the idea and say "Maybe, but most of it can go in the trash really"

"Like what?"

"Some of this furniture is ancient and falling apart and it needs to go, but the rest I can try and sell"

Seth smiled again and said "Let's get started then"

"Didn't you have other plans? I don't wanna get in the way of any plans you've made"

"I didn't have anything planned babe, I came down early to see you because I missed you. I know we work together but it's not the same really"

"I know its weird isn't it" Rose said with a laugh, "But I love it though, I love my job"

"Well you do an awesome job"

"Storyboarding was always my best area"

"You could have had a much better job than that though"

"And make people think I slept my way to the top? Seth honestly it's okay, I'm not confident enough to be at a higher level yet anyway"

"Not even a writer?"

"You'd let me be a writer?"

"You come up with some good gags and make the guys laugh so yeah I reckon you could go that extra mile" Rose thought about it but said "It's only been a couple months though, some people have been working there for years and they deserve more than me"

Seth couldn't help but smile at her consideration and said "Okay then you can remain a storyboard artist"

"Thank you"

"But don't be afraid to pitch any ideas that you have for the show, that's what I always say to everyone in the studio. We're all in it together so any ideas then let me know"

"I'll keep that in mind, I'm always thinking of new material but I'm just worried in case it's not funny enough. You guys have been doing this for ages so you know what funny is"

"Not necessarily Rose, sometimes we slip up too and ratings sometimes dip with some episodes, people differ when it comes to humour so maybe you might attract other viewers to the show as your humour is completely different to the other writers"

Rose thought that over for a while before saying "Okay then, I'll be more open about my ideas"

"That's all I'm asking"

"But I'm not falling behind with my storyboards, sometimes I feel like I have a heavier workload than the other girl"


"Yeah that one"

"What do you mean?"

"She sometimes asks me to finish her storyboards and then disappears for a couple hours" Rose replied casually making Seth stare at her, "No offence Rose but you're being pretty dumb"

"Excuse me?"

"She's basically using you Rose, open your eyes and see that" Rose was quiet for a while and thought it over, Maria always complained about her workload and Rose always offered help thinking she was being a good friend. But now Seth made it pretty clear she was just being used, "Oh man... I feel pretty foolish" she said glumly and then sunk down into her beanbag chair making Seth smile slightly and crouch down to her level.

"Hey don't worry about it"

"But she's been getting away with it for months! Man women can be such bitches"

"I know babe don't worry, I've had my fair share of problems with women"

"You have?"


"Care to share?"

"Not yet honey"

"Well what about later?"

"How do you mean?"

"When we're back at your house we can just sit and talk, I honestly could just sit and listen to you talk all day"

"Oh come on, surely you'd get bored of me"

"Nope not in the slightest" Rose replied slightly making Seth smile and slowly start to blush, "Oh you knock it off"

"I mean it; your voice is just sex on legs"

"Sex on legs? Huh... never heard that before"

Rose just covered her face and started to laugh again, "I didn't mean to say that"

"Don't be embarrassed I like it"

"But I always say stupid things in front of you, I'm such a sad excuse for a woman"

Seth just laughed and said "No you're not"

"I so am! Saying silly teenage things like that, I'm 23 not 17" Rose replied and then covered her face again making Seth reach out and try to pry her hands away from her face.

"Hey look at me" Seth said softly making Rose look at him, "You're perfect to me, that's all that matters. I don't care if other people think I'm 'sex on legs' (Rose started to laugh lightly) I'm yours Rose, nobody else's" Rose smiled widely and hugged Seth once more.

He was being awfully soppy lately... what was he after?

"But enough of that, let's get started with this packing then"

"Okay" Rose said softly and then tried to get out of the beanbag chair without falling on her ass. As funky as they were, beanbag chairs were a pain in the ass!

Seth noticed that Rose was struggling and couldn't help but laugh as he held out his hand for her to take. "Shut up it's not funny!" Rose protested but this only made Seth laugh even more as she eventually hoisted herself out of the chair to a standing position. But then she thought of an idea so she quickly pushed Seth so he fell down onto the chair, he looked completely shocked for a while making Rose laugh this time.

"Not nice is it!" then she danced into the other room leaving Seth stuck in the beanbag chair.

"You wait till later!" he called after her but he couldn't help but laugh as Rose peaked through the doorway and giggled to herself before hurrying back into the kitchen. Seth shook his head and sighed out of happiness. His life was perfect at the moment and he knew nothing could screw it up.

Author's Note 2: And so the fun begins! I've changed Rose quite a lot in this story.. she's (kinda) more mature and standing up for herself :D I'm sorry if this chapter is kinda boring.. the next chapter is quite steamy! ;)