The next morning Rose woke up before Seth and decided to watch him sleep for a bit before she woke him up. It was a Saturday but of course Seth still had to work, he didn't ever have a day where he was free. Of course Rose didn't mind, it meant she could get some of her storyboards out the way before the Monday blues set in. But right now she just wanted to watch him sleep, he looked so peaceful and at ease with everything, his stress lines had vanished and he looked adorable. She knew that the job did get to him, and now the pressure was on to make his new album and to organise the trip to New York to do a Family Guy table read.

Everything was suddenly coming thick and fast now and she often wondered how he coped with it. Obviously he didn't tackle the workload on his own; he had others to do that for him. Rose hadn't met his publicist yet but he knew that he sifted the work through to the right people to get things organised for him. Then all they had to do was tell him where to go and what time he had to be there. He had it easy that way, but sometimes he was up to his ears in paperwork and meetings.

Rose knew not to push him, she never had and she never would do that to him. He made time for her whenever he could and she didn't complain once, of course it was difficult when he only had 5 minutes to spare at work before disappearing to another meetings but then she remembered that she could see him when he came home from work, they slept in the same bed together, made love and were happily engaged. She couldn't ask for anything more really, and with that she smiled as she stared down at Seth again and then touched his face gently. He stirred slightly and then mumbled something before settling down again, it was only 7am and they weren't due in till 9ish so there was plenty of time for him to sleep. And with that in mind she decided to roll out of bed and try to clean up the mess in the house.

They didn't bother doing any of it last night; they just drank champagne and talked until it was late. Rose was surprised she was up so early but she just couldn't sleep another wink, she sat on the side of the bed and stretched her arms above her head. They still ached from Seth pinning them down but she couldn't help but smile at the memory. He'd never once done anything like that before and it was something Rose hoped he'd do again and again.

She quickly exited the bedroom but nearly screamed out in pain when she stubbed her toe on the chest of draws near the door, why Seth put them there she'd never know. He had plenty of space but no, he decided to put them in stupid places knowing full well that Rose was the clumsiest person alive! "Oh man that hurt!" Rose whispered and winced as she exited the room after grabbing her dressing gown off the back of the door. She walked down the hall and down the staircase and she was already in the living room. But she walked to the other side of the house to the kitchen and walked round the counters to get to the draws with the cereal in.

She was going through a phase of Lucky Charms at the moment, but she limited the amount she had as she didn't want to get fat and be bigger than Seth. If he was skinnier than her then she'd hate it, it just wouldn't work if he was walking around with salads while she was scoffing junk food. She'd met his nutritionist and got some healthy eating tips off of him and even met with Seth's stylist once… that was quite interesting as she seemed obsessed with trying to dress Seth in clothes he wasn't comfortable in. Jeans, t-shirts and long sleeved t-shirts were his favourites and there was no way anybody would change it so he was wearing turtlenecks and vests… that just wasn't him!

"Dear oh dear" Rose said to herself as she looked through the cupboards but she'd changed her mind about having cereal, instead she decided to make a fresh fruit salad with the many varieties of fruit that was now in the fruit bowls on the island of counters. Seth had insisted there was no use buying so much fresh food as it would go off because they weren't there to eat it, but he was surprised by how much fruit Rose went through in a week. And he never complained about the fruit salads she sent him to work with! He was just being a typical guy trying to make everything difficult, he was stubborn in some ways but once you proved he was wrong he instantly let it go and moved on. Seth had all the patience in the world and it was rare that he got mad about anything, apart from paparazzi and weird obsessive fans.

Thinking about this made Rose's mind wander to Harriet, she wondered where she was and what she was doing now. Whether she was still at university or dead in a ditch somewhere…she hoped it was the second option. Sometimes Rose wondered why she ever called Harriet her best friend, she knew deep down that it wouldn't last, that something would go wrong but she refused to dwell on it. Instead she let the ugly bitch walk all over her and drive her completely insane, oh, and almost made her commit suicide. It was a difficult time and all Rose could do was scowl whenever she thought about it.

"What are you scowling at?" Rose heard a soft voice next to her say, she looked up to see Seth sitting on one of the stools across the counter from her, she shook her head and began to chop up the apple she was holding, "Nothing" is all she said but dropped the knife before she sliced her finger open, "Are you okay?" Seth said panicked as he raced round the counter to Rose's side, "Yes honestly I'm fine" Rose said as Seth quickly examined her hand and thankfully saw no blood,

"What's on your mind?" is all he asked making Rose sigh and say "Harriet crossed my mind that's all"

"Why exactly?" Seth asked with a frown, why bring that bitch back into their lives?

"I was just wondering what she was doing now that's all"


"Hopefully she's dead in a ditch somewhere" Rose replied making Seth choke on the piece of apple he was eating, he laughed but said "Ouch"

"What? It's true! She's a no good bitch and deserves nothing more than that"

"Yeah I suppose that's true"

"She nearly ruined my life by nearly taking it away from me and then she tried to screw up yours, she deserves bad things to happen to her" Seth could see that Rose was getting herself worked up over nothing, so he did the one thing he knew would work… he pulled her into a hug and gently sang to her. She loved hearing old Frank Sinatra songs so he murmured one of those into her ear and he instantly felt her relax and sag into him. This made him smile and kiss her head,

"Don't get worked up babe, she's not worth it… plus there was one good thing about her"

"And that is?" Rose mumbled on his shoulder with a frown,

"She brought me to you"

"How'd you mean?"

"Without her I wouldn't have realised my feelings for you, in a way we can thank her for bringing us together" Rose thought about that for a while, in a way it was true but she didn't want to admit it, Harriet was good for nothing in her eyes and that's how it would stay. For a long time.

"But let's not think about her anymore, let's think about us" Seth murmured into her ear again as he wrapped his arms around her waist, "We're engaged, we're happy, we're in love and we've got a bright and happy future ahead of us filled with fun, laughter and anything you want"

"Anything?" Rose asked curiously

"Anything you want" Seth said but got a little worried about the thoughtful look at Rose's face, "No I'm not buying Jensen Ackles, he's a person not a doll" Rose laughed at that but was a little disappointed, she'd become obsessed with watching Supernatural lately, when Seth was working late she made a date with the TV and watched the new episodes and the old reruns whenever she could.

But she hadn't thought about possibly buying Jensen… not once…

"What can I have then?"

"Anything you want… within the legal limits of course and as long as it doesn't involve buying human beings"

"Well… I'd absolutely love an old Volkswagen Campervan… we were driving around in one yesterday and it was amazing and I loved it…" Rose realised she was rambling now but Seth was grinning at her, he'd completely forgot to tell her he'd purchased the campervan yesterday. Alex sent him a picture of it and the link as to where he could buy it from and he did it straight away before Rose came home. It was going to be delivered sometime today and he couldn't wait to see Rose's reaction.

"I'm sure we'll find you one" Is all Seth said trying to hide his grin and thankfully Rose didn't see it, he couldn't hide anything from her, he always grinned and gave it away.

"But it won't be as good as that one we were in yesterday, it still had all of its original items and everything" Rose said glumly making Seth raise her chin, "Hey don't get all sad on me"

"I'm not, just saying is all"

"I know sweetheart I understand, maybe we'll find one even better"

"Yeah one day when we've got an evening off" Rose replied with a bright smile making Seth smile down at her, "I'll always find time for you"

"And I love that you do"

"While I'm thinking about it, why are you up so early? We didn't crash till late last night"

"I know but I just couldn't sleep anymore" Rose replied as she started to chop another apple up to add to the bowl, Seth smiled and said "You're gonna be cranky later"

"I am not" Rose replied trying to concentrate but Seth was mumbling to himself in different character voices, "Seth stop it I'm trying to concentrate"

"Oh sorry, was I doing it again?" Seth asked quite embarrassed as he realised he'd been talking out loud in different voices. It was a thing he did to come up with new dialogue for the characters, and if it was any good then he'd write it down and then let it get torn apart in the gag room. But sometimes he got carried away and forgot he had company around him, Rose didn't mind it but if he made her laugh then she would definitely cut herself.

"It doesn't bother me but don't make me laugh with a knife in my hand" Rose said laughing lightly at Seth's red cheeks,

"I'm sorry"

"Don't be, it's your house and you do as you please"

"Are you ever going to consider it to be our house?"

"I'll get used to it"

"But" Seth prompted

"Sometimes it's a little weird to think I'm actually living with you"

"I can understand it's weird"

"You can?"

"I know that I'm a popular good looking guy"

"Big head" Rose interrupted making Seth smile

"But I don't let it get to me, I'm just a regular guy who brought a house to hopefully start a family in and to live happily ever after… if that shit exists" Seth said making Rose smile, he wasn't a big fan of fairy tales yet he always let Rose ramble on about the ones she used to read when she was a kid. She taught herself to read and from then on she used to read stories after being beaten to try and forget the pain.

"Don't worry I don't want a fairy tale wedding with everybody dressed up, that shit annoys me" Rose said making Seth laugh

"I'm glad, I don't think I could put up with that"

"I've always wanted to get married on the beach at sunset" Rose said thoughtfully with a smile on her face, Seth had never heard her talk about this before so it intrigued him,


"Yep that's my dream wedding, no big church or stupidly oversized dress that loads of jealous bitches have to hold secretly wishing you tripped and made an ass of yourself, just a simple wedding with the man I love and a few close family and friends" Rose realised she was rambling again and looked at Seth who was grinning, "Sorry I didn't mean to ramble"

"Don't worry about it babe, it sounds perfect to me"

"It does?"

"Yeah, what did you think I'd want?"

"I don't know really, a big wedding with hundreds of people there and a big party with even more people"

"Nah that's not what I'd want at all"

"What would you want?"

"I don't know, I haven't ever thought about marriage until you came along" That sentence made Rose freeze and look at him in complete adoration, he was just too cute!

"Marriage scared the shit out of me and it wasn't something I ever wanted until I met you, you were everything I was looking for rolled into one and I knew you were the one for me"

"Aww listen to you getting all soppy" Rose teased

"I know it's fucking awful right?"

"Not really, it's just unusual for you to talk that way that's all"

"I blame you" Seth said before stealing another piece of apple and putting it in his mouth making Rose smile. But then she said "How do you think today will go at work?"

"They'll either be really happy for us"


"Or rip the shit out of us" Seth replied making Rose laugh and say "Bring it on I say"

"They won't mean it of course, they'll be happy I've finally proposed to you"

"How long have you been waiting?"

"A few weeks but could never find the time, and last night seemed perfect and I had time to plan and arrange it all" Rose looked down at the floor and blushed at that, it was really sweet knowing he took the time to plan it all.

"We've still gotta clean up though" Rose said making Seth smile, "Yeah I know, I don't really want Chester puking everywhere by eating gummy bears"

Rose laughed and said "Yeah didn't think of that, speaking of Chester where is he?"

"I'm not sure, probably patrolling the house like always"

"He's a cat not a dog dumbass"

Seth laughed at that but said "He still does it though; he can scratch the hell out of you and then puke all over you"

"Oh right"

"Just rattle his food bag and he'll soon come over" Just as Seth said that, they both heard a small meow next to them and then suddenly Chester was weaving in and out of Seth's legs. "You've got better fucking hearing than me" Seth said as he crouched down to give Chester some affection.

"How do you still manage to make a sentence sound so polite with the word 'fuck' in it?" Rose asked curiously, "It just amazes me" Seth laughed as he got back up from the floor holding Chester who was purring away happily,

"Good morning Chester" Rose said as she stroked Chester who continued to purr,

"I think you're the first woman he actually likes"

"How many women have been to your place then?"

"You know how many parties I throw"

"I know that but I was just curious about girlfriends etc."

"Only 2 maybe 3"


"But they were only for one night or two… I don't like having many women in my place"

"Why throw parties then?" Rose asked confused making Seth laugh, "I shut off the living room area and the bedrooms"

"You lock them?"

"Haven't you noticed the doors lock?"

"No that's one thing I haven't"

"I don't want people snooping around my house so I lock them and get security to monitor the house so nothing gets stolen. Its outdoor parties I throw as I know what people can be like" Rose was quite astonished at what he just revealed, she thought he was an open easy going guy when it came to parties, if she remembered correctly she went into Seth's bedroom the night Alex got her to admit she loved him.

"Alex went into your room the night Harriet crashed your party"

"She has a key; she's the only other person who has one"

"Ohh I see"

"You can have one too once I get one cut when we go out shopping next"

"Would I need one?"

"You never know" Seth said as he put Chester down after fussing him and then went over to the sink to wash his hands, then he dried them off and hunted round the cupboards for coffee to make a fresh pot. Rose didn't drink it much, she just stuck to orange juice so while Seth busied himself with that Rose continued to make the fruit salad.

"Babe?" Seth said over his shoulder

"Yes gorgeous?"

"Random question but, how come you want a campervan when you can't drive?"

"I was thinking about learning to drive soon"



"I could help if you want? Just to give you a basic idea of where everything is and my driveway is big enough for you to practise on until you have lessons" Rose smiled at how quickly he'd thought of these things and said "Yeah that sounds good, another thing to add to your to do list" she teased making Seth mumble something that went unheard which made Rose laugh, "I'll try and help you as much as I can honey you know that" she said as she walked over to him and wrapped her arms around him and kissed his bare back and she heard him make a small noise,

"I know you will babe, you're coming to New York with me"

"I am?"

"And when I record my album I want you to be there as well" Rose felt extremely touched that he wanted her to be there for him, it made her feel so special inside.

"We were thinking about reading the script with Julie in"

"The one I voiced?"

"That's the one, it was such a fantastic table read and it played so smoothly and brought a lot of laughs so we were going to choose that one for the table read in New York" Rose was positively beaming now, she couldn't believe they'd chosen that script to read out!

"So, you wanna come along and read it with us?"

"Yes! Of course! I've always wanted to go to New York!" Rose nearly squealed making Seth laugh and turn around to watch her, she was bobbing up and down and grinning from ear to ear, Seth knew that she was extremely excited.

"You've never travelled before have you?" he asked curiously but he saw her face fall slightly, "I didn't mean it in a bad way babe, there's plenty of travelling we can do together"

"We can?"

"Yes I want to show you the world"

"Shining, shimmering, splendid?"

"What?" Seth asked confused as Rose started to laugh hard, "Oh come on! You've never watched Aladdin before?"

"I think so when I was young"

"You just quoted one of the songs"

"I did?"

"Yes! A whole new world" Rose sang and then laughed again and as it finally dawned on Seth and he began to laugh, "Oh man I'm such a douche for not getting that"

"It's early morning so I understand you're not functioning yet"

"When I've had my coffee I'll wake up and be more alert" Seth said as he continued to make himself some coffee while Rose watched him thoughtfully, she'd never really seen him busy himself in the kitchen before. It was usually her that made the meals and the drinks, he was always too tired after coming home from work to do anything. He was mentally exhausted sometimes and the only thing he did was play his grand piano to relax and unwind. He sang to himself and played all different kinds of music just to let the stress out of his system. Sometimes Rose sat and watched in amazement, but other times she left him well alone in case he snapped at her. He didn't mean it and he always made up for it afterwards, but Rose kept certain boundaries as he was a guy that liked space.

"So what do you want to do today?" She heard Seth ask making her turn to look at him, "I thought we were heading into work for the day?"

"We've gotta head in for a meeting about storyboard artists and then I've gotta do some voice over work for American Dad and then I should be free"

"What about the storyboard artists?" Rose asked curiously, he hadn't mentioned this last night.

"I've had the nod on giving you a bigger room so you've all gotta pack your stuff and head down the corridor"

"To where?"

"That big room we've had refurbished"

"Are you serious?" Rose said excitedly, she and Danny had been given access to the room last week to have a snoop around; it was state of the art technology in there and a really awesome room!

"That's our new room?"

"For the time being yes, while we get your room refurbished and expanded"

"Who will be moving into that room once we've gone?"

"I'm not sure yet I haven't thought that far ahead" Seth replied as he rubbed the back of his head, he had the phone call late last night to confirm that the plans were going ahead for the renovation of the storyboard room, now he had to gather everybody together to confirm that it was taking place. So it was going to be busy in the studios today with everybody moving their stuff into the new room.

"I'll be the busy one today then" Rose said with a smirk making Seth laugh and say "I'm glad I have a light schedule, I can't do much else once I've recorded Stan's voice, he tears me apart"

"Drink plenty of water then not coffee" Rose scolded making Seth stare at her open mouthed, "Coffee won't help your throat, water will soothe it" Rose continued but laughed at Seth's expression. She'd never really told him off about anything, he liked this side of her!

"Yes ma'am" Seth said like Peter making Rose giggle again, "What else do you want me to do?"

"Am I talking to Peter or Seth?" Rose asked

"You can have whoever you want baby" He replied as Quagmire making Rose laugh again, "Oh man it never gets old"

This made Seth laugh and say "Sorry, sometimes I think it's more of a psychological problem than just doing voices"

"Don't think of it like that, you're a gifted man Seth" Rose replied making Seth look down at the floor and start to blush, "Knock it off you"

"I'm serious! It's such a wonderful gift to entertain millions of people" Rose replied as she stepped forward to run her hand gently down Seth's face, his stubble ticking her hand as she did so, "You're talented, gorgeous and mine to love forever"

"I love you too Rose, my life has been so much better since you came along"

"Well I plan on sticking around for a long time" Rose replied with a bright smile making Seth smile down at her. But they were both distracted by a knock at the front door,

"Expecting company?" Rose asked quizzically as Seth suddenly started to smile but say, "Not today no"

"Okay I'll go check then" Rose replied as she left Seth's embrace to go and see who was at the door. She opened it cautiously to be greeted by an older looking man holding a clipboard; he was smiling brightly and said "Good morning Miss Daniels"

"Good morning" Rose replied cheerfully yet she was confused as to how this man knew her name,

"I have a delivery for you"

"Erm… okay" The man smiled but soon stepped aside so Rose could see what the delivery was, and she felt like screaming in delight… it was the campervan! The one they were riding around in yesterday! It was here!

"I'm confused" Rose said whilst laughing out of happiness, "Is this mine?"

"That's what the paperwork says Miss" The man replied cheerfully, but he grinned when he saw Seth had appeared behind Rose, he wrapped his arms around her and said "Morning Scott"

"Morning Mr MacFarlane I dropped it off as early as I could"

"Thank you that's very kind of you"

"Have a good day both of you" Scott said before turning and walking away leaving Rose gaping at the Campervan sitting on the driveway, "Happy engagement present babe" Seth said on her shoulder before kissing the side of her neck,

"You did this for me?" Rose asked surprised as she turned around so she was facing him, he was smiling sheepishly and said "Guilty"

"You're amazing you know that?" Rose said as she pulled him into a hug, "I love it thank you so much"

"You're welcome babe; I knew you wanted it so I brought it"

"But how? How did you know about it?"

"Alex sent me a picture yesterday with the link underneath so I could purchase it" Rose couldn't help but grin at that, this man had contacts everywhere!

"So you like it then?" Seth asked while grinning

"Yes I love it!" Rose said and then jumped onto Seth who stumbled backwards and landed on the floor with her on top, they both laughed together but Rose said "I'm sorry I didn't hurt you did I?"

"No don't worry it was a soft landing" Seth said through laughter making Rose smile and say "I just can't believe I own a campervan!"

"I meant it when I said I'd do anything to make you happy" Seth replied as he propped himself up on his elbows and watched as she was positively glowing with happiness and excitement.

"It's just a shame I can't take it for a spin"

"You will one day" Seth replied, "We'll sort your lessons out and you'll be driving in no time" Rose thought about that and soon squealed in excitement again making Seth laugh, he loved it when she got excited about small things. It made him appreciate the little things in life and see that small things make people happy.

"We better get ready babe" Seth murmured making Rose nod and say "Okie dokie, need a hand getting up?" she gently scooted off him and then held out her hand for him to take, but she got pulled back down to the floor and he rolled on top of her, "No i've changed my mind, I'm comfortable down here" Seth said making her giggle before he kissed her softly. But broke away while he turned his head and kicked the door shut, then he turned back to her and said "Let's christen every room in the house"

Rose giggled again and said "Let's do it" making Seth smile before kissing her again, she had no idea where he got his energy from but she was happy either way! They'd be late heading into work again but right now that didn't matter, they were too focused on making love and spending as much time together as possible before the day's events took place.

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