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Capell was walking towards Kolton castle after getting off of the boat. He entered and walked up to one of the guards to state his business.

"Why are you here?" The guard asked.

"I wish to see Kristopher." Capell answered.

"Very well, please follow me." The guard nodded.

Capell followed the knight quietly deeper into the castle. He couldn't help but shiver slightly as he readjusted to the colder temperature of Kolton compared to Fayel. He watched the guard carefully and attempted to memorize the route to Kristopher but gave up knowing he'd get lost anyways.

The guard stopped outside a door and knocked three times. Capell watched as he stood at attention waiting for the door to open. When it did Capell could see that Kristopher hadn't changed a bit.

"What?" Kristopher asked.

"You have a visitor." The guard said nodding to Capell.

Kristopher turned to look at Capell and his eyes widened. "Capell?"

"Hey." Capell greeted with a wave.

"Come in," Kristopher said excitedly before turning to the guard. "Dismissed."

Capell walked into the room and was glad to see the fire going. He glanced at the back of rocking chair that moved back and forth slowly. He tentatively stepped around it and smiled sadly at the girl that sat sleeping in it.

"Seraphina, my love, is as beautiful as ever." Kristopher stated.

"Yeah…have you been watching over her?" Capell asked.

"Ever since she fell asleep. So tell me how are you back?" Kristopher asked.

"I can't explain at the moment." Capell answered.

"Why not?" Kristopher asked.

"It's because I need to tell everyone together, I want you all to meet up in Fayel." Capell told him.

"What's this have to do with?" Kristopher asked.

"I might have a way to awaken the Aristos." Capell told him.

"Seraphina will awaken?" Kristopher asked hopefully.

"I'm not positive, but yes I believe so." Capell answered.

"Well I hope you can, it'll be great to see everyone awaken." Kristopher stated.

"Yeah…I'm glad to see she's doing well." Capell said.

"Yeah, so where are you off to next?" Kristopher asked offering him a cup of hot chocolate.

"Either Kiriya's or to Halgita." Capell answered.

"I'd say go to Kiriya's. It'll be on the way to Halgita." Kristopher said.

"Alright then, I'll leave tomorrow. By the way can I ask something?" Capell asked.

"Of course." Kristopher said with a nod.

"Any problems with lunar rain?" Capell asked.

"Nope, it's all gone." Kristopher answered.

"That's good." Capell smiled as he sat in a chair contentedly.

"Tired?" Kristopher asked.

"Yeah…I just got here from the desert…its cold…" Capell said.

"You just now realized that?" Kristopher asked with a laugh.

"Oh shut it." Capell said embarrassedly.

"Okay okay, look go sleep. I'll see you off in the morning." Kristopher promised.

"Fine…It was nice seeing Seraphina again." Capell said sadly.

"It'll be better when you see her awake." Kristopher told him.

Capell walked to the door with Kristopher following him. He opened the door and stepped out into the hall. He turned back to look at Kristopher.

"Bring Seraphina with you to Fayel." Capell told him.

"Alright, I will." Kristopher promised.

"Bye." Capell said as he walked down the hall.

"Take care!" Kristopher called after him.

Capell heard the door close as he reached the stairs. He made his way out of the palace and headed to the inn. He checked himself into a room and headed for the balcony outside of it. He stared up at the sky in wonder as the stars came out.


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