Prompt: 16 May 2008; Out of context and beyond all consequences
Isane and Kiyone; sisters are always there to give you that needed bit of advice-or a good smack.
Spoilers: None?
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"He said what?" Kiyone demanded, eyes wide as she stared at her blushing sister.

"Would you please keep it down?" Isane hissed, eyes darting around nervously as if afraid the man in question would pop up out of nowhere. "It's only something I overheard, okay?"

"Well what are you planning on doing about it?" Kiyone wanted to know. When her sister just stammered, blushed, and looked at the ground, Kiyone rolled her eyes and informed her, "Look, you've known this guy for what, fifty or so years now? Just be upfront and ask him about it! How hard can it be?"

"But… I… what if it's true?" Isane murmured. "What do I do if he really is interested in me? I mean, yes, we've known each other for so long, but…"

"Well, what then? You think he's hot, right?" When her sister's blush intensified, Kiyone pressed her advantage. "See? So, don't close off all of your options. Just walk up, tell him what you heard, and ask him about it. Or you can always just ask him to lunch or something and see how he responds. Just do something about it, okay? Because really, it's pathetic to see you all worked up like this over what might amount to nothing."

"Right," Isane nodded, mouth firming. "You're right. Thank you, Kiyone."

Kiyone waved after her sister as the other woman left. "Good luck!"