Rosie had always been a determined sort of lass, and when Sam Gamgee returned, she was no different. She had threatened nearly all the other lasses with death if they so much as fluttered their eyelashes at Sam. She wanted him, and she would get her hands on him eventually.

Sam had always been a quiet sort of lad, and upon returning to the Shire, he was no different. There was one thing that made him want to speak. Rosie Cotton. He wanted to let her know that he loved her. Frodo assured him that Rosie would be his eventually.

Rosie had always been a straightforward sort of lass, and when Sam came to call on her, she was no different. She told him that she was going to marry him, and that he should plan his life accordingly. Rosie loved him too much to let anyone else have him.

Sam had always been a shy sort of lad, and when he came to call on Rosie, he was no different. When she told him he was going to marry her, he blushed and looked at his toes, pleasant thoughts of having her as his wife running through his mind.

Rosie had never been an emotional sort of lass, but on her wedding day, she was different. She let her tears of joy fall freely, without shame. With two simple words, she would bind herself to Samwise Gamgee forever. She would give up her maiden name and truly become his.

Sam Gamgee had always been known to cry, but on his wedding day, he was different. His eyes stayed dry for Rosie, because if he cried, she would just cry harder. He gave his vows and she gave hers. She gave up her name for his, and he knew bliss.