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It all started with a phone call. In fact a lot of his exploits started with a simple call. Not that he hated them; it was just that he was running a very specialized business. Every customer that called in with the password meant that he had money to spend on pizza, strawberry sundaes, and alcohol. Of course, that was after you subtracted the payments for damage to the surroundings when he fought in cities, a few medical bills and bribes to keep those injured by his antics quiet and finally, whatever Lady felt like taking out as her cut for when she 'helped out' and then some to cover the never ending debt she insisted he still had with her. It didn't always leave him with much, but he made enough to live of off and he couldn't be happier.

The phone on his desk had just started ringing as Dante walked down the steps and into his office. He walked past Trish as she went to pick up the phone and continued towards the small bar tucked into the back corner. He bent down and grabbed a beer from the shelf, raising it slightly in thanks at her as he stood back up. She knew that he had grown to dislike answering calls over the years, preferring to take only the jobs of those who he saw in person. Somehow members of the upper class and a few questionable groups had obtained his number and had begun calling the shop constantly, asking him to be a hired guard for them. They were under the delusion that he couldn't deny their generous offers forever, no matter how many times they were told his business wasn't meant for that. They thought that they just had to find his starting number. So instead of him ignoring the phone, which had become annoying within the first week, Trish had volunteered to answer phones. She quickly saw why Dante chose to ignore these men. They called her his 'secretary' and when she bluntly said that she was just as good as him they repeated 'secretaries wouldn't be able to handle the types of jobs they wanted Dante for'. She was tempted many times to head down to where these groups were and give them a piece of her mind, Dante being the sensible one for once and stopping her every time.

The one time Trish had brought up the idea of buying an answering machine after a partially idiotic man had called and in many words told her no and laughed at her, he had looked at her in disbelief for a few seconds before bursting out laughing.

"Why would I want to hear those idiots by choice? Calls like that are why I don't answer the phone as much and besides, it's much more refreshing to let them kept trying until they get the hint. If they want to waste their time calling me, then let them. They'll be long dead before they can convince me to take a job from them."

That last bit had been said with a slightly disgusted look on his face. He had been tricked once by a very sly caller who had claimed there was a demon on the loose nearby him and to hurry. He left without a question and when he got to where said demon was supposed to be, all he found was a leader of one of the groups that had been calling. Needless to say he found out quickly that it was very difficult to breathe with a gun pushing on his throat once he was forced to tell them the truth. Trish thought that the man had been let off too easily, but Dante had only shrugged his shoulders. Tossing him into the water had been enough to get rid of his frustrations. She just thought that tossing him roughly 50 feet out wasn't far enough.

So it was with a heavy sigh and a shake of her head that she picked up the receiver, preparing for the bullshit that was sure to follow the customary greeting and having to turn away a job with high pay and low risk.

"Devil May Cry, how can I help you?" Trish listened to the voice on the other end for a minute, answering back with a few words. The grin on her face spread as Dante's confusion grew. Finally she covered the speaker and held the phone out to Dante. "For you, Dante. I think you'll like this one."

Raising an eyebrow, he walked over to her and set his beer down as he took the phone from Trish. After a slightly impatient gesture from her before she walked away he put it up to his ear and spoke. "Hello, what can we do for you?"

Nero's voice floated out of the phone and it was Dante's turn to grin. He had only met the kid a few times while working on the Savior incident and had instantly seen himself when he was younger in him. It was one of the few reasons he had let Nero keep Yamato. There was also another reason, but it was one he wouldn't voice unless there were cold, hard facts staring him in the face.

"Hey Dante, it's been a while."

"Kid! Finally decided to give us a call, I see. Too busy being in the limelight for saving your town to remember us small folk over here." Dante faked a small sob. "Just don't let it get to your head. I've seen..."

"What are you going on about, you old man?" Nero said as he interrupted Dante's overly dramatic speech. "Can't I just call you to ask something?" It was clear that he was happy to be talking to him, but there was something else irritating him.

"Okay then kid, shoot. What did you want to talk about?" He asked as he leaned against his desk, crossing his ankles.

"I was wondering if you were looking for work to do."

Dante immediately stood up straighter and Trish walked over to stand beside him. "Go on."

"I, well mainly the town, was wondering if we could get your help back here in Fortuna. They want Agnus's workplace cleared out, and the townsfolk would feel a lot more comfortable if you were to help out."

"What kid, are you not enough to handle it?' He smirked, knowing that it was irritating Nero that the town felt that he was not skilled enough to handle this on his own.

"I can handle it just fine, if they would only let me!" He yelled. "It's the..." Nero started to protest but Dante cut him off before he got upset.

"Don't worry about it. I'll come and help as long as I get compensation for it." Trish hit him round the head, making him wince. "Ouch, what was that for Trish?" She just rolled her eyes at him. "Fine, I guess it's the least I can do since I was the main reason they started this whole thing in the first place." He heard Nero sigh lightly, probably in relief and he continued. "I'll head out right now, so I'll be there in about two hours. Where would be the easiest place to meet up at?"

"Why don't we meet up in front of the opera house? You know, the one where I kicked your ass and you retreated?"

"If I remember right, I had other business to attend to, so I left with style and that fight ended in a draw. Though I do remember beating you later on." Dante chuckled as Nero gave a small 'humph' sound. "So I guess this will be the start of a brand new mission for us then. The dynamic duo, setting off as partners this time, working towards the same goal." He knew Nero was probably rolling his eyes at him, and he laughed at the thought.

"Yeah, we can be called the White Haired Duo. What was that madam? Oh no, we're not father and son, not at all. The same hair color? Just a coincidence." Nero said sarcastically as Dante laughed.

"You know it. Anyways, I'll see you in a few hours. Till later, kid." Dante hung up the phone and turned to Trish. "Well, looks like Fortuna wants help with something again."

She nodded. "Yeah, I heard. And let me guess, you'd like for me to stay here and watch the shop?" She said as she grabbed Dante's can sitting on the desk.

"Yeah, if you wouldn't mind." He said as he watched her drink the last of his beer before setting it down again. He picked it up and shook it, a disgruntled look on his face. Sighing as he tossed it towards the trash pile, Dante looked at Trish seriously. "And if you wouldn't mind, could you keep where I am a secret from Lady? The last thing I need right now is for her to show up and take half the pay."

"Sure thing Dante. If she asks I'll just distract her with some shopping." Trish said with a smile as he turned around to his weapon storage. "On you, of course." She mumbled to herself.

Pushing the door open, Dante was greeted by a chorus of voices. There was the low baritone of Cerberus, the electrically seductive voice of Nevan, the questioning voices of Agni and Rudra, who stopped as soon as Dante looked at them, the demanding voice of Ifirit, and the strict voice of Alastor; all of them probably hurt that they had been locked in this room for so long. With a sigh he looked at the place where the gauntlets that had been Beowulf once sat. He had kept them for a while, but the thought that his brother had fought with them before him slowly became too painful of a reminder and he had tossed them into a Hell Gate long ago. Where he had ended up Dante had no clue.

Clearing his head of such thoughts, he focused on what the sentient weapons were saying. Each one of them was asking to be taken out; they all wanted a fight.

"Take me. I will serve you again as I had once served the tower."

"Come on, sugar. Let's give them a show they will never forget."

"Take us!"

"Yes, take us! We promise to be completely silent."

"Completely silent? But what if he needs our advice on something, Brother?"

"Our advice? Hmm. I did not think of that, Brother. I guess if we must give our advice, only then shall we speak!"

"Shut. Up. Right now." The twin scimitars quickly fell silent again.

"No. He shall take me, and we will burn our foes with the fires of Hell!"

"He will take only me. Only he is worthy of wielding me, no other weapon will suffice."

"Guys." Dante started, but the devil arms couldn't hear them over their arguing, the racket getting louder by the second as they vied for his attention. Getting frustrated, he put two fingers in his mouth and gave a short, loud whistle. At once the noise stopped and Dante sighed. "Sorry guys. I'm only going to clean out a place. There would be nothing major to bring everyone alone for. Besides, you'd just get bored. Next time, okay?"

"You better hold to your promise." Ifirit said.

"And you better not come back all beat up and have us tell you we told you so." Added Alastor.

"You won't have to worry. I can handle myself." Dante said as he picked up a shotgun. "I'll be back before you know it, and I may just bring back that kid with me. The one I met last time when I picked up those devil arms." He walked out as they chatted amongst themselves about meeting Nero. They all shared the similar view that unless something else happened, Nero would grow up to be an exact copy of Dante.

He walked back towards his desk and grabbed his coat from off the back of his chair. Sliding into it he grabbed his twin pistols and broadsword, putting them into their holsters. With a final thanks and small wave over his shoulder at Trish behind him, Dante kicked the door open, mumbling to himself. "Let's rock."