Finally another update :)

Eventually, I got set into the routine of doing a mission, hanging out on the tower and checking in. Several days later, Saix told us to explore a few new worlds that no one else discovered. And so I did, I gathered information about each of the worlds and reported back every day.

Meanwhile, Koxari and I became close friends and a nearly unstoppable force when it came to Heartless. Axel was jealous of our friendship and wanted in so we agreed. Another one of my friends, Vixan, also wanted in. Again, we agreed and our friendship grew to be unbreakable.

The hunt for Roxas was still going on, we checked all of our allowed worlds and he wasn't there. Axel and I were especially worried as we were his closest friends and the only ones he trusted. Reluctantly, Saix called off the search and our lives got back to normal.

A month later, we still weren't assigned new worlds to explore and we quickly lost hope until Axel handed us an envelope.

"This was my mission, I want to give this to you so you won't become bored," He walked off, forming a corridor in front of us. "Good luck, this portal takes you to it."

We nodded and opened it up:

Mission: Explore the new world and take out Heartless

World: Unknown

And so, Koxari, Vixan and I walked through the portal. Axel chuckled, opened another one and followed suit.

Warm, humid air hit my face as we emerged from the darkness. I took a deep breath and it immediately filled with the smell of salt and the fresh breeze.

"Where are we?" I asked. I looked around slowly. We were on an island of some sort that much was clear right away. We followed the shoreline and it eventually led us to a wooden shack of some sort that was on a rock wall. A waterfall was in the distance and we saw a hole dug into the wall behind it. Wooden walkways were placed on the said wall. Palm trees of various sorts were peppered along the sand. I walked up to one and placed my hand on it.

"This place is pretty, I wonder what is in that hole?" Koxari wondered.

"Lets not check it out yet, we need to find out stuff about this island." Vixan quipped. "I can spot some islands on the horizon so that means we aren't on an island, we are on an island chain." He spun to face the shacks. "These mean that some islanders lived here for a long time and there is no connection to the outside of the islands. They are alone and probably have no parents."

He climbed up one of the shacks, "You see that bridge there? They use it to cross from here to the smaller one just off the coast. Either they use it as a small port or they use this as training."

"Training for what?" I asked, stunned at his observations.

"Maybe one of them can take out Heartless?" Vixan said, furrowing his brow. They continued to gather info about the island until a voice called out to them.

"Hey who are you?" The three friends spun around to face a short girl. "My name is Selphie and you are?" They stayed silent, hoping to ward her off to no avail.

I sighed and introduced myself and my friends did the same. Her eyes lit up at the excitement of having new friends and she ran off to tell the locales about them.

"Making new friends already I presume?" A voice asked.

"Axel, why are you here?" Koxari asked. "Shouldn't you be back at the castle?"

"No, I decided to follow you and see what you are up to." Before any of us can reply, Selphie walked up again, this time not alone.

"Lets get down to introductions. This is Tidus and Wakka, they are my closest friends."

"Where are we?" I asked, Wakka just smiled.

"Welcome to Destiny Islands, where friends never fade away. What brings you to this part of the islands?"

As I tried to think about a response, Vixan butted in.

"We are just visiting for a while. We heard about this place and wanted to have a look around." That statement was half true. "I actually think we should be heading back, aren't I right fellas?"

We nodded our heads and he took us back the way we came. We talked about how our lives has been going and what missions we did until we reached the dark corridor to get back to the castle.

"Leaving so soon?" A voice asked. Axel and I froze in our tracks.

Wait a minute, I know the voice. It can't be who I think it is. I slowly turned around. Check that, it is who I think it is.

"Roxas!" Axel and I called out, we ran to meet him but right away, I knew something was wrong. Once we hugged, that just confirmed my fears.

"Okay, what happened to you?" I asked softly. Roxas just frowned as if he knew what we were going to ask.

He acted a bit differently, he was sad instead of the usual things he almost felt.

"Look, you need to get out and leave as soon as possible."

Koxari cocked her head in confusion, "Why should we leave?" Tension slowly filled the air like air entering a balloon.

"Axel, you know why they should leave, completing Kingdom Hearts doesn't mean anything to you or anything else but Saix, Xemnas and the five other founding members. Completing it just means them succeeding their goals. They won't get hearts of their own, Xemnas will use it to become more powerful and he will use it all for his own."

"So completing their long term goal will have no reward for us?" Vixan asked. Roxas just nodded.

"I have already taken a step in preventing the plan from unfolding. I have merged with my Somebody and he awoke." Axel gasped

"You did not just do that," He said sadly.

"I had to do it because I have to stop the Organization before it is too late. I want you to leave because things might get real bad real quick." I glanced at Axel who nodded.

"Okay, where should I meet your Somebody?" Roxas's eyes kinda blanked out for a few minutes.

"Alright, I know where you should meet him, before any of you ask, I am a part of Sora's heart. I can project a lifelike illusion of me in any past world I or him visited."

"Where should we meet?" Vixan asked, unhappy that he was evading Axel's question.

"You can stay right there, the Gummi ship will be there in a few minutes."

I sighed, exasperated about the choice we made. We were running from the Organization and there was nothing we can do to turn back and make the choice again. The stranger part was why we were running away from the place we called home. I knew that Xemnas was power hungry and I knew we would eventually do our own things but this was too soon.

Before I could say any of this to Axel, a loud roar filled my ears. I looked up to see a large, colorful ship descend down to land behind us. The words 'The Interceptor' was written on the ships hull. A walkway descended down and a brown, spiky haired boy stepped down.

"Hey! My name is Sora. I'll take it that you want to leave the Organization?" All of us nodded and climbed aboard the large ship, eager to see what it had in store for them.

So clearly I haven't played through Destiny Islands very much on Re:Coded to accurately describe it. Oh well, that was a plot twist I've never thought about.