The Sorting Hats New Song:

I'm not supposed to tell you this,

But you deserve to know,

What happened with Lord Voldemort,

And friend versus foe,

You might already know this,

But Hogwarts was at stake,

Since Harry Potter was the one,

That Riddle tried to take,

Your folks might've told you,

That Tom had made some things,

That were to protect him,

From Death and what he brings,

They were called horcruxes,

Each holding part of his soul,

So that he would be immortal,

Atleast, he thought so,

But great Dumbledore was the one,

Who had the brilliant plan,

To destroy those nasty horcruxes,

And stop that wretched man.

And when he had left us,

He had left his quest incomplete,

But his successor, Harry Potter,

Wouldn't except defeat,

He set out to find the objects,

With his best friends by his side,

Their names Ron and Hermione,

With clues being their guide,

In the end, good prevailed,

But many lives were lost,

Since, achieving world peace,

Equals a giant cost,

Well enough of all these stories,

That's not what I am for,

I'm here to place you in a house,

Like Slytherin or Gryffindor,

There's Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff,

I am the one who has to choose,

So pick me up and put me on,

So I can get the clues.