My first Tratie fanfic!

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Katie's POV

I was in the strawberry field, tending my plants, when he walked up to me. Travis Stoll. Him. I groaned.

"Hey, Katie-kat."

"What do you want, dipshit?" He smirked and held up my iPod, which I never gave to him in the first place, and just happened to be missing these past few days.

"Just returning something that I believe belongs to you." He tossed it to me. "Great choice in songs, too."

I blushed.

Wait, me blushing…to something Travis Stoll said? What the hell is wrong with this picture? He must have noticed me blushing, because his smirk got wider.

"Well, anyways, are you busy this Friday?"

Oh crap. I blushed again.

"Are you asking me out?"

"Maybe. So are you?" he asked again. "'Cause Connor wants some "moral support" on his date this Friday with Marissa, you know, from the Aphrodite cabin, and he told me to get a date and go with him."

"Ha! You are asking me out!" I yelled and I jumped to my feet. Travis rolled his eyes, which is weird, because I usually roll my eyes at him.

"Katie, stop being such a little kid."

"Says the dude who put chocolate bunnies on the roof." Travis held his hands up in defeat.

"So?" he said with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"So what?"

"We still on on Friday?" he asked. I looked at him straight in the eye- his clear, blue eyes.


He looked at me disbelievingly.

"No lie?" I gave him a grin, and then I wrapped my arms around his neck. My lips met his in a passionate kiss. I slipped my tongue inside his mouth and our tongues began dancing. I pulled away and stared him straight into his eyes again.

"Does that answer your question?" He nodded, the mischievous glint still in his eye, with something else along it… was that lust? And he bent down for another kiss.

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