So... this is my first FanFic, its about Annie Eilenberg and Hans Arlens from Atelier Annie, Alchemists of Sera Island. I think they are THE cutest couple (in a game anyways) EVER! so i wrote this x) enjoy! ... and please dont be too mean, im not a very experienced writer.. :)


"ANNIEE! YOU'RE STILL NOT-" Pepe began, scolding me for daydreaming and synthesising metasphere wrong again. He was interrupted by a loud knock on the door to my workshop, which reverberated around the room, making him fall silent. We both turned to stare at the door, sure there was an angry mob on the other side, ready to break it down, or something crazy like that. "Who have you upset now?" Pepe turned his glare on me. We were obviously on the same page with the whole mob thing. I turned my back to him, chagrined. "Well, I don't-" I started to protest, until I heard muted voices on the other side of the door.

"I can hear voices! They're in there!" I heard Fitz squeal excitedly.

"Should we break the door down?" …Kilbert, I thought warily.

"Ki-il! Of course we aren't breaking the door down!" I heard Gillian exclaim in exasperation.

"Sorry I'm late…!" I think that was Beaux… "I sorta got lost on my way here…" …Yup, definitely Beaux… Liese had started to mutter about his bad sense of direction, and then someone stepped right up to the door and spoke. "Annie…? Can we come in…?" Hans' muffled voice said, unsure of whether I would answer him. I really didn't need all these guys in wrecking the place, but, you know, I'd do anything to get out of practice, so I glanced at Pepe, who went "Don't you dare…" all menacing, making me think I was gonna get it later. Oh well. Hopefully someone round here liked me enough that they would come to avenge my untimely death.

I opened the door warily, promptly taking a step backwards in surprise as I took in the crowd before me; Liese, Gillian, Beaux, Fitz, Kyle, Hans, and Kilbert, all holding brightly wrapped boxes. Presents? I thought. What are they doing with presents? Is it my-

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE!" They yelled. I stared in confusion until Kilbert started complaining that he was cold, and could they come inside already? So I stepped away from the door, letting them through, and Hans, the last inside, was the only one who noticed how I had frozen in confusion, mentally going through the dates, trying to figure out where the last two weeks had gone…

"Are you alright? You look a bit pale…"

"Yeeeah… I think I'll live… How did you guys know it was my birthday? Even I forgot…"

"Liese got me to check your file," explained Hans.

"We even made you a cake!" Exclaimed Fitz, looking adorable in her little pink dress, with matching bows pinning her long, blond hair back from her face, her blue eyes shining with evident delight. She handed me her gift and went to talk to Gillian and Kyle, who were arguing over whether medical juice or machines were more useful. Nothings changed there then…

I turned to Liese and thanked her for setting up the party, and she, overhearing Gillian and Kyle's argument, told me we would talk later, and went to join Team Gillian. So I looked around for another person to talk to, and spied Kilbert (really, he's kinda hard to miss) leaning awkwardly against the wall beside the door, and decided that he wouldn't run off to debate Medical Juice Vs. Machines with the rest of them (Beaux had joined Kyle now).

Kilbert seemed quite uneasy when I tried to talk to him, so I started to ask him what was up, but all he was all "Oh no… Annie, I have to go… I'll… see you later…" and ran out the door with his hand pressed to his mouth. Jeez, what is wrong with me today?

I didn't really feel like talking anymore, so I went to sit up against the wall for a while. I was staring at the pattern on the floor when a shadow fell over me, and I looked up to see Gillian, a lady knight, standing above me, looking worried.

"Where's Kil gone?" She looked around, as if he might appear somewhere.

"He left looking sick a while ago…" I replied, still staring at the floor.

"Oh… I wonder why he was- No! My new medical juice doesn't work? Noo!"

…And with that, Gillian left too. Oh well… It made me feel a bit better that Kilbert left because he was actually sick, bad as that may sound. This party was turning out to be a disaster. Kilbert and Gillian had left, and everyone else was arguing. …Well, not everyone.

I scanned the room looking for Hans, and saw that he held a similar position to my own, against the opposite wall of the workshop. I walked over and sat beside him, seeing as we might as well be social rejects together.

"Hey…" he said, not looking at me.

"Hi." I replied.

"Some party, huh?"

"Yeah… You're not going to abandon me to fight for the benefits of medical juice or something, are you?"

He made a face, "Umm… No, I think I'll stay here, thanks…"

"Fine by me," I answered, meeting his eyes, smiling. He returned my smile, and then went back to scratching the floor, a thoughtful expression on his face.

I had never really noticed it before, but Hans is actually pretty cool, he's not always as stiff as he makes out to be. He's not exactly lacking in the looks department either, I thought, watching him examine his boots. His chin-length blond hair hung in his eyes a lot, and he was constantly running his fingers through it, trying to make it sit to the side, but it just flopped back down again. It was kind of cute, I thought as his serious brown eyes flicked up, like he knew I was watching him, and he opened his mouth as if to say something…

"Annie! This just arrived. I think it's a birthday card…" Pepe hollered, throwing the card across the room. I caught it and ripped open the envelope, revealing a thick sheet of writing paper inside, from grandfather Bentner, I thought, and I was right. I skimmed through the letter, and one line caught my attention; 'I trust that you are getting used to life on Sera Island, and now that you're eighteen, I hope you wont have to rely on Pepe to make your decisions for you as much as you used to. You are a fully fledged Alchemist now, and you will have to deal with that in an adult manner…' …One word. Wow. Grandfather Bentner isn't usually one for praise, and hearing him say that I was a fully fledged Alchemist, and I'm so mature now, blah blah blah, Well, it made me want to live up to his expectations. Time to take matters into my own hands. First things first, get these guys and their argument outta my workshop, so I can at least think straight…

"Guys…" … Oh jeez… "Guys?" Louder… "GUYS! PARTYS OVER! OUTTA THE WORKSHOP…NOW!"

…So much for mature.


Pepe's voice broke into my dream, replacing the contentedness spreading through my body with the usual annoyance I felt in his presence.

'Why can't you just leave me alone Pepe? Just this once? I mean, come on, I was having a really good dream!' I thought to myself, but to my great frustration the stupid, annoying fairy started prodding me with his staff, which, believe me, is not something you want to feel this early in the morning…

I opened one eye and glared up at Pepe, all 3ft 9 of him. I started to protest to his poking, my voice thick with sleep, and I was just getting onto telling him that I should be allowed to sleep longer because I turned in my assignment on Monday(and I got the gold prize, which even Julian didn't get, and he's some child prodigy in alchemy or something), when I heard a hollow thud and then felt a searing pain in the back of my head. My other eye flew open as I yelped in pain, and I immediately sat up, yelling at Pepe, telling him I'd report him for child abuse, to which he just laughed.

I laid back down and rolled over, so I was facing the wall, and Pepe's laughter was immediately replaced by his 'you-should-have-just-got-up-when-I-told-you to-because-things-are-about-to-get-ugly' sigh. I readied myself for the hit that was sure to come, and when it didn't, I was so surprised I nearly rolled over to see if Pepe had keeled over. Nearly is a strong word though, and I waited out the silence, knowing that if he was still breathing, he would say something. I was expecting the usual 'get-up-or-so-help-me' lecture, which is (in brief) Pepe making a whole heap of empty threats, and truthfully, is quite entertaining… but no, all he said was "fine, be that way, waste your life laying in bed, but I'll tell you now, Annie Eilenberg, there are plenty of things better than bed out here, in the real world…"

…Seriously, could he be any more ambiguous? I mean, I didn't know Pepe was into all that life lesson crap. "What are you- " I began but the fairy just continued his apparently interrupted speech. " And, by the way, I don't know how much longer Hans is going to wait for you to get up."

I jolted upright, almost falling out of my hammock. "Hans?" I tried to say, my voice barely a whisper. Not loud enough. I cleared my throat and tried again, loud enough that he would hear me wherever he was. Where was he? I scanned the room nervously, my heart pounding against my ribs so hard it was painful. I hated having visitors in the morning, especially Hans, because I always slept so late, it meant that I was totally unprepared when people came to see me. Right now I probably looked a state!

Pepe seemed to notice my searching because he assured me a bit too knowingly (it was like he knew something I didn't… Creepy!) that Hans had wandered into the shop after standing watching me sleep for about a half hour. I guess he got bored. I mean, it's not exactly riveting, watching someone sleep. Whatever he came to see me about, it must be pretty important, if he's been waiting all that time. I rolled over until my feet hit the floor, quickly checked my dark hair wasn't standing up on my head (which it wasn't) and set off towards the shop, thankful I had slept in my clothes last night.

When I entered the room, I noticed Hans straight away, leaning up against the far wall talking to an old man and woman who were regular customers of mine. Without acknowledging my presence, he excused himself from the conversation and strode over until he was standing right in front of me, only then looking up from his boots, which were apparently very interesting.

His warm, brown eyes stared down at me, filled with amusement. Until about a week ago, I had always thought Hans was stiff and had no sense of humour, but now he seemed more… comfortable around me, even cracking a few rare smiles.

"Good morning, sleepy head," he declared by way of greeting and grinned at me. I swear, he must have won the lottery or something because I have never seen him grin, ever. He looks better when he's grinning than when he's typically frowning though. It makes his eyes sparkle. It's nice to know someone's having a good day, I suppose.

"Hey Hans… Have you won the lottery?" I thought out loud. Shoot! I really need to work on the whole think-before-you-speak thing. He gave me one of those 'are-you-crazy?' looks that I get so often and said "No… Why? Where did you hear that?" …Me and my big mouth. "Oh, umm… nowhere, you just seemed really (crap!) …happy or something…" Jeez, I am so dumb. Oh, wait, yep, there's The Look again, you know, the one questioning my mental health… But Hans, not being socially retarded like me, tried to salvage the conversation by telling me what he had actually come to see me about. "So… anyway, Annie, umm… we've been getting reports in HQ that there are increasing numbers of monsters and such hanging around the Basin, and I don't want you getting hurt so I'll come with you next time you're gathering up there. Is that alright?"

But me, being a complete social faux pas again, just stood there and stared at him. 'I don't want you getting hurt…' he actually told me he didn't want me to get hurt. Hans told me, Annie Eilenberg, who apparently looks like a boy, that he didn't want me to get hurt. I mean, I don't like him or anything, its just nice to hear someone say that… right? I wonder what he meant by that… I'll have to ask Liese.

"Annie…?" Hans broke through my daydreams, yet again questioning my sanity I'd guess. "Is that alright?" To which I smartly replied, "Um… what? … Oh yeah, gathering… the Basin… Uhh… sure you can come, I guess…" He looked genuinely concerned for me now, so I told him that I needed to get back to the workshop for practice. We said our goodbyes, and I, dreading the wrath of Pepe, followed a safe distance behind Hans out of the shop and decided to pick up a job or two from the guild.

I came back out loaded down with things to do, and as I read through my list, I decided to take a trip to the general store for materials. I hurried across the main plaza, worrying that Pepe might come looking for me. I must have looked really paranoid, because I ran into my 'big sis Liese' after getting the shopping and she was all 'Are you sick? Do you want me to call a doctor? Is someone being mean to you?' So instead of telling her I was scared of a fairy half my size, I described my conversation with Hans and asked her what she thought of the whole 'I don't want you getting hurt' thing.

All she said was "Annie, if I'm honest, this case needs further examination. If you spend enough time with him, it will become obvious which way he meant it… Look into his eyes and stuff, you know? … I should really start charging for my advice… hmm… See you later little sis!" She then left the store, muttering about how much advice would cost these days…

So. That conversation didn't help much at all. I decided to go back to the workshop and endure Pepe for the rest of the day, and tomorrow, I would go and see Hans.

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