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"Ooh, I love this one!" Caroline grinned, as she fiddled with the stereo's volume.

Bobbing her head in time with the music, she dabbed red gloss over her lips, "Haha," she giggled, kissing the air.

"Benster, you should totally come out to the party tonight. It'll do ya some good to take a break from all that schoolwork," Caroline said, stroking mascara over her eyelashes, "I mean, even geniuses need to let their hair down once and a while, y'know?"

Sitting on her bed, surrounded by homework, Bennett tucked a strand of brown hair behind her ear self-consciously. Pushing her glasses further up her nose, she busied herself with flicking through one of her many thick, neuroscience textbooks,"I can't. I'm busy. Very busy," she replied, "I have an essay due in two weeks and I would rather do it now. It would be disorganised of me to leave it until the night before and it... it not being to the best of my ability."

Caroline heaved a deep sigh, "Bennie..." she said, sitting down on the bed next to her, her dress shimmering in the light, "You need to get out there more. I mean, these are your college years. When you see what the world has to offer, do something wild, something spontaneous."

Bennett lifted her gaze from her textbooks to her best friend, "Something spontaneous?" she questioned in a whisper, arching an eyebrow at her; Caroline nodded encouragingly.

She inhaled a trembling breath - a vain attempt to calm her frantic nerves. With a trembling hand, she took off her glasses and leaned forward. Caroline's lips were soft against her own and her gloss tasted faintly of cherries. Other than that, her thoughts were an incoherent tangle, her brain sent into a passionate frenzy at the thrill of a first kiss.

She exhaled deeply as they broke apart, chewing nervously on her bottom lip, "Was that what you meant by... 'spontaneous'?" she murmured, anxiously twisting the fabric of her skirt in her hands.

Caroline said nothing. Bennett sat silently on the bed, scrutinising her intently while simultaneously resisting the urge to bite her nails. Then, Caroline reached out a hand and gently cupped Bennett's cheek, her thumb lightly grazing over her cheekbone.

"That's exactly what I meant," she whispered, with a quiet laugh, as she guided Bennett into another kiss.