England looked up from his work when he heard several thuds and a scream coming from upstairs… He sighed in slight annoyance, seeing as he was being taken away from his work again. But he couldn't ignore whatever happened, right?

He stood from the desk and hurriedly walked out of the study and up the stairs. His first immediate thought was to check Alfred's room. Whatever happened, surely it was because of him. When he opened the door, he found Canada sitting in the corner of the room, with his head buried into his stuffed bear. America was lying on his stomach, wearing pillows, with his belt, his mittens and his shoes…

"America, what are you doing?" At the sound of England's voice, the colony yelped in surprise and quickly rose to his feet.

"Hi England!" America shouted, holding his hands behind his back. England gave him a questioning look.

"Why are you wearing all that?" He asked, crossing his arms. Canada could tell he was getting angry. America didn't.

"It's my armor! To help me defeat the monster!" He responded with a smile, but it quickly faded when he realized something. "But the monster wasn't there!"

"America, why did you take my things, without my permission?" England asked, ignoring the boy's last remark. The colony began to get a bit sheepish, when he noticed England had raised his voice a little.

"I-I don't know."

"You don't know?" America looked at the ground, and shuffled, nervously.

"I was go'na give'em right back, honest! I just wanted to use them really quick! But you can have the shoes right now, 'cause they made me trip," the blue-eyed colony kicked off the shoes and picked them up, holding them up to England.

The older nation stared down at America for a few seconds, contemplating what he should do. He didn't really mean any harm, right? He was just trying to help his brother. And he did say that Alfred was supposed to be the hero, so in a way, he accidentally gave Alfred permission.

"Alright, Alfred; just let me know next time, okay?" England finally said, sighing in defeat. America jumped in the air in glee of his older brother's approval. "Now then, if that is all I should be getting back to my work. I'll be in the study if you need me." England smiled down at the boys before heading back downstairs. When he was out of sight, however, America ran back into the closet and emerged with the knife at hand.

"That was close, huh Mattie?" America shouted as quietly as he could, if that makes sense. Canada nodded quickly.

"I'm glad that you threw the knife when you fell. You could have gotten really hurt…" Quite honestly, Canada nearly had a heart attack when his brother fell. He thought it was because the monster tripped him. And in his eyes, if America couldn't defeat the monster, and England didn't believe him, no one would be there to rescue him. France was already back in his own country.

"Well, now we have to go and find it!" America suddenly exclaimed.


"If it wasn't here, it must be somewhere else in the house! C'mon!" again, America ran off without a response, just automatically expecting Canada to follow him. And so Canada did.

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