Calypso continued her journey to Venice. Ariadne watched the ship progress and the Ellen DeGeneres Show at the same time while she worked on her strength. Her hair in a ponytail, Ariadne was running on the treadmill like a maniac. iPod hooked to her arm, she was pumping her legs to the Ting Tings. Eames was in the corner working with two hundred pounds of weights, obviously with his shirt off.

Being interviewed by Ellen was the illusion she sometimes saw. Lioness was sitting on the couch across from the talk show in her uniform.

"So you're telling me that starting out is the worst part?"

Lioness leaned back. "It was. When I first scrimmaged, I was jammer and the other jammer was a girl that I didn't like at all."

"Why not?"

"Well she looks like one of those people that shouldn't be there, and I know appearances aren't everything and she could skate, but she pissed me off for no reason. So I really wanted to kick her ass. She hit me. I got up and tried to catch up with her, but I was pounded to the ground over and over again and got sent to the box."

"Well you're tiny so I can see why you'd fall so easily."

"Well it was my first time as jammer ever, and no one helped me." Lioness defended. "It was actually stressful for me and I felt like crying but there was one girl there who helped me out, and she was amazing… she literally taught me how to hit in one night. In a drill where I was a blocker, I knocked down the chick who I overheard calling me unbalanced."

She was ten minutes into her run when she felt a tap on the shoulder. Ariadne looked over to see Joe leaning on the machine.

"Can I help you with something?" she asked after placing her head back forward.

"Do you know where Rodger was yesterday afternoon?" Joes voice was not suspicious or accusing but tranquil.

Yesterday afternoon… Arthur was with her, snuggling in her bed and talking about their family stories. "No I don't."

"Oh… Because I've called several times and he didn't pick up his phone. That's not like him." Joe sounded miserable then.

"Maybe he was playing tennis or something." The brunette guessed falsely. When the image of those two women together appeared in his sight range, Eames stopped his workout. "Find him and ask him yourself." The muscled forger walked over to them and leaned on the equipment.

"I hope you're not planning to start a fight anytime soon." He warned both of them.

"I don't wanna fight, I just wanna get stronger. And watch Ellen." The conversation didn't stop her from turning the treadmill off. "I haven't seen Rodger. We'll see him tonight."

That night was the night of the toga party. Before she left for the gym, the housekeepers delivered her and Jules the bed sheets in the colors they wanted and instructed them how to wear them. There was bound to be a drunk man overboard, broken plate chunks on the deck and some Greek workers dancing. Maybe because of her goddess name, she'd get a goddess treatment.

"He keeps telling me he's not going to go. That's silly."

"Well everyone's gonna be there so the only open place on the whole ship would be your room."

"Everything's closed tonight?"

Eames looked over at Joe. "Unlike Carnival, Greek cruises has a tradition. During the toga party, everything is closed. The nightclub, the bars… the party is all in one place."

"Eames is just going to show off his muscles." Ariadne joked.

"Hey, I'd be a kickass Hercules!" Eames flexed his muscles like the whole world was watching.

"More like Zeus." Ariadne commented. She pictured Jules as a pissed off Hera. Joe chuckled.

"And if Rodger doesn't want to come to the party, you can hang out with us…" Ariadne pulled the tab out of the treadmill and stepped down for a towel. "Or the girlfriends you made." The blizzard the cold towel provided untied her muscles.

"Well… I hear from Jules you're not quite a partier."

Ariadne looked over at her. "I had better things to do than get drunk." The towel was tossed in the bin. "Anyway, I have to figure out how to make the toga stay. See you there?"

Joe nodded. "Sure."

The architect smiled back. "He's missing out you know. You should convince him to drop by."

Eames chuckled. "Rodger in a toga…" he envisioned Arthur as a Greek god. Most likely Hermes in his eyes.

"Have you seen him anywhere?" Joe questioned. Eames denied it, recalling that he was hanging out with Jules most of the time.

"Are you ready to get drunk?" Jules joked as she finished clipping her white toga around her. Ariadne was still busy with the red sheet, trying to secure it around her.

"Isn't that what Greeks do?"

Ariadnes phone on the nightstand vibrated. While struggling to keep the toga on, she picked up the mobile device to see Arthur sent her a text.

Tomorrow night the lanterns will rise. We're going to take a closer look.

"Looks like I have a date with Rodger tomorrow." She smirked.

"Alright!" Jules cheered.

Her smile died down with heavy guilt. "I still haven't told Frank." Jules scowled.

"The plan could fall apart if you do that."

"I know. But Frank is too fragile to break." Ariadne looked back on those high school moments. "He would never forgive me if I didn't tell the truth."

"Then you better tell him as soon as possible if he's planning to get wasted."

Ariadne finished securing her toga. "Fantastic."

"Shouldn't you wear some shorts underneath?" Jules looked over at Ariadnes bare legs.

She shook her head. "I'm fine."

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