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He stepped up to the lone woman who was just cooling down after a long jog. He had been watching her and knew that she would stop here. He had been here before, but he had never noticed the camera's around the park because they were well hidden. He had also been too busy watching the women. He grinned, as the woman hasn't even noticed him coming up behind her. He took out the knife and slit her throat. He grinned and then walked away with a smile on his face.

FBI Agents Tobias Fornell and Ron Sacks began working on the crime scene. One of the park workers had found the woman while he had been working on this part of the park. He had told them that they had cameras around and pointed them out because they couldn't be seen.

The FBI ME had taken the body back to the building and they had gathered the all the evidence even the digital evidence. The carried everything back to headquarters and turned in the evidence to the FBI Forensic Scientist and took the digital evidence and watched the murder unfold. They stared in horror as the watched the man walk away from the victim and smile. They knew this man and they had thought that he had done it before. Looks like they have the evidence to put him away now. They took the evidence and drove to the NCIS Headquarters. They walked towards the bullpen and looked at Gibbs and nodded his head towards the elevator that was their meeting place.

"What is it Tobias?"

"We have evidence that Tony killed a woman. We have digital evidence and our Forensic Scientist will find the evidence."

"He didn't do it, Fornell. You made the mistake of suspecting him before, but he didn't do it." Gibbs said giving his friend a glare.

"We have video evidence." He said as held up the videos.

"I'll get Tony and we'll watch it together." Gibbs said as he pressed the button and stepped out into the bullpen.

"DiNozzo, interview room. Let's go."

"What's wrong, Boss." He said as he got up from his chair.

They made their way towards the interview room and watched the video. They watched as the man made his way towards the woman and slit her throat. The man looked exactly like Tony.

"Boss, it wasn't me." He looked at his boss.

"I know because you were with me at that time."

"Are you sure Gibbs? You're not covering for DiNozzo are you?"

"His boiler was out again and he stayed with me. We were having lunch at that time."

"We'll check it out, Gibbs." He said as he made his way out of the room. "Don't leave town, DiNozzo," He said as he turned to Tony before opening the door.