Disclaimer: Alice doesn't belong to me, but rather to Lewis Carroll, of whom it is still a wonder if he was in his right mind when he wrote her tales. I'm not sure I was in mind when I wrote mine.

A/N: I'll keep this short. This is my retelling of Wonderland, through poem. I'm not looking for flames or critiques on my style. I wrote it in this fashion, and like it that way. There will be more to follow, probably one every other day until completion. Hope you like my little twistedness.

Wonders in Wonderland

Alice fell asleep today

Sitting in a tree

And as her slumber claimed her

She dreamed a little dream.

She fell into a rabbit's hole

Which was the strangest thing.

For rabbits do not dig holes, you see

In clouds of jaded green.

Confused she was by this fun fact

It teased her mind at once.

But stumbling she followed through,

Her actions a bit extreme.

Tumbling down the passage way

To her great surprise

She soon crashed into someone new

Who offered to be a team.

Laughing as she witnessed

The smudges of mud collect

In pools around my grim set mouth

Sparkling her eyes now beam.

"This is odd." I heard her say

In her joyous voice

Cocking her head to giggle,

Such nonsense it did seem .

"When did you arrive here, dear?"

She happily did ask.

I shrugged my shoulders angrily

My thoughts were halfway steamed.

"I don't know just any more,

So long it has now been

Since I have seen another's face."

My answer necessary it was deemed.

Beckoning in her fair way

She led us along the path

Out into the sunshine there

Where she stopped to preen

Finished with her brushing of hair

Her bow was soon retied

On we marched into a wooded grove

Through to Wonderland's clear stream.

Our adventure has just begun today

What will tomorrow bring

To this jaded, bitter woman

And a giggling little teen?