Disclaimer: Same as before

Waning in Wonderland

Grasping the brass of the knob

Ignoring the screams from the piece

Knowing we had nothing to lose

Hoping to avoid a mob

My hand now burned with the feel

The knob as icy as an arctic wind

Strange it seemed in my ears

The lustful desires at my heels.

Tugging with the might I had

I prayed to gods I wish I knew

Damning the devil and all his charms

Wondering when I had been so bad

Alice's chuckles came near to me

Her language befitting a daemon's queen

Eyes sparkling with unholy light

Her grin now showing a dangerous glee

With one last pull, the door did release

Its wood now broken and shattered

With a groan I fell beside that being

Wondering if I'd come through in one piece.