Ichigo dragged his feet in the direction of home, his entire school day weighing on his shoulders like a ten ton boulder. He had so much homework…and final exams started next week. It was hard to tell who was more stressed; the teachers or the students. The orange haired teen scowled angrily at the sidewalk, today had sucked. One teacher had a meltdown and dissolved into a sobbing heap on the floor while the class sat in stunned silence. Another teacher's temper snapped and he had screamed bloody murder at the class for the entire time until the bell rang…and assigned a packet of homework on what they were supposed to have been learning.

Ichigo grabbed his keys from his pocket and twisted the lock on his door. It opened into a dark house; the family was out, probably working overtime in the clinic.

Ichigo's face seemed to be set in a permanent glare as he stomped up the stairs. Shoving open his door, eyes downcast, he flung his book bag on his bed and stomped into the bathroom to vent his stress. He didn't see the pale hand that caught his bag and set it on the desk. Or the sadistic grin that spread over the stranger's face; Ichigo was home.

The teen stripped his clothes off and turned on the hot water all the way up, after adding some cold water the stressed teen stepped inside, his muscles melting under the hot stream. Taking a deep calming breath he opened his chocolate eyes and glance down. Leaning against the chilly tile wall and shaking his wet hair away from his face, Ichigo's hand snaked down and gripped his member. A small groan issued from the taunt lips as he began to stroke.

The man inside Ichigo's room heard the groan and slipped into the bathroom undetected. Watching from a gap in the curtains the man drew in a sharp breath at the scene.

Ichigo's body was jerking and glistening with water and sweat. His eyes were closed and his face relaxed, his eyes scrunching together from waves of pleasure. Pale blue eyes traveled down to the teen's occupied hand and his hard on grew, a single tan hand pumped the straining member at a constant pace. Ichigo began moaning loudly and bucking his hips into the pleasurable hand, his face contorting as he released the slick wet fluid into his hand.

The man's heart thumped and his chest tightened along with his groin area. The intruder snuck back into the room and slid inside the closet, palming his hard on lightly with a small pant.

Ichigo opened his eyes and washed off, his stress swirling down the drain along with his seed. The vibrant haired teen walked into his room with a towel securely around his waist and flopped on the bed. Today was Friday…he could rest…and sleep…

Ichigo suddenly sat bolt upright. Something was wrong…

The teen hitched his towel up his waist and glared around his room. The door was closed and the shutters for his window were down…so why did he feel like someone was watching him hungrily?

The stranger licked his lips and moved into a crouch in case his prey decided to open the closet.

Ichigo glared around the room for a minute and then sat back down. He lay on his bed with and arm thrown over his head, covering his eyes, and his left leg arched. Soon the comfort and warmth of his bed sang him to sleep, and into a welcome oblivion.

The man slid the door open and crept out, watching his prey sleep innocently. Trying to squash the protective feelings growing in this chest, the blue eyed intruded leaned down and watched him sleep.

Ichigo tossed a little and mumbled, his hand clenching into a fist.

The man frowned, was he having a nightmare?

Ichigo grit his teeth and arch his back, tossing his head back and his lips parted emitting a small cry of helplessness.

The man acted on instinct. He shook the teen awake.

Ichigo's chocolate eyes flew open, painted with fear and agony. His glazed eyes swept past the intruder two times before resting on the blue eyed man. "G-Grimmjow…?"

Grimmjow's eyes narrowed, "Are you alright?"

"I…I…" Ichigo tried to say, feeling his eyes prickle. Fisting his eyes that threatened tears he said in a thick choked voice, "I'm fine…bad dream…"

Grimmjow paused and then sat on the bed, glaring at the comforter, "Wanna talk about it?"

Ichigo shook his head and then frowned, "Hang on…why the hell are you in my house! No…back track; why the fuck am I even talking to you!"

Grimmjow winced, "Uh…"

Ichigo sat up and then realized he was wearing only a fluffy white towel, "AGH!"

Grimmjow rolled his eyes and tossed the sheet over Ichigo's lower half, "Calm down; I just wanted to talk to you."

Ichigo glared at him, bunching the thin sheet over his manhood, "What do you want?"

Grimmjow smirked, "I left Aizen's army."

"You…what…?" Ichigo sputtered.

"I left." Grimmjow said like it was nothing, but his eyes flickered with a hidden fear.

Ichigo frowned slightly, "So why are you here?"

Grimmjow shrugged, "I'm on your side now, right? So I have useful information, right?"

"Well…yeah." Ichigo nodded, still uneasy. "But why give it to me? Why not Yamamoto?"

"Because that old bastard would have me killed on the spot and not listen."

Ichigo nodded and stood up, "Let me get changed and we'll go there now; he'll listen to me."

Grimmjow shifted, looking uncomfortable, "Ok…"

Ichigo paused to cast him a reassuring smile before transforming into a Shinigami, "Let's go."