(One Year Later)

Peace had finally settled on the small town in Japan, Ichigo had graduated just two weeks after returning from the dead with the help of a memory device and a faux body. Grimmjow and Ichigo now lived together in a nice sized house near the coast. Ichigo had gotten a job as a photographer and Grimmjow became a carpenter (something they both were shocked to see that he was rather good at). Everything was back to normal.

Gin and Izuru had gotten married and now lived in a separated part of the Squad barracks, everyone had turned up to celebrate and the blushing bride nearly fainted when he caught sight of Gin in a tux.

Nnoitra had disappeared for awhile before coming back to announce he was also getting married. This resulted in Grimmjow going into shock for a couple hours while Ichigo flustered around him like a hen. The one eyed ex Espada had joined the FBI and on one of his missions met a sassy blond haired blue eyed German-Japanese man by the name of Shinji. It was love at first sight. Ichigo had met Shinji and the two of the hit it off immediately and where now the closest of friends.

Hichigo had officially banned himself from Ichigo's inner world due to the horrendous night he had to endure after Grimmjow and Ichigo had been reunited. Ichigo had blushed fire engine red as his hollow had furiously screeched at him while Grimmjow rolled on the floor in fits of laughter.

Ulquiorra, as it turned out, hadn't died after all, but had fallen into a strange sort of hollow coma. He had awoken in the desolate ruins of Las Noches and found his way to the human world. Then, to everybody's immense shock and (horror?) he had found a woman called Inoue Orihime and they had fallen in love. The two couldn't have been more different.

Later Ulquiorra and turned up at Grimmjow's house when Ichigo was out and apologized rather stiffly about the past while Orihime held his hand and happily gushed over everything. It was incredible awkward and the pale ex Espada and his wife left almost immediately.

Grimmjow returned home from work one day to find all the lights off in the house and it was eerily quiet. He closed the door with a snap, "ICHIGO! YOU HOME?"

"UPSTAIRS!" came a reply.

Grimmjow took a rather deep breath and steeled his nerves. He walked briskly up the stairs, rehearsing the lines in his head over and over again. He opened the bedroom door and was immediately attacked by a pair of over eager lips. "Mph!"

Ichigo kissed him deeply, pressing his boyfriend against the wall and nipping at his lip, "Missed you." He breathed out huskily.

Grimmjow groaned and wrapped his arms around the young man; his hands slid down the bare back and clutched the tan ass, "I can see that."

Ichigo chuckled and dragged Grimmjow over to the bed and stripped him of his clothes before continuing his feast on the lush lips.

Grimmjow growled deep in his throat and shoved Ichigo on the bed, climbing on top of him and ravishing his neck and chest, leaving a trail of hickeys.

Ichigo moaned and arched upwards, parting his legs eagerly when two fingers prodded his entrance, "Hah…!"

Grimmjow pushed the fingers in and quickly stretched him, running his tongue up and down the leaking shaft in the mean time.

Ichigo bucked wildly as the double feeling of pleasure overcame his senses, "Fuck…Grimm…come on…"

Removing his fingers swiftly Grimmjow slammed his lips into Ichigo's while shoving himself deep inside, groaning at the hot tightness that engulfed him. "Damn…"

Ichigo shuddered and spread his legs, twisting his hips teasingly, "Fuck me." He purred longingly, his eyes hazy in desire.

Grimmjow snarled and thrust deep into the smaller man, striking his prostate dead on, he moaned as the passage way gripped his member at every stroke and leaned down and bit harshly into Ichigo's shoulder, lapping at the mark gently as he slammed into the orange haired man.

Ichigo suddenly pushed Grimmjow off and shoved him against the bed room wall, grinning at Grimmjow's baffled stare; he slowly lowered himself on the erect member, mewling as pleasure rocked through his body, "Ah…! Fuck yes…!"

Grimmjow watched as Ichigo sat heavily on his hips before he began to ride him, gripping his shoulders as he did so. The blue haired man groaned and grabbed Ichigo's hips, coaxing more speed from him as the pleasure rocked through his body.

The new angle struck Ichigo's spot in a dizzying way, making the young man scream in pleasure as his orgasm ripped through his body and tore away his mind, dumping him in blissful whiteness.

Grimmjow howled equally as loud as the soft passage way clamped down hard, making him release deep into his lover. He laid Ichigo down and gently drew himself out, before snuggling next to the sleepy Shinigami. "Love you."

Ichigo smiled happily, "I love you too."

Grimmjow snuggled against the tan shoulder when he remembered something, "Oh, hang on a sec…" he reached into his coat pocket that had been thrown under the bed in their haste and removed a small box. "Ichigo?"

"Hmm?" Came the tired reply.

Grimmjow chuckled and nipped him back to consciousness, "I have a present for you."

Ichigo rolled over and grinned, "Really?"


He handed Ichigo the small package, wrapped in light blue wrapping paper. It was small and light weight. Ichigo frowned and sat up, tearing the paper off and freezing at the sight of a little velvet box.

Grimmjow smiled and crawled next to him; wrapping his arms around the shocked man he opened the lid for him, revealing a single golden band with an inscription inside.

"My heart belongs to you." Grimmjow whispered, and then murmured quietly in the orange haired man's ear, "I love you, Ichigo Kurosaki. Will you marry me?"

Ichigo's chocolate eyes filled with tears as he placed the ring on his left hand, "Yes…yes Grimmjow." He gave a watery chuckle and turned around and kissed the blue haired man fiercely.

Grimmjow felt his heart leap in joy and he pulled the smaller man against him, kissing back passionately.

Ichigo parted from him and breathed softly, "I love you too…" his eyes were wet as he kissed him again, this time more slowly and full of unsaid meaning and love.

Grimmjow smiled into the kiss, his heart singing from his happiness, as their lips moved in harmony.

They parted and snuggled under the covers, cuddling next to each other as they both drifted into a blissful sleep.

The End.