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"You're a…a what?" I asked, astonished.

"I'm a witch, girls. Both my parents were full-blooded witches," she cracked a tight, small smile.

"You are a witch?" Daisy shouted, her chair scooting far past behind her.

"Daisy, hush your voice," Father warned, shooting a look out the window.

"No!" Daisy slammed a fist down. "I will not hush! Mother, why didn't you tell us this before? And now, look where we are! Selfish little girls and stupid men are convicting women of being witches, which is false! If we all are truly witches, won't anyone find out?"

Mother stifled a choke in her throat before she spoke. "Daisy, we didn't know this was happening! We came right near the beginning. By the time we were already out of the house and moving, how could we have heard news about this? It seems only a few have been hung, so it's not big news in Massachusetts for the moment."

My mind swept over to Edward, the thought of his little sister being hung for being a witch. My eyes grew wide. That one was real. She really was a witch.

"How would anyone find out, Daisy?" I asked. I had a strange feeling creep up my spine. "There must be other witches in this town, correct?" I turned to see mother's answer and she nodded. "So, most of the real witches must be in hiding, or staying away from the problem completely? Are real witches going to tell on us, while we could just spin around and say they were in it too? These people are believing anything right now."

Mother's eyes told me that she was thankful for my speech. I returned with a nod and slight smile. Daisy seemed to hesitate in her next choice in words, so she sat down, crossing her arms over her chest. My eyes wandered over to Father, who sitting quietly through all of this.

"Father…..?" I asked, turning towards Mother for answers.

"No, your father is not a witch. You girls, and your brothers, are only half-blooded," Mother stated.

Daisy snuck a quick look up across the table. "Does that mean we are not as in much danger?"

"There is legend that half Witches are much more dangerous than pure Witches."

"How so?" I leaned in, interested.

"Half Witches have both the blood of Witches and Humans. Witches are considered dangerous because we have such powerful magic that we can do pretty much anything. Humans are dangerous because most of them do not know what to do when they are around anything magical, but also, most Humans are outright destructive and stupid." She looked at Father to show an apology. "But, yes, Witches are dangerous in magic. But, Half Witches have both the blood of dangerous magic and dangerous destructiveness that they start to blend and could cause much more damage or disaster than typical Witches. Humans wouldn't know where to start if they lost control of their anger and they had magic in their hands. That's exactly why Half Witches are so dangerous."

I stared at Mother, honestly scared of the whole situation. Yes, I believed fully in what I said to Daisy, but, how are we suppose to know that some witches wouldn't spill our secret? It was all a matter of secrecy and not being too much out of the ordinary.

"Do the boys know?" I asked, curious.

Mother nodded. "They do know. I told Artie when he was only fourteen, which was a huge mistake. He almost killed many people. I told Richard just a couple of years ago."

"When were you planning to tell us?" Daisy snapped.

I glared at Daisy, showing her she should not speak that way.

"Not too much longer, actually. Unfortunately, this came up in the middle of it and your sister found my old friend," Mother smiled. "I knew to see her again soon."

"More Witches?" Daisy grumbled.

I was mortified at the way Daisy was asking. I have never seen her act this way. Never. Maybe the Witch blood was getting to her already? Now that she knew what she was, was she frustrated that she had so much more responsibility and secrets than she could handle? It was a hard thing for a young woman to hold on her shoulders.

"There is only a few Witch families in this town," Father spoke.

"Are any of them like us?" I wondered.

"Half Witches?" Mother asked, aloud. "Yes. Only two out of the six that are here."

"Which families are here?" Daisy asked.

"There are the Lewis', Richardson's, Stewart's, Cunningham's, Law's, and another family, but I have not been given the name."

"Which ones have Half Witches?" I asked, considering that I could make friends with them.

"Stewart's and the other family I don't know the name of."

"How do we know that we are around witches?" Daisy asked.

"You will feel an immediate attraction to them, no matter how unfriendly they look," Mother answered, giving a firm expression, which meant we better listen and contribute.

In the next moment, a rapt on our door echoed through our house. We all froze, full of fear that we were suddenly caught just by speaking of it. I slowly found my way toward the door, as if someone would catch my eyes following them. I saw a hand leaning against our window as they waited for an answer. I knew the hand immediately. It was the hand that threw me against the bookcase, the hand that led me to its home, the hand that took mine to kiss. I felt my heart flutter.

I stepped up from my seat and bolted for the door.

"No, Hannah!" Mother yelled, but it was in a whisper.

I ignored her. I trusted my instincts. I had to learn how to truly do that now.

I opened the door and what did you know, Edward was standing in the doorway, panting. I traced over him, my brows furrowing. "Good evening, Edward."

Edward gave me a glare, but peeked around me to see inside. He realized it was my family, so he loosened his straighten stance. He glided into the room, searching the area to lay his eyes upon my family and smile.

Mother's eyes sparkled. "You really are a Lewis, aren't you?"

Edward chuckled, lightly. "Pure-blooded, yes ma'am."

Mother laughed, a laugh I haven't heard in years. "How is Esmeralda?"

"She is at the courthouse."

Mother gasped.

"That is why I came here," Edward said, looking around the room to finally lay his eyes on me as I came to sit down. "Everyone was informed to arrive in the courthouse at five this evening. I guess you have not received the information yet?"

Father shook his head, frustrated. "No, we have not."

"I suppose they were late in finding the new family," Edward chuckled to himself. "The matter is that Sarah Osborne and Sarah Good are being questioned under trial. Everyone is meant to be present."

Mother traveled her eyes over us two girls. "Girls, hurry and get ready. We should leave within the next twenty minutes. Edward, have a seat, please."

Daisy and I rushed to our rooms to reapply everything to ourselves. After I had finished dressing, I sat at my mirror, brushing my hair and applying make-up to my face. I was decorating myself so carefully that I didn't realize Edward was leaning against the doorframe in my room until he spoke.

"I believe you were informed on your family's secret now, am I correct?" he asked, a sly smile, lying his face. It honestly frightened me.

"Yes you are correct. I am a witch, as are you." I informed.

"I have known that my whole life," he trudged into my room, moving in all directions, uninvited. "I have been practicing magic since I knew how to read."

"Magic? You mean like spells?" I asked. "Those are real?"

"Of course they are! Yes, most Humans tend to be overdramatic about things, but some of their little tales are true."

"Do Witches really hate Humans that much?" I asked, angry because he was somewhat speaking of my father.

"No," he kicked the edge of his toes into the floorboards, showing he was nervous for some reason. "Some of them, yes, but those are the only disgraceful and ridiculous ones."

I moved my focus back to my hair in the mirror, but I found Edward staring at me through my reflection. The expression on his face, it looked…it looked…satisfied? He eyed me with so much sensual feelings that I found myself locking eyes with him myself. The smile perched on his lips showed that he was happy that he found what he was looking for, as if I was something he was searching forever since he was born. He moved his eyes over me, the same smile on his lips. Finally, his eyes flashed back to mine in the mirror.

"Do you believe in soulmates?" Edward asked, randomly.

I peered over my shoulder and I bore my eyes into his. "Why? Do you?"

He shrugged, his eyes pulling away from mine. "It was an honest opinion."

"If I answer, will you?" I asked and he nodded. "I don't really know," I whispered.

Edward grinned. "I do."

"Do you really?" I played dumb.

He huffed a laugh, deeply. "I know when I will see my soulmate."

"How could you possibly know?"

Edward was happy to explain. "When you see that person for the first time, you feel as if you want to be with them forever. You feel protected, but at the same time, you feel like you need to protect the other person. You never want to be apart from that person, wishing every moment could last forever. It's a feeling that is indescribable, but it is different than anything you have ever felt."

"Wow. That is full of feelings," I joked.

He pounded his attention into my eyes. "Just wait and see, Hannah. You'll feel it, unless you already have."

"Psh," I grumbled.

Edward showed a broad smile as Mother called up the stairs.

"Come on everyone! Off to the courthouse we go!"

I knew Mother was being brave for all of us. I had to give her credit for all of this.

Edward's eyes were lost out of my window. I began to walk out of the room, not once glancing at him until he spoke, not moving his eyes from the window.

"Now, history will be rewritten."

I stopped in my tracks, taking that in. Was that true? I couldn't think of it right now. Anything could happen right? I shook the thoughts out of my head and headed to the bottom floor, Edward following behind me, deep in thought.

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