1 The Famous Jett Jackson

2 Riley and Jett?

Chapter I

"Hey Jett!" Shouted Riley across the hall in school one Monday morning.

"Oh hey Riley, whats up?"Jett replied.

"Not much, but do you want to meet after school, maybe practice our lines for the next episode?" Riley asked.

"Um…. Sure. But I gotta take care of something before that. Where and when should I meet you?" Jett asked.

"Is down by the lake at 5 o' clock ok?" asked Riley.

"Yea, sure." Jett answered.

After doing what was needed to be done, Jett biked down to the lake. Riley was skipping stones on the shore.

"Hey Riley!" Jett shouted.

"Oh hey!" Riley replied.

"What did you want me to come down here for again?" Jett asked in confusion, because Riley didn't bring any script to practice with.

"Um.. I thought maybe we could…. Um… I I I.. I was hoping we could take a walk and talk." Riley explained.

"Ok. Sure," Jett answered back, "but why would you want to take a walk and talk to me?"

There was silence, then Jett began to laugh hysterically.

"What is so funny?" Riley asked.

"Did you bring me down here to tell me like that you like me or something?" he answered.

"Well actually, yea. I like you Jett. I really do. I have hid it for the longest time, but since we started working together, I've had this thing for you." Riley answered.

Riley walked away in embarrassment, but Jett caught up with her. He looked into her eyes. They began to come closer and closer. Jett closed his eyes and…..

To be continued….