I thought, after watching this and seeing the small amount of Single Father ff, that I might contribute this small story.
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The music dies and pairs upon pairs of small eyes look at Sarah expectantly, while I look nervously at the clock. I need to set off for the exam soon but a part of me doesn't want to, the same part of me that made me skip many maths lessons when I was a kid, desperate to do as little as possible to get to where I wanted to be in life ; A thing I now regret terribly.
I pull my coat over my shoulders and gather my things, as I walk out my eyes fall on Evie, whispering to a friend. Even now I wonder what she said to her friends that day.
That's my mummy
She's going to ace that test
Mummy will do well.
As soon as she sees me she points, waves and smiles. That smile, like a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day. I wish I could have put it in a bottle, closed the lid and saved it for gloomier days to come.
"Bye!" the children call as the door shuts behind me, leaving the school behind. I gather my things, checking my florescent body band and helmet before cycling away.
I never once looked back.
My lungs fill with the sweet scent of spring as I cycle down the street, focusing on the road ahead. I pass the park, with its once bare trees looking like a stick of candy floss at a fairground stall.
I smile as the memories of many summers, when me and Dave first met, flash before me.
Kissing on the Ferris wheel,
Dave trying to win me an oversized stuffed animal that I didn't want or need
I laugh at the memories as I roll gently down the hill.
I'm a lot more relaxed now; maybe just maybe I'll pass this test I wonder what ...


And now there's no more time to think or remember. I'm flying through the air, incapable of my own distress, flying from my bike, over the handlebars. My life flashes before me, my children's glowing faces and Dave's formidable smile look on me in the darkness and with my their faces still in my mind my mouth begins to move.

I love you
I love you too

And then there was nothing.

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