I thought up with this story after reading Dead After Dark, Fury's story, Shadow of the Moon. Fury is one of my favorite characters and I was dying to read his story, but was disappointed at how short it was...among other things. He deserves a full book like Vane and Fang. And Angelia...I don't know what to think of her. (Sorry some spoilers ahead for those who haven't read it yet) I understand that she hates all Katagaria after witnessing them eat her parents - heck who wouldn't? But to my understanding, she knew Fury and was best friends with him. They swore to care for one another, etc... But how could she attack him as soon as it was revealed that he was a Katagaria? Stood by while he gets tortured and wait until the last minute to save him? If it was be I would have got him out of there before the torture.

After all those years apart they still care for each other...you never forget your first love. But does anyone else thing it was convent that after Angelia found out she may die for her crimes she goes to seduce Fury, found out they are mates, he takes her place and almost got executed. A part of me wants to like their story, but a another side of me is telling me that she's manipulative and planned it all out to save herself, she was gambling with her life and hoping Fury would do something. I know I'm not the only one who thinks that, there were lots of people on Shadow of the Moon's book review that was panning Angelia's character.

Anyways, this is sort of my continuation of Shadow of the Moon. It falls in with Bad Moon Rising. Hope you like it.


Grace Alexander looked at her watch and stared at the hands as the seconds ticked by. Her potential new patient was going to be here any second. Grace had received a letter from her old colleague Dr. Anna Brockington, a psychiatrist in California, asking her to look after a patient of hers who was visiting New Orleans. In the letter she stated that the patient, Holly Ellis, was going to see Grace, a sex therapist, because she was planning on moving to Louisiana. She believed that Grace could aid Holly psychologically in the area of which she could not assistance her in. She reminded Grace that this particular patient was interviewing her and other potential therapists as well, who specialized in different fields. Eventually she will choose the ones she wants to remain with during the time she would be spending in New Orleans. She also stated that she would not release detailed personal information about Holly until she receives her permission. There was a little note at the bottom of the page which said that Holly didn't like to make skin contact with strangers. Therefore, Grace shouldn't be expecting a hand shake from her.

Grace stood up and greeted Holly as she entered the room. "Hello," Grace said politely.

"Nice to meet you, doctor." greeted Holly, and took Grace by surprise as she shook her hand.

The letter said that Holly did not like to make skin contact, but Grace suppose it was the fact that she was wearing gloves that made Holly willingly to shake her hand. After Holly released her hand, both women took their seats and sized each other up.

Holly had light brown hair with dark brown eyes, nearly black, and was wearing an eye patch over her left eye. From what Grace could tell, she had a slim figure under a large coat, long skirt and gloves. They were earth tone colored clothes that brought out her dark eyes and tan skin. If Grace had to guess she would say Holly was in her early twenties.

"Please, call me Grace." She said after a while.

"You can call me Holly." said Holly and motioned to her left eye after catching Grace glancing at it a few times. "I have an infection."

"Is it serious?"

"It's fine. I'm seeing an optometrist this evening."

Holly took out a note pad and pen and proceeded with the interview.

"Do you think I need sex therapy?" was Holly's first question.

"If Dr. Brockington recommended it. I believe you should, but the final decision is up to you, whether you want to attend a session with me or not."

Holly scribbled on her note pad and asked, "Can you prescribe medication?"


Holly scribbled again.

"Will you let me into your personal life?"

"No, our relationship it will be strictly professional."

Holly crossed something from her note pad and flipped it over to a new page.

"How did you and your husband meet?" Holly asked, gazing at Grace's wedding ring.

It was a personal question, but Grace answered it in a way that a professional would. "Through a mutual friend," She couldn't very well say her husband was a demi-god who was trapped inside a book, forced to become a sex-slave to any woman who summoned him. She met him while getting drunk with her friend on her birthday and summoned him.

"Was it love at first sight?"


"What made you want to get married?"

"I love him,"

Holly scribbled in her note pad.

"Do you still love him after all these years?"


"If ever you met another man you found compatible – as much as your husband to you - will you ever consider having an affair?"

"Excuse me?" Grace blinked. Holly's question caught her completely off guard.

"I'm sorry, that question was too personal. I shouldn't have asked. Please dismiss it."

Grace studied Holly's face and saw a hint of emotion there that explained to her why Holly had asked her such a question. Holly must be caught between two men and was seeing Grace for advice to help her decide who she should be with. She glanced at Holly's left hand and spotted no ring, proving she was not married. Grace mentally brushed the idea aside, telling herself that she should not be making any assumptions since she had just met Holly.

Holly scribbled a few things down and put her note pad away. "That would be all. Thank you for your time."

Grace said goodbye to Holly and looked at her watch. The interview ended earlier than she expected. Gathering her belonging, she left for home.


Holly looked over her notes while she sat on a park bench that evening, waiting for her next appointment to start. She did not want to have sex therapy, but Anna insisted on it. She explained that sex therapy did not mean that the doctor focused only in sexual matters, but he or she could help her with her phobias, counsel her on her relationship issues and help her get over her fear of intimacy.

Many times now, Holly wanted to go back in time to end all this therapy business. It was so much work and spilling her guts about the past she had done her best to suppressed from her mind was more painful than she thought it would be. But through it all, Anna was a lot of help to her. She was her friend and doctor. She gave her separate opinions as an outsider and insider, which made Holly understand herself more. She gained the courage through Anna's words to accomplish a certain vision she had, to move to New Orleans and finally find her soul mate and maybe settle down him, after a few good years.

Holly's cell phone rang. She did not have to look at her caller I.D to know who it was.

"Hello Anna,"

"Hello Holly, are you settling down all right over there?"


"How about the doctors?"

"Six down and four more to go," Holly said.

"Are there any you like so far?"

"A few, mainly the first one."

"I'm glad you're choosing Grace. She should be able to understand you more than the others."

"I know." Holly would try her best to find a doctor who suited her needs and irregular hours for she knew her random emergency sessions were wearing Anna down. She would not admit that she could not keep up with Holly, because she was a true friend and refused to leave her when she was most vulnerable.

"About your eye, have you made your decision?"

"Not yet…. I don't feel right about removing it. I know it's causing me problems but…"

"I understand, a lot of people are afraid, but I want you to at least consider the operation."

"What about the replacement? I can't take my son's eye, even if he is willing." Holly said and spotted a group of tall blond men, glancing at her. "Anna, I'll call you back later, all right. I have to get to my next appointment."

"Okay, goodbye."

Holly hung up her cell phone and put it in her pocket. Sensing trouble, she gathered her belongings and got ready to leave. She did not have to turn around to see if the blond men were following her, she knew it. Taking out her pepper spray bottle, Holly swiftly turned around, sprayed it on the men's faces, and ran.


Fang Kattalakis laughed at the Daimons lying on ground, covering their eyes and screaming in pain. He was on his way back to his brother, Vane's house, when he spotted the group of blood suckers and took a detour. He saw that they were planning to devour that little human pirate woman sitting on the park bench. Fang was going to kill them, not to save the pirate woman, but just because he felt like killing Daimons. His blood boiled as he remembered when he and Vane were beaten and tied to branches above a filthy swamp. Daimons attacked and sucked parts of his soul, but with the help of Amiee, who was able to find all the Diamons, they were able to kill them all so his fragmented soul could return to him.

The smile on Fang's face faded as he witnessed the Daimons dissolving into liquid. "Well…that's a first…"

Normally Daimons would explode into dust, but they had just turned into puddles of water. Fang looked to where the pirate ran and wondered if this was her intention. He did see the pirate woman spray something at them. Curiosity getting the better of him, Fang went in the pirate woman's direction. If the pirate was proven to be more than a normal human, a demon, then he, a demon slayer, was going to have to fight her and send her back to the demon realm.


Holly took off her eye patch so the optometrist could examine her eye. After the examination was done, Holly waited for her results.

"You have perfect vision in both eyes," said the optometrist, "despite the infection, I can't find anything wrong, besides the discoloration."

"So I've been told." Holly nodded for him to go on. Anna and she already established that her problem was not physical, but more of a psychological one that would not be cured until her eye was surgically removed.

"When did the symptoms occur?"

"Recently, but the infection began about a month ago."

"Did you see a doctor when it first occurred?"

"No. Back then…it didn't cause me any discomfort and I was too distracted by more important matters to notice."

"You should have sought medical attention right away, it could have been serious."

"Like I say, I was too distracted by more important matters..."


Fang waited outside the hospital for the pirate woman. When she emerged, he followed her. As they entered a dark alley the pirate disappeared and he felt something poke his back.

"What do you want?"

Fang stilled. He was completely shocked that a human was able to catch him off guard and how did she come up behind him without his sensing her? He was also insulted that she would use such a cowardly weapon. "Not what you think. I have better taste than, that." Now that she was this close to him he could tell that she was not a demon from her scent. And surely a demon would not use a gun on him. From his experience of demons, they usually use their powers or push at him with their inhuman strength.

"Then why were you following me?"

"I wasn't following you." Fang said in his defense. She made it sound like he was some type of stalker, which he wasn't.

"Yes you were," the pirate insisted, "you've been following me since the hospital."

"I wasn't following you since the hospital." Fang stated, "I was following you from the park."

The Holly tightened her hold on the Taser gun, her finger twitching in the trigger hold.

Fang cocked his head and thought things over. The pirate looked and smelled like a regular human woman. A human loaded with weapons, but all in all a regular human. There was nothing threatening about her, besides the Taser gun she was pointing at him. Fang loved a good fight, but this pint-sized human was no match for him. "I saw what you did to those…guys." He said cautiously.

"You're one of them aren't you?" the pirate woman asked, "Are you here to avenge your friends?"

Fang held his hand up in surrender, human women were so emotional. Were-beasts disliked Tasers, the electrical shock causes a Were from to lose the ability to stay on human form. One shot an they would be flashing from animal to human for hours. He just wanted to get the hell out of there before she does something crazy and shot him. She'd miss of course, and he was going to have to kill her. He did want to kill a human because of her stupidity. He decided to let the human go so he could sneak into Sanctuary and spy on Amiee.

"No," he said and lied through his teeth, "I was a concerned citizen and I wanted to make sure you're okay."

"Well…I am so you can go now," the pirate woman motioned for him to leave with her gun.

Fang shrugged and left the alley. Making himself invisible, he entered Sanctuary and spotted Amiee wiping down the tables and instantly became jealous. He watched from a dark corner as she was looking at Traver, a Katagaria falcon, who owns a Limani, a haven for Were-beasts, in California. He was a friend of Cherif, one of identical quadruplets, and Amiee's brother. Fang knew that Amiee would never look at the bird, but jealousy still filled him. How he longed to go to her, to hold her in his arms and lie there forever. But he couldn't. All he could do was watch her from afar.

Traver was on vacation with his mother, leaving his brother in charge of their restaurant, the Cavern, in San Diego. He was speaking to the Howlers, their live-in band, about not playing heavy metal music tonight.

"I want to bring my mom here, to meet everyone but she can't stand loud music. She's got a boat load of phobias and," he glanced at Colt, the lead guitar of the Howlers, Cherif, and the rest of the were-bears, "has a dislike of bears…specifically males. But don't worry, I told her you guys are cool. Just try not to make any sudden movements around her."

"What she going to do pounce on me?" Colt joked.

"Of course not," said Traver, "she doesn't like touching strangers. So she'll shoot you with her tranquilizer or Taser gun."

Fang teared his eyes from Amiee and looked at Traver.

"Taser?" Cherif repeated.

For Traver's mother to use such methods meant she really disliked bears. It made Amiee wonder what a bear did to her to make her that way. Meanwhile, Fang was thinking about the pirate woman he met earlier, and wondered if she was actually Traver's mother. It was rare for a Katagaria to mate with a human, then again it was more rare for a wolf and bear to mate. But there was a possibility... he hoped.

"Oh, you don't have to worry about her Tasering you. Her therapist finally got her to stop doing that. She doesn't just shoot on sight anymore. She waits for them to attack first."

"Your mother has a therapist?" said Cherif.

"And randomly shoots were-bears?" said Dev.

"Yeah," Traver said and casually nodded, "she ate one once."

"Your mom ate a bear, a were-bear before?" asked Colt.

Traver nodded, "He gave her a nasty stomach ache." He shrugged, "Hey, she eats anything when she's hungry enough." He checked his watch, counting the time until his mother would arrive. "You all have to promise me you won't laugh when you see her."

Many in the room exchanged looks, while the other absorbed the information they were given. They were impressed, thinking Traver's mom was one Katagaria they should never cross.

"Not to laugh about what?" asked Quinn, one of Cherif's identical quad.

"My mom has an infection in her eye. She's wearing an eye patch." Traver took out his wallet, "So how much do I have to pay you guys to not make any pirate jokes."

At that point, Fang was certain that Traver's mother was the same woman he met earlier that day. He flashed out of Sanctuary and back to Vane's house.


"Welcome to New Orleans," Savitar said as he met Holly down the street from Sanctuary.

"Hello…" Holly greeted him, while taking deep breathes. As if she wasn't nervous already, the legendary Savitar just had to arrive when she got second thoughts and was about to flash out of New Orleans and back to California.

Holly had first met the mysterious Chthonian after her death, when Lacy, the princess of the Underworld, brought her soul before him and asked for advice on how to pass her judgment. Lacy was uncertain of her decision since Holly was a special case. Holly's fate was partly undecided because the Fates and Savitar were feuding over who had the authority over her. Savitar claimed his right since Holly was a Were-Hunter. Meanwhile the Fates claimed their right, since Holly was dead by the hands of her mate, who used a powerful spell they created to bind them together. The feud was resolved by Lacy, who stated that Holly was under her rule seeing as she was dead. She decided that Holly, who was transformed into a human, will serve Fates as their maid, because Savitar rather enjoyed his solitude and not have someone he have to look after. They are feuding over who Holly's new mate should be. The feud stopped being about Holly a long time ago. It was just a battle for power and who had the most control, though it didn't matter to Savitar. He just wanted to shut the Fates up.

Unlike other Werebeast, Holly had a choice to decide who her mate would be this time around. Since her last mate used his magic to bind them together and forced her to become his mate. The spell he had used was only known by Aristos and Aristis, rare breed of Arcadians with the ability to wield magic effortlessly. They are the most powerful and considered gods in the Arcadian realm. The Fate only created that loophole for the Aristos and Aristis' use. Others could use it as well but no one willing preformed it because of the dire consequences.

If a female Were was to use the spell, the mating mark would appear on their palms after they had sex, like a natural mating mark and they would carry each other's scent. She would have a year to make the false mate fall in love with her. If he did, then both could stay together and become true mates. But the woman must give up at least one of the children they produced together to the women who was suppose to be his true mate, the one the Fates had predestined for him, to do as the she pleases. But if she was unable to make him fall in love with her within the year the mating mark would disappear and he would be able to return to his true mate. While the false mate forever wonder the earth without a mate and live the rest of her life in wereform, whether she was a Arcadian or Katagaria.

The Fates give the women what they consider a light sentence, compared to the men, for being brave enough for defying their matching making decisions.

If a male Were was to use the spell, he also had a year to make the false mate fall in love with him. In the end of the year if he was able to make her fall in love with him, they could become true mates. But they could only produce one child for the rest of their lives as would their child and grandchild. But if he could not make her love him, the false mate would slowly and painfully die at the end of the year, while his false mate was freed. She could either chose the mate the Fates predestined for her or chose a new mate among her false mate's close male relatives. That was part of their punishment to the male, not only will he die but he will die with the knowledge that the woman he loved was going to mate with a close relative of his.

Holly was originally a Katagaria wolf, but because an Arcadian used the spell on her while he raped her. She was forced to become his mate for a year. But by the end of the year she didn't fall in love with her false mate and he died. The Fates were surprised a male would actually used the spell and bought a one way ticket to hell. They were even more shocked when Holly's false mate had killed her before his death, hoping they would reunite in the afterlife. The sisters were stunned and appalled by his actions. They had Hades send him to Tartarus for his hubris and summoned Holly to Olympus. She was given a new life as a human and served the Fates as their handmaid for over four hundred years before she was permitted to return to the human world.

"Nice to see that you've finally decided to take a vacation."

"One hella of a vacation…" Holly mumbled, glancing at Sanctuary's flashing sign. "He's in there isn't he…my mate."

"Yes," replied Savitar, "and I doubt he would appreciate it if you knock him out with a tranquilizer upon the first meeting."

Holly sighed as she took out her gun and handed it to Savitar, who dissolved it into thin air. "It was only for protection."

"Of course..." he said and saw that Holly was getting cold feet again, "You said so yourself, you were going to give it a try." He reminded her. "Shall we?" he gestured toward the club.

Holly nodded and took a deep breath. "Oh, my dear mate," Holly said sarcastically as they entered the club, "here I come…"

"Mom!" Traver exclaimed and ran to hug her. "For a moment there I thought you'd get cold feet and make a run for it." he laughed.

"I almost did." said Holly, glancing at Savitar, who disappeared into the crowd.

Traver laughed harder as he led her to their table. He pulled her seat out for her and pushed it in, and sat down.

"Liar!" woman screamed and tried to splash her drink at Traver's face.

The cold liquid missed as Holly pulled him out of the way.

"What the hell?" Traver shouted, standing up and staring at Kelly, a human he's been seeing. They met a week after he came to New Orleans and had been dating since.

"You told me you were picking up your mom!" Kelly screamed, and pointed at Holly, "Who's this?"

"My mom!"

Kelly blinked and took a good looked at Holly. She looked exactly like the picture Traver showed her of his mother, minus the eye patch. In the dimmed lighting she looked young, which prompted Kelly to become suspicious of him cheating on her.

"Hello," Holly greeted her, "Traver has told me so much about you."

"A-And he's told me so much about you too." Kelly nervously laughed, taking another look at Holly. His mother was everything Traver told Kelly she was and more.

"Would you like to sit with us?" Holly asked.

"Mom, I think she has better things to do." Traver commented, not giving Kelly a second look.

Kelly eyes widen, "I'm so sorry sweetie! I swear I'll never do it again!" she begged.

Traver ignored her and glanced around the area looking for a certain waitress. "Margie!" he shouted over the crowd and waved for her to come over.

He whispered into Margie's ear and asked her to sit with his mother until he came back. Kissing his mother's cheek, Traver firmly took Kelly's hand and pulled her away. When they reached the quiet area near the entrance of the kitchen, he released her.

"You don't have to explain anything I understand." Traver told her. "It's just...Okay, the reason why mom came to New Orleans is because of a marriage interview. That's why I wanted you to leave. My mom gets nervous around a lot of people she doesn't know."

Kelly stared at him, dumbfound. "Your mom's here for a what?"

"A marriage interview." he repeated.

"What day and age is this? Who does a marriage interview?"

"My mom."

Kelly mentally slapped herself. "Of course...Sorry..." she apologized after realizing that she was indirectly insulting his mother, because she had to go on a marriage interview to meet a guy. "So who's the lucky guy?" she asked, hoping to lighten the mood.

"We're suppose to meet them here." He checked his watch. "In about twenty minutes."

"Oh...sorry...Wait did you just say 'them'?"

"Yeah, two of them. Mom's suppose to pick out of two guys and...marry him."

"And they have to get marry?"


"Without any complaints?"

"There probably will be some complaining, but yeah, they have to get marry." He ran his fingers through his brown hair. "Hopefully she won't pick him." he said to himself.

Kelly stared at Traver for a moment before she understood his meaning. "Are we jealous?" she teased.

"Yes, but that's not the point. None of the guys are good enough for her - one still lives with his parents, and the others are asses." He said bitterly, crossing his arms. He cocked his head to see his mother having a conversation with Margie. He was happy to see her still sitting there and not running for the hills. But he was upset that she was actually going through with this. Just when he was finally getting use to having a little brother, his mother was forced to pick a new husband.

Kelly repeated his words in her head and looked at him. Something didn't sound right. "Traver? I thought you said there are two?"

He turned to her. "Yeah, two."

"But you said 'asses'. Are there more guys she suppose to interview?"

He sighed, "There was suppose to be five of them but two got married and the other one's in prison. That only leaves two, but like I said. One lives with his parents and the other is a complete ass, not to mention he already has a girlfriend."

"Wow..." was all she could say, "Who set this up? These guys sound horrible."

"My mom's girlfriends. They're professional match-makers, but their results vary." he whispered the last part.

"How are their ratings?"

He glanced at the ceiling and lowered his voice. "Kind of a four if you ask me. I heard some couples they matched end up killing each other."

Kelly gasped.

"But I don't have any solid proof." He said quickly, glancing around. "Come on, let's go back. I don't want to leave her alone for too long."


"So what brings you to New Orleans?" asked Margie.

"I'm here to meet my husband." answered Holly.

"What he's like?"

"I don't exactly know."

Margie knitted her brows. "Excuse me?" She thought she heard her wrong.

"It's sort of a blind date."

"Oh...Oh," Margie understood her meaning. Holly was a Were-falcon, like her son, and she was there to meet her mate. But the odd thing was she recalled Traver saying his mother was a human when they first met. Although Margie was a human, she knew of the paranormal world and that her employers are actually were-bears. She was an assistant to Carson, a were-hawk doctor that resided in Sanctuary, and often helps him treat injured Were-Hunters.

"I'm a bit nervous." Holly confided to her. "I've only been in one relationship and...It didn't end well."

"It's never too late to start over. I'm sure he's a nice -"


Margie stared at Holly, "A wolf? But...Traver's a..."

"He's adopted and so is his brother." Holly admitted.

Traver returned with Kelly, who he allowed to stay. They took their seats and ordered a light snack. Margie left to the kitchens with their orders.

"Holly," said Kelly, intending to make light conversation with her, "What was Traver's father like?"

"I have no father." Traver coldly replied. "Only a mother."

"Traver," Holly murmured, taking his hand. "We talked about this."

His eyes soften at his mother's touch, "Sorry..."

Kelly looked from Holly to Traver, clearly the subject of his father was forbidden, and she made a note to never bring it up again.

Traver looked at his watch and the entrance of the club. "They're here,"

Holly stood up to see her mate. Color drained from her face as she saw him. She knew he was going to bear some resemblance to her ex-mate, seeing as they were related, but Holly never thought that he would be an exact copy of him. She clutched her head as suppressed memories resurfaced and she felt faint.

"Mom?" Like lightening, Traver moved to his mother's side and cradled her in his arms. "What's wrong?"

"Is she okay?" asked Kelly. "She doesn't look good."

Holly covered her mouth preventing the contents of her stomach from escaping.