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Wearing the helmet of invisibility, Lacy waited in the streets as Bride finished closing up her store. She followed her home, waited patiently for her to finish her normal routines and whisper in her ear and instruct her on what she wanted her to do and say.

Under Lacy's influence, Bride repeated everything she said. "Fury,"

Fury paused the game he was playing and looked at Bride. "Hey, Bride."

"I hear about what happened last night." Lacy brought up the incident where he was battling Holly online on Soulcaliber VI, got his butt kicked and had a fit, multiple times. "Are you all right?"

Fury snorted in irritation, but Lacy noted that his tone was gentle whenever he addressed Bride. "I just lost my temper a little that's all. That player really is unbeatable. Sorry for worrying you."

Bride, not Lacy, looked at him in sympathy. "What would you say if I told you I found a way for you to speak with Holl85?"

Fury instantly perked up. "Really?"

"Yeah, come here. I'll show you." Bride took out her laptop from her bag and turned it on. "I found Holl85's Facebook page – oh look! He's online right now. That means you can talk to him. See there's an area right here that enables you to chat online with him. "

Lacy released Bride from her hold and flashed to Holly's room. She appeared beside Holly, who was sitting on front of her computer screen.

Hi Holl85 I'm Furious_wolf

"He massaged me! He actually messaged me!" Holly panicked, "He wants to chat! What should I do?"

Lacy placed her hand on Holly's shoulder to soothe her. "Message him back," she suggested, "remember, be vague."

"What should I write back? It's so hard to think."


Holly nodded and typed her response.


"What's taking him so long? Why hasn't he replied yet?"

"Breathe, Holly, breathe." Lacy chanted, "It's only been two minutes."


Holly gasped in excitement and typed back.



"You can reply back with something other than greetings, Holly." Lacy told her.

"He's greeting. I have to greet him back. I don't want to be rude."



Feeling suspicious, Lacy flashed back to the mansion to see what was happening on Fury's end.

"Oh, my goodness!" Lacy exclaimed.

Bride had gone upstairs to handle a fussy Trace for nap time, leaving Fury by himself with the laptop. It seems he has been typing the same word over and over again, because he didn't know what else to say to Holly.

"What?" Fury suddenly exclaimed after receiving a respond.

Interested in what Holly had messaged him, Lacy leaned forward from behind Fury to see the screen.

R U da same Furious_wolf, who's azz I kep kickin'?

Lacy blinked, surprised. That was not Holly's grammar and what she would have said to Fury. She flashed back to Holly and found Traver and Alex, Holly's other adoptive son, standing side-by-side, being scolded by their mother.

They had returned while Lacy was at Fury's and saw their mother struggling with the conversation with Fury and volunteer their services. Being overprotective of their mother, the boys purposely teased Fury with the desire to get rid of him before Holly got too attached. The two men may appear fully grown in human form, but in were years they are just babies, who are whining because they're upset about her being forced to mate.

Lacy stood at a corner, watching them in amusement.

"I asked you to help break the ice," said Holly, "not to insult him."

"But, mom, it's not an insult if it's true." Alex said in his defense.

"Yeah," Traver agreed with his brother, "Whoever this guy is does keep getting his ass handed to him. You battled against him how many times now?"

"A billion times," Alex exaggerated.

"A billion times," Traver repeated.

"It doesn't matter. We're old friends and I want to talk to him." Holly pointed to the kitchen. "I made your dinner. Sit and eat quietly. You're both on time out. "

The boys opened their mouths ready to argue, but changed their minds and took their punishment without complaints.

If only she can use that tone with other people, thought Lacy.

Holly went back to the computer, sending Fury words of apology and explained the mishap.

Lacy went up behind Holly and observed their conversation.

I'm so sorry. My sons were out of line. I assure you, they were rightfully punished.

It's okay. I don't mind. Kids lol. How old are they?

Bride must've come back. Lacy thought.

Teenagers. But they will forever be my precious babies.

Mines still a baby.

Yup. Definitely Bride talking.

Holly's hand froze over the keyboard. She was in shock and jumped when she heard Lacy's voice behind her.

"Bride is typing for him."

"Bride," Holly echoed. "You mean Vane's mate?"


Holly breathed a sigh of relief.

I have two boys. You?

Only one boy.

"Trace," Lacy supplied his name, debating if she should reveal to Holly that Trace was one of her choices.

"What a lovely name." Holly thought out loud. "He must be a sweet boy."

Lacy flashed back to where Fury was to see what he thought about Holly so far.

Fury was sitting on the floor, completely engrossed with playing with Trace, who had recently awoken from his nap and wanted to play with his uncle. Bride was typing away on her laptop, seeming to have a good conversation going with Holly about their boys. Every once in a while, she would glance at Trace and Fury and smile.

Holly wasn't reconnecting with Fury as Lacy had hoped, but at least she was gaining a new friend in Bride. This knowledge was enough to satisfy her. She wasn't rooting for Fury and Holly to be together, but Holly needed closure. Fury was her true mate and a part of her past. She needed to face him to be able to continue with her new life or else it would eat her up inside.

Lacy flashed out of the mansion and into a dark hall and stood in front of Dare Kattalakis' holding cell. Hazel-green eyes glaring at her through his long, wavy hair, which was mixed between ash, auburn, brown, black, mahogany, even some blond.

He sat on the cold stoned floor. His shackled wrists were on top of his knees which connected to his ankles. Cautiously he stood up to his full height, the chains connected to his wrists and ankles clinging as he did.

"Who are you?" he demanded, eyeing Lacy's hooded figure up and down.

"Your parole officer."

"My what?"

"I'm your parole officer. I'm here to give you an evaluation." Lacy removed the hood, revealing her disfigured face to him. "You have been given an opportunity for early release."

Dare narrowed his eyes in suspicion. "What do I have to do?"

"Prove to me that you are capable of love."

Dared looked at her as if she was asking him for the moon. "You're kidding?"


Dare's shackles melted away as his cell was altered into a dimly lighted room, with carpets and bare walls.

"Sit," Lacy ordered him as she sat on a chair she had conjured.

Dare looked behind him and saw the plush couch waiting for him. "I'm not a dog." He spat.

"Did I say you were? Please, sit down." Lacy said gently.

During and after her studies, Lacy had been having therapy sessions with the prisoners in Tartarus. Some made progress and were given a second chance to redeem themselves. They were release from their sentence and freed. Unfortunately, others were too far gone that they could never change their nature.

Lacy wanted to have a word with Dare before she introduced him to Holly. To see what kind of man he was and if he had the ability to love.


Fury transformed into his wolf form and began running from one side of the field to the other. Enjoying the feel of the warm sun, fresh and earthy smell of the outdoors in the open field he had found months ago.

After he stopped to rest, a woman appeared. Blinded by the bright light of the sun, he was unable to see her clearly. Narrowing his eyes he focused on her face where a smile was the only thing visible. Her lips moved, she was saying something to him. Something he couldn't hear. Then she turned around and walked away from him.

"Wait! Where are you going?" he asked her. "Come back."

The woman turned back to him and held her hand out, gesturing him to follow her. Without hesitation, Fury followed her. Soon the field was left behind and replaced by a green meadow. He walked side-by-side with the woman, who walked in a slow, steady pace.

The smell of fresh water filled his nostrils, Fury's ears perked when they reached a river. His legs trembled as he attempted to increase his pace. He stopped for a moment to lay down on the soft grass, to catch his breath and alleviate the pain in his legs. The woman sat next to him and waited patiently for him. Her actions somehow warmed him. Gathering his bearings, he tentatively went to the edge and fell. He stuck his muzzle into the water and greedily drank, not realizing before how dry his throat was. The woman sat next him. She cupped water in her hands and drank it as well.

Fury looked at her and noticed a scar on the back of her wrist. Catching him staring at her, she hid her hand from view as if ashamed.

Fury looked away, respecting her privacy.

"I…" the woman spoke and this time he could hear her. "Are you hungry?" she asked him in hearing his stomach growling.

Fury pulled his muzzle out of the water and closed his eyes, embarrassed.

"I'll go find us something to eat." She announced, standing onto her feet.

A whimper escaped Fury's throat. Please, don't leave me.

The woman stopped, she looked down at him as if she could read his thoughts.

"I'll hurry back." she promised before she vanished.

No. Don't leave me. Please…come back…Please, please…


Fury stretched as he awoke from his short nap. Feeling aroused, he turned to Angelia, who slept naked beside him on their bed. He was tempted to wake her up and start another round with her but decided against it. She was exhausted from his earlier attentions as it was. She never complained, but he knew her limits. Getting up he put his clothes on and went down stairs.

As Fury passed the hall, his ears perked as he heard Bride's laughter. She was sitting on the couch with her laptop, having yet another unending conversation with Holl85. Holl85 as it turned out was a single mother name Molly, with two sons, who lives in San Diego, California, where she manages a small hotel. Molly and Bride became quick friends though the Internet and chat online with each other whenever they had time to spare. The whole pack gets to hear a recap of their conversation during dinner from Bride, which mostly center on their children.

Fury went to Bride's side to see what was so funny.

"It's time for Trey and Al's annual haircuts and they're hiding from her. She said she'll come back online after she finds them."

Fury smiled at the boys' antic as he strode to the kitchen to grab a bite. From what Bride's been telling them, they sound more like children than teenagers.

Finishing his sandwich, Fury left the house to wander the streets. A few blocks from his house he caught the scent of an unknown Arcadian. Inhaling deeply, Fury turned to where the scent emanated from.

Hidden in the shrubs was a medium sized leopard. Although the leopard's body lay still, his eyes were alert, darting left and right. His topaz eyes caught Fury's.

"Hello," greeted the leopard, "I'm Alex. Don't mind me. I'm leaving your territory as soon as the sun is down."

"I'll give you permission to stay but you have to tell me why're you hiding and from who." Fury told him, not sensing any danger from him.

"I'm hiding from my mom."

"She tryin' to kill you." Fury guessed, having had the same experience.

"Worse, she wants to cut my hair." Alex's paws cupped his head as if to emphasize his point.

"Why don't you want your hair cut?" Fury asked out of curiosity, "Not like you're s lion or anything."

"I want to grow it out, you know, see how it looks."

"Did you tell your mother that?"


"Unless she's gonna beat you for talking back, tell her you want to grow your hair out."

"It's not the fear of her beatings preventing me – my mom never hits me. It's just...I don't want to upset her."

"And playing hide and seek is making her all jolly?"

The corner of Alex's mouth curled into a half smile. "She likes playing hide and seek. Said's it keeps her sharp."

"Hold up, she's not gonna come tearing up the neighborhood is she?"

Alex was offended. "She won't do that. She's a lady." he growled. "The most well-mannered wolf you'll ever meet."


"Yeah, my mom's got the biggest heart too. She adopted me after I was abandoned by my real parents."

What the leopard was claiming was confusing Fury. "Your mom's a wolf?"


"Is that why you came here? Cause you recognized the scent of wolves here?"


"All right, listen as long as you don't start any trouble you can hide out here. I'll put the word out to my pack about you."

"Thank you."

Fury nodded, returning to the house to tell his pack about the Arcadian in their territory.

"Where have you been?"

Fury turned around where Angelia stood nostrils flaring, hands on her hips.

He shrugged. "Out for a run." His arm around her waist he pulled her to him, "I would've waked you up to join me, but I figure you needed the rest after this morning."

Angelia wrapped her arms around his neck. "Next time you go out for a run take me with you. I wanted to go running too. You don't know how lonely I was when I woke up and didn't see you there."

"Okay, next time I'll take you out with me." he said as he kissed her head, blonde strands tickling his chin. He turned his nose away as the strong scent of chemicals stung his nostrils. Angelia had embraced the life of a modern woman in the 21th century. Beginning with experimenting with her hair color. Originally black she had tired to dyed it light brown. At least light brown was the color she was going for. Having left the dye on for too long, her hair turned a few shades lighter than she had wanted. She throw a fit, locking herself in the bathroom, sobbing about how Fury wouldn't love her anymore. Fury thought she was being ridiculous and flashed into the room to reassure her that he still loved her no matter what color her hair was.