I've been reading sad Ziva/Tony stuff. I've been losing my long standing faith in Tiva. Basically I think; Ziva deserves happiness, and she's only going to get that I think with Ray at this point. They've turned Tony back into an ass, chasing stupid bimbo bitches (EJ). So yeah, if anyone can say anything to restore my faith that would be wonderful.


Ziva David sat at the edge of her bed clutching a small photograph. A small tear escaped her chocolate brown eyes as she struggled to breathe evenly. She was alone. A simple sentence, with no simply meaning. She had her NCIS family. Whom she loved, but there was no one in her home. No one waiting for her to come home every night. No one whose face lit up whenever they saw her. Not anymore. Not for years.

The door bell rang through her ear again and again until she finally heard the door creak open and shut. A set of footsteps deep with weight grew louder as they drew closer to her bedroom door. Finally they stopped at the door frame. The person unseen because her eyes stay locked on the door, but she knew exactly who it was. "Tony." Ziva breathed out. "Hey, Zi. I thought I would swing by, and see if you would mind me spending a few hours here watching James Bond with you?" Weary of Ziva's behavior Tony Dinozzo spoke slowly and carefully. "Swing?" She questioned eyes still focused on the carpeting beneath her feet.

"Just another one of those stupid American idioms you hate. Zi?"

"Yes Tony?"

"What's wrong?" Tony asked quietly as he set the bag with what looked to be the movie,and a few snacks, on the oh so interesting floor Ziva seemed to be entranced by.

She did not speak for several moments, until she decided maybe it was time. Time for at least one person in her life to know the truth. So, why not her best friend?

"Come sit next to me."


Tony softly sat down right next to Ziva, and she laid her head on his shoulder. He then wrapped his arm around her slim shoulders as she spoke, and handed him a picture. He studied the picture with great focus as Ziva whispered "Her name was Abira."

"She looks like you." Tony observed.

"She was my daughter."

Tony took a sharp intake of breathe deciding whether or not to ask the question now overtaking his mind.

"Where is she now?"

"She is in heaven."

He pulled her to him trying to protect her from the world. He didn't want to ask anymore, she would tell him if she wished, when she wished.

"Thank you Tony." Ziva quietly whispered into his chest.

"For what?"

"Saving me from the man that killed me child years before hand."


"Yes Tony, that is why I went there. That is why I took that assignment.I am ashamed."

"Don't be Ziva. The man took your baby girl from you. You had every right to kill him."

"Abira means strong/brave. She was a wonderful little girl. She rarely ever cried. Not because she was to proud like her mama, but rather because she was always happy. So she never had the need to."

"I wish I could have met her."

"I wish that also."

Tony kissed Zivas' forehead, and laid down onto her bed clutching her in his strong arms.

Maybe he wasn't there waiting in her living room every night she came home, but he was there when she needed him the most. For now, that is all Ziva truly needed...for now.