I wanted to make this because it's been on my mind for a few days and as everyone knows, or atleast my author friends do i'm a HUGE Perlia fan, hope you like it.

Discalmier: I'm not Rick Riordan, or a very famous author (yet:P)

I was scared, nervous even...this war was starting, it was really going to our door and it was not a innocent salesman. I was not angry, sad or even ashamed, I was calm, like a true leader should be, would be atleast. Gripping Ridtide in my left hand I looked at my friends who were willing to sacrifice their lives for Olympus and on my command. A heavy stone weighted deep in my stomach before a calm but firm hand squzeed my right hand as I was snapped back to reality as I looked up to the owner with the reassuring hand and saw electric warm blue eyes stared back at me as the girl, sixteen years old with spiked black hair looked back at me with a small smile, her eyes alone telling me six words "It's going to be all right" as I took a deep breath of comfert before I looked at my friends, Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, my best friend smiled at me before I remembered that she was the one who helped me be with this girl, this women holding my hand, as I smiled before remembering how grave the situation really was, I looked at my other friends who were dragged into this war into this...hell, just because some titans wanted revenge on the gods, gripping Thalia Grace's hand tight I closed my eyes then took a deep breath once more. Everyone knew the plan, the stakes and they were willing to die for it, so much responsibilty crushed my very heart, like I was holding up the sky once more.

Looking up at the sky, staring at the gentleness of it that may become dangerous at any second pained my heart, squeezing my girl's hand once more I looked at all the campers of Camp Half-blood and nodded, then lifting my sword into the air I screamed two words that would change all our lives forever, I wish now that I never did, for all of Humanity was at risk "FOR OLYMPUS!" as we charged into the war of hell itself.

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