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As I walked to the Empire state building elevator I could not help but regret murdering Annabeth, she did not have to die and yet...the darkness inside my own heart disagreed, life ends in death, and war NEVER ends without suffering that I already knew. If I was going to slaughter Humanily then I would have to let go of all ties to the "Good" in my being, soul, mind and body...I had to truely become my title name "The Demon of seas". Grover met me by the elevator quicker then I expected, he bowed before me as I grinned thinking how foolish it would be to act like a god, Lord Thanatos would not be pleased with me.

"Stand Grover I am only a mere demigod, not a god itself's" I spoke as Grover slowly nodded, gulped then walked with me into the elevator as the doors closed, giving me time to think of what I was to say to the gods, if they stopped fighting Typhon now that the Titans have won the war, which I cared not of. Once the elevator reached the 600th floor I had the plan of what I was to say in my mind and hopefully on my tounge.

Together Grover and myself stepped out onto Olympus ignoring the hateful stares of the minor gods and many other mythology creations and entered into the thrones of the gods, all seats of power were empty, even Luke or Kronos was not there which kinda surprised me, the sea cow Bessie was there but he was slient not even looking at me but I could sense that it had fear in it's eyes as it swam in a small corner.

Looking around I spotted a small fire and saw a young girl with a brown shawl on her form and golden eyes as I went up slowly and bowed before her as Grover did the same "Lady Hestia" I spoke softly as she looked up at me with a frown which I never seen on the goddess before she sighed loudly " have doomed us all Percy...I...I thought we could trust you, believe in you, and hope that you would lead us to victory...but I was proven betrayed us in your moment of true weakness, when Thalia Grace died in your arms, your sorrow is noted young one, but...we, the gods are no more" Lady Hestia spoke with tears dripping down her face making my heart break, what have I done?.

"Alas...Demon of seas, the titans have won, all of life will soon began anew or will be destoryed...take my words to heart Perseuses because of your...foolish choice, life will never be that same and care not for all, or that you murdered your best friend Annabeth Chase...what of your mother young one?, was the choice you made truely worth it?" She asked as I ignored her question and instead looked at the thrones of the gods. There were some gods I will miss and regret forcing them to fade away, such as my father Poseidon, Lady Hestia, Lord Apollo and Lord Hermes, other then them though I do know any gods I really would miss really, plus my mother would suffer because of my choice and I could never take it back, life was now at an end.

Balling my hands into fist thinking of Thalia's death and realizing that I did this for her, for her dark side that would not could but would have made the same choice as I if I woud have died in her arms. Taking a deep breath and closing my eyes I walked to the front of the gods thrones, leaving Grover with Lady Hestia.

I opened my eyes to see all of the Olympian gods were there (not including Lady Hestia) with their weapons drawn staring at me like I was Kronos himself, which I guess could equal him "HOW DARE YOU DEMON OF SEAS...WAS YOUR LOVE FOR MY DAUGHTER SO GREAT THAT YOU DECIDE TO END ALL OF LIFE?, I WILL END YOUR WORTHLESS EXISTENCE FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!" Zeus roared as he glared at me as I only smiled darkly.

" all deserve to die!" I yelled as they gasped in shock before I went on speaking "You treat all demigod childern like slaves rather then sons or daughters...I care not for any of the Grekk and Roman gods, the titans can go to hell for all I care, I don't give a fucking damn who wins this pointless war, I...I only care for my other half, Thalia did not have to die, not at all you worthless brainless gods!" I shouted as they all gripped their weapons in rage, about to attack but I could see a faint mist come of all their forms, the gods were fading.

Zeus lifted his master bolt about to throw it but the mist was coming off his form rapidly as I smiled then waved "Bye, bye" I spoke as Zeus screamed in rage before he exploded in pure lighting, and his throne crumbled into dust, Lord Zeus, the god of the sky, lighting and thunder and king of the gods has faded.

One by one the gods screamed in pain or cursed me in rage before they to faded, untill only Lady Hestia and my father Lord Posidon was left, my father sighed loudly and rubbed his temple in wearyness as I blinked back tears from my eyes, the Demon of seas did not cry, nor have any emotions. My father, Lord Poseidon, god of the seas, earthquakes and the creator of horses was fading before my eyes and I was the one to cause it.

"Perseuses...the coice you made...was noble, from your heart my son, of that I hold no ill-will towards you, you are my son, and despise the title given to you, you my boy are not a demon...I am proud to have called you my child, the world is ending and my brothers and sisters have faded, other then my sister Hestia, I am the last of the Greek and Roman gods left, my time will pass soon enough...remember Percy...choices do not come" my father spoke and smiled slowly before he to like all the others faded away, taking away the sea breeze smell that he had on his form, my father was gone.

Not holding back any more I cryed, I cryed and cryed and cryed untill my eyes could shed no more tears, taking a deep breath I looked at Lady Hestia, goddess of the Hearth and the home as she smiled sadly "Your father speaks the day prehaps...we will form again and treat all our childern with the warmth and care we should have...farewell Pereuses Jackson" she spoke slowly before the goddess brust into flames and was no more, there was no more hope for America not anyone.

Giving Grover a brotherly hug and telling him i'm sorry to which he nodded and said he understood I walked away alone, all of Oylmpus was empty and not a sound could be heard as I walked into the elevator, and on to the steets of New York where I went to my apartment, opened the door to my home and kissed my girlfriend's lifeless body on the lips, then tying the rope to my neck I prayed that our souls would forever be bonded as one "I'm coming to join you Thalia love" I spoke as I smiled sadly then without a second thought, I jumped, the rope snapped my neck and Perseuses Jackson, the son of Poseidon and Demon of seas was no more.

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