Title: Stolen

Author: Mirky

Rating: PG13.R

Pairing: Harry/Jacob , Jacob/Bella

Summary: While visiting his father Harry really didn't mean to steal his half sister's fiancé… it just sorta… happened.

AN: This story is complete, all that's needed right now is to edit the Epilogue but I hope you still find it in you to review because I'm sure I've mucked something up lol. So... just to clarify, there's no Mpreg and this is completely AU. Harry is Charlie's son, not James though that relationship (LE&JP) had happened at one time. Bella's not really a bitch here but someone who deserves some pity.



Harry really didn't mean to steal his half sister's fiancé… it just sorta… happened.


When Bella chose Jacob over Edward she had thought she was making the best choice. Oh she loved Edward still to this day; the Vampire would always hold a place in her still beating heart. It had been when she had a moment to herself amongst the chaos that she considered, is this what I want?

It was during this time that certain urgings that were foreign frightened her, never in her life had she ever considered carrying a child but the thought of missing out on that experienceterrified her into a panic. With haste once all was said and done she made her decision. With time she wondered, did she make a hasty one? Lying in her lover's arms she didn't think so, with the murmurings of love and the strong possessive hold that was too hot, she couldn't regret her choice of choosing Jacob. The Cullen's had left Forks, all her belongings concerning them were missing and she was a given a sense of déjà vu of when Edward left the first time but she forced herself not to think about it.

She refused to consider whether she made the right decision or not. The voice of Rosalie's complaining of what a woman misses nagged at her still, the many regrets she heard the family spill out had made her blind with the negative far outweighing the good, the good being Edward whose cold touch was now just a figment of her imagination, it all seemed so unreal. A dream that nagged at her subconscious and wouldn't let her be. Choosing Jacob was choosing life; she would live and die gracefully with grandchildren to tell tales to, as long as Jacob was by her side she could spend the rest of her mortality content.

It wasn't so bad being the mate of a shape shifter. Snuggling into the chest of her lover she listened to the quick thump of his heart, being what he was his body didn't do normal; there was the illusion of normalcy when it came to Jacob and the rest of the pack… "Sleep Bella." Jacob murmured as he shifted. For a moment she wondered if Jacob was suddenly channeling her ex's odd ability but that thought was quickly pushed away, deep, buried away with the others she mourned.

Closing her eyes she knew she made the right choice, she just had to have. Jacob said he loved her, Jacob promised her a life, promised her a future, promised her things that not even Edward could.


Charlie felt as if his face would fall off, his cheeks hurt from smiling so much and he was sure his excitement would cause him to have a fit. "I – Harry – I can't wait." Charlie stuttered, stunned still. When he awoke that morning to an empty house he never expected to get such a phone call from his son. Of course they talked daily, sometimes twice a day, but to have his son whom he hadn't seen in over two years just call up and ask to move in was beyond what he could possibly dream.

The excited chatter continues and when Charlie does hang up he finds that his cereal is no longer edible and his coffee cold. Dumping his meager breakfast he warms his cup in the microwave in a daze, his son was coming to stay. God had it really been so long since he last caught sight of Harry? As the microwave hummed Charlie took a moment to make his way to the living room where he stood before the mantle and pushed aside some of Bella's photos to pull out one that was of him and his son.

Fingers running over the face of Harry's smile he remembered the joking and happy child he had helped raise, sad to say he felt much closer with Harry than he ever could with Bella whom he without a doubt loved. Harry's mother lived only two towns over and while the week long affair had been brief they remained friends and even now occasionally called to see how the world seemed to fair on their side or sent simple gifts. Lily was an extraordinary woman, just not the type of woman who could make a commitment or wanted one for that matter.

While Harry may have had his mother's startling green eyes the boy had his hair that was more sloppy than neat. Though his son was the kookiest child he knew, he was also painfully shy and so self conscious. It didn't help that the boy had a weight problem and Lily's stern cut downs didn't help the boys confidence none, it was all Charlie could do to bring out that special part in Harry.

Charlie did hold concern, his son had issues with his help unfortunately and the doctors had stressed he needed a 'diet'; Charlie just couldn't enforce much in his house. His pantry consisted of more processed canned goods and the TV dinners were as close to cooking as he could do, while Harry did like his greens it was the mindless eating and TV watching that played a big roll. Maybe it didn't help that knowing food made his son happy Charlie gladly gave his son what he wanted if only to watch that sparkle in the eye as Harry tinkered in the kitchen making lasagna's, garlic breads, pies, cookies, meatloaf, food he sorely missed.

The beeping of the microwave broke Charlie out of his funk, he shouldn't be thinking on that, by this time Friday his son should be home. He would make sure to rent some movies, order a couple of pizza's, be sure to stock up on some of his sons favorite foods, and he couldn't forget the Double Chunky Chunk ice cream. Heaven forbid if he forgot that, it was a staple at every dinner after all.


Blinking, Bella watched as her father scrubbed the kitchen down like a pro. "So he's really coming?" it had been even longer since she seen her half brother. The last memory of him she had was him gnawing on a rack of ribs, as a vegetarian it just made her shudder when after that he demolished a platter of sausage links smeared in a gravy. How and why she was convinced to tag along that fateful day she forgot but in the end Bella held her opinion of Harry to herself.

"Yes, he said he's taking a bus from the airport to his mothers and from there take a cab here." Glancing outside the daylight was waning, "He should be here soon."

Bella hoped so, she had better things to do. "Are we ordering anything? Pizza, Chinese?"

Charlie spared her a smile, "No, Harry said he's bringing the food. I think he'll be cooking it."

"He can cook?"

"Just about anything. You were never around much to have a taste unfortunately." Tossing the rag in the sink he heaved a sigh before sitting across from his daughter, "I've been so crazy preparing for your brother's arrival I forgot to ask you if you're alright?"

Confused, "I'm fine. Jacob and I are doing great, I've been accepted into a university, and I'm searching for another job that'll work with my schedule."

"I'm glad, I'm so proud of you Bella don't forget that but I want to know how you really feel about having Harry coming here? I know it's been so long since you've seen him and you two are more strangers than anything but you're family."

"What do you want me to say Charlie? He's older than me by three years; he's always been a mystery to me. One moment he's in public school and the next he's in some gifted program then he leaves for a mastery in god knows what… that's about it. We don't exchange gifts or write to one another so honestly it's really nothing special." 'He's nothing special.'She wanted to add but she knew better than to say that aloud.

"Harry is special, you're special too Bella never doubt that."

"Special how?" curious she wondered is being fat made one special. Not that she would ever degrade anyone with a weight issue.

Charlie hesitated, "Harry is more than what he seems."

There was finality in the sentence that told Bella she shouldn't push, even though she would like to know what the big deal was she couldn't find it in her to press on. Best to continue as she had relationship wise, the less Harry interfered in her life the better. "So… Jacob says he plans to open up his own shop in the next town. We're thinking of moving in together once we're settled."

Not sure it was the best idea Charlie tentatively asked, "Aren't you rushing yourself?" Bella's irritated look had him rushing to add, "It hasn't been long since you broke up with Edward. I don't want you regretting anything; you're a smart and beautiful young woman…"

"Charlie!" Deep breath, "Me and Edward wouldn't work out, Jacob was patient enough to wait for me and we're meant for one another, like mates; that whole forever and beyond sort of thing."

Giving a nod Charlie had to ask, "Do you love him?"

Bella didn't hesitate, "Yes."

"Like you did Edward?"

It was such a personal and uncomfortable question that Bella found herself startled. Hesitating she fumbled, "That's not relevant. What we and Edward had is different than me and Jacob."

Charlie decided not to push, "As long as you're happy Bella."

The silence stretched only interrupted by the radio playing, it seemed like a stretch of eternity but thankfully as night finally fell there was a knock on the door. Bella toyed with her glass of soy milk as her father nervously wiped his hands on his pants and made his way to the door. She tried not to have the conversation bother her… but it did. "Harry!" Pause, "Oh my god!" Charlie shouted. Shaking her head she forced her concerns and thoughts away. Standing Bella left her glass behind and wondered just how big her half brother had gotten, there couldn't be any other reason her father sounded so shocked.

The front door was wide open and there seemed to be several oversized bags on the stoop along with a rolling cooler but what had Bella pausing, shocked and confused was her father hugging a young man that did not look or even seem to be anyone she knew. She couldn't help but take in the washed out fit jeans, the odd almost faded shirt beneath a dark red blazer that fit the man perfectly… a man that wasn't overweight nor underweight, but a man that had her thinking not so nice thoughts… "Harry?" her words must have been more than a gasp because Harry pulled away from Charlie's knuckled grip and passed stunning green eyes over her suddenly average appearance. She chose to present herself in a pair of sweats and a shirt that had seen better days.


"Um, yea." Looking him over, the glasses she used to tease him about were gone, his connected brows were gone and replaced with something more neat and trimmed, the smooth chin and upper lip was stubble free, even his hair was cut short and styled in a way she had seen in magazines. "Wow, you've changed." There it was Harry's shy drop of eyes and slight blush was still the same. Straightening her spine she moved forward and offered her hand, "Charlie's been going batty waiting for you." She joked.

Harry glanced at his father who was beaming, "Yea, dad almost babbled my ear off last night."

That was not a shot of jealousy. Her smile felt a little strained, she knew her relationship with her father wasn't close but she did love the man. "So, what's new besides the obvious?" Bella gestured in his direction.

"Well, I have a book deal." Harry gushed before he found himself practically tackled yet again by his father, "It wouldn't have gotten done if it wasn't for you dad, so thanks for pushing me when I wanted to quit."

Forcing himself away Charlie couldn't have been prouder as he took it all in. "That's just amazing Harry." Catching his breath he remembered the bags outside the door, "Come in, come in, I'll just grab these."

"Wait, they're sorta heavy." Harry protested.

Taking the straps of a set of bags he was ready to protest until he lifted… and the bag budged an inch, "What the heck did you bring?"

Harry smiled, "Stuff." Bending down to grab the largest of the three he reached over and tapped a finger on both duffels. "That should do it."

Charlie tested the weight and found it was much easier to lift but he made a show of them being heavier than they were. "I'll bring these to your room, make yourself at home."

"Charlie stocked the kitchen for you." Bella was curious whether he would cook or order out.

A big grin appeared on Harry's face, "I made all the good stuff, give me an oven and pan we'll be eating in twenty minutes. I also brought some very good wine."

"Wine?" Bella wrinkled her nose.

"Great!" Charlie switched a bag to one hand and reached out with a free one, motioning for the other bag. "Give it here."

"Are you sure?"

"Just give it, go cook I'm starving."

Handing over his bag Harry moved back outside to grab the upright handle and pull in the cooler. "Charlie say's you're a vegetarian right?"

Bella lead the way to the kitchen, "Yea, I hope that isn't a problem?"

Harry got a wicked look on his face and Bella felt something jolt in her, she couldn't have been horrified than at that moment, "Don't tell dad but everything's Vegan, except the turkey breasts and stuffing. I made one with bacon and the other with some tofu for texture. Trust me it tastes wicked." Making his way to the kitchen he was happy to see nothing really changed. The place was cleaner, yes, but the general feel just screamed home. "Wow, nothing's changed." Not even the curtains on the window; they were still the generic blue polka dot.

"Like a time capsule." Bella added unsure how to act, clearing her throat she plopped herself on the chair, "You said you were published?"

Harry made a point of keeping the cooler behind the island, away from Bella's eyes. The packaged foods were quickly resized with a discreet tap of his fingers and a silent command. It was a simple magic, nothing flashy, but very useful. Colored trays made of clay like material were placed atop the island, sealed with saran wrap and Bella couldn't help but lean in and check them out. It looked good at least. "I began experimenting with some healthy recipes that weren't loaded with all this crap and someone mentioned I should write them down and from there it sorta grew to me being rejected a couple of times and finally just last week I got a letter from Barkley's Cookingsaying they'll give me a shot." Taking out smaller plastic containers that had sauces and Ziploc bags of powders Harry pulled out a sauce pan and a pot.

"Wow, how did that cooler carry all that?"

With an easy smile Harry answered, "Magic."

Rolling her eyes Bella watched as he handled the oven that at times didn't work but luck seemed to be on his side. "Yea, as if that's real."

Not bothering to correct her Harry remained quiet as the oven warmed some lasagna and the turkey breasts plus a couple of sweet potatoes that were wrapped in aluminum and stuffed with an odd mixture. On the stove top he quickly grabbed a spare pot from a lower cabinet and boiled some water. The black freshly made pasta was added just as Charlie bounded down the only set of stairs leading up and practically skipped into the kitchen. "Ooh, what are you making?"

"Food." Was Harry's quip, a smile tugging on his lips. It was great to finally be home. "I just need to make the sauce and vuala dinner is served. How about you set up the dining room table and we can eat there."

Scratching the back of his head Charlie said, "The table is buried beneath stuff."

Harry gave a shake to his head, "You're such a hoarder."


"Fine we'll eat in the living room, got any good movies?" Harry took one of his own sauce pans and his hands were a blur of movement as he melted some butter adding this and that. Soon there was a strong delicious smell that had stomachs rumbling.

"Several, hopefully you haven't seen them."

"Nah, I haven't watched much TV. The reception is horrible up there." Taking a taste he added a pinch of something before grabbing another spare spoon for another taste and it was perfect.

"Come on Bella. Help me with the trays." The two left the kitchen and pulled several fold out trays from the small closet beneath the stair case and set them up in the living room. Charlie fiddled with his system and Bella chose a movie she knew was pretty good and she wouldn't mind watching again. Before the pair could return to the kitchen to grab plates or wait, they were both surprised when Harry walked to them, two heaping plates of food settled on the table tops before he left once again completely missing their awe as they took everything in.

The plates were large in size, a bold blue color with darker thin lines that circled around the edges of the rim. Atop the platters was portions of vegetarian lasagna that had a yellowish sauce, a baked sweet potato still wrapped in foil, a dinner roll that when poked rose again as the dusted powder flaked off. On Charlie's plate was a healthy serving of a turkey breast smeared with gravy and delicious looking stuffing besides a small bowl of black pasta hidden beneath a layer of sauce. Bella's was the same only her turkey breast was replaced with a meatless enchilada smeared with a red sauce and a heap of stuffing minus the bacon.

"Oh wow Harry, how did you make all this?" Charlie sat heavily on the couch as his sun returned with a tray in hand carrying utensils, glasses, and a bottle of chilled wine in a small bucket of ice.

"I wanted to, there's a difference dad. Sit Bella, I promise it's good, scouts honor."

Bella sat tucking her hair behind an ear. "You never were a scout."

Wrapped in linen and held together with a ring were placed beside each plate, "I was for a while when I was gone." Putting glasses beside each plate he set the tray down on the coffee table. Of course the scouts were completely different for wizards, but he wouldn't elaborate for obvious reasons.

"Maybe I should get some water?" Bella eyed the wine warily, she never really liked the taste of wine.

"I'll get you some water if you don't like this but trust me you will." With a hard twist the dripping wine bottle gave a pop and hiss as carbon met air. Pouring until each glass was half full he replaced the cap and set it back in the bucket. "You don't have to lick the plate clean and normally I'm all for portion control but this is a special occasion." Leaving again to grab a smaller plate of his own, he was quick to return. "Good?"

Both hummed behind forkfuls of food and Harry beamed as he poured himself a drink and set to eating. The conversation was stilted as the movie played and silver met glass. Before the last half hour as the small family of three sat back stuffed Harry got up once again and brought in several bowls baked cinnamon apple slices with a crumbled crust, Bella and Charlie had sworn they couldn't take a bite or sip of more wine but the smell of the dessert had them rethinking their positions and digging in with gusto.

The hour was late and the second movie while action packed couldn't keep drowsy eyes from falling closed so the television was turned off, plates in the sink left for the morning and Charlie gave Bella the option to stay in her old room but the young woman was adamant she needed to return to her fiancé. Before Bella could leave Harry told her to take the left over's and when the door was firmly shut and car pulling out of the driveway Charlie pouted, "I wanted that for lunch."

With a laugh Harry promised to make him something even better, the two bade each other goodnight and turned in for the night.

To Be Continued

AN: Harry was a fat kid who loved cake (as I am minus the kid bit) and has his own struggles with food (me as well). This concept will be touched on in future chapters. I kinda wish I had magic to help curb my mouth... :/ PS: There's 6 chapters.

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