Update Below! 5/10/11 - spoiler alert... kinda :)

I've gotten quite a few reviews of whether BellaEdward will happen... so I've place a quick Yes and No poll up to see. I'm just curious lol.

Just to Clarify:

- Harry is 3 years older than Bella. Charlie had a week long affair with Lily that ended with a 'surprise' and then Charlie knocked up Bella's mom, they married, she left taking Bella... that's how it's going to stay. So Bella and Harry are related through Charlie only but with very little interaction between them as they grew up.

-Lily lives 2 towns over allowing Charlie to be a dad.

-Harry was a fluffy kid or as Momonster wrote in a review 'Dudleyfied Harry'. Harry was an over eater with incecurities that eventually he overcame. The usual speal of exercising, smaller portions, and in a future chapter truly explained.

-Most importantly this is a MAJOR AU fic where timelines in both series have been butchered for my perverse pleasure. So yea Teddy is around Harry's age not a toddler and the whole BWL thing doesn't exist. Harry is a Wizard, a half-blood, witch mother and muggle father.

-No, there will be no Lemon. Sorry.

-No Mpreg.

-This fic takes place AFTER the whole vampire infestation thing. Jacob gave Bella a choice. Edward or him. She chose Jacob for reasons that were mentioned in Ch1.

Bellow is an update for the chapters up to Chapter 4, so technically SPOILERS BELOW!

Update: 5/10/11

- Harry's Mastery is in Occlumency and Legilimens.

- Harry's Wizarding Education was NOT in Hogwarts, it was in North America, not Britain or that side of the world. Teddy on the other hand has gone to Hogwarts, obviously.

- There is no James Potter. Period. Hence no Boy-Who-Lived.

*Voldemort was given the prophecy, he had to choose between two families: Longbottom and Potter's. Since the Potter's don't exist Voldemort went after Longbottom making HIM (Neville) the BWL. Final.

*James and Lily never married (won't get into that drama, sorry.). Lily moved herself to the America's, had a short fling with Charlie, got knocked up, and there's Harry. Instead of Harry Potter you have Harry Swan. Yes this Harry is OoC from the HP in the books, he was raised as a Swan and not under the abuse of the Dursley's. In conclusion Harry is NOTHING like Canon Harry. At all.

*The only reason Harry is dragged to Hogwarts when in a different country is because he's been labled the boy-who-lived. Since Harry's not the BWL he isn't that special for Dumbledore to know him let alone put forth the effort for an average wizard born to muggleborn and muggle.

- Harry is not a Virgin. As Harry states to Jacob in Chapter 4 "Just because you're alpha does not mean you won't be taking it up the arse." :)) This shall be clarified in Ch5!

- Jacob's Imprinting was immediate the moment he laid eyes on Harry. There isn't a building process that takes days/weeks to settle into something a shape-shifter learns to accept.

- Yes, Teddy and Harry have that whole Frinds with Benefits thing going on.


- Chapter 4: Harry doesn't like Bella. Harry isn't perfect. Harry did hastily decide to obliviate Bella instead of giving her some time to come to a decision. He jumped the gun the moment Bella went hysterical (wouldn't you if your Jacob was snatched from your bed?) so yea he pulled a Dumbledore for 'the greater good' but whoever said he was an angel? Obliviating Bella was a cop out and guarentee you Harry doesn't regret it as the what if's are too much for him to ignore... that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it :P