It's a strange thing, routine that is. When you live your life by one routine, time doesn't seem to matter. Each day melts into the next, everything the same. Every once in a while, things happen to disrupt that routine, and those are the things you remember. But mostly though, life is uneventful. At least, that is, until everything changes. But let's start from the beginning, where everything started….

As the sun started to peak into the window of the deathly room, a young light brown mouse was injected and dropped into a random cage.

"Owww, that hurt so much." The young mouse said to no one while rubbing her bottom.

"Who are you?" A voice in the shadows demanded.

Upon hearing the voice the young mouse turned around facing from were it had heard the voice.

"Justin you featherhead, don't scare the young mouse to death. I'm sorry for my friend here, my name is Jonathan." A gray mouse with light brown spots said.

"Jonathan, Jonathan Brisby? Is that you? Why are you here?" Squeaked the light brown mouse.

"Oh it's only Alice Wonder. I'm sorry thought you were someone else." Jonathan laughed.

"Alice, Alice is that you?" An old mouse asked of Alice.

Alice replied with excitement laced in her voice, "Of course it's me Mr. Ages, who else do you think it is? Alex?"

Justin could only look upon the 3 mice who were talking with each other.

Justin of course couldn't help but stare at this new mouse. She was the most beautiful mouse he had ever seen.

"Um why are you staring at me like that?" The mouse named Alice asked of Justin.

Snapping out of his daze, Justin apologized to the mouse, "Sorry, I was just caught off guard by how wonderful you looked."

Alice blushed by that comment from Justin.

No one had ever told her that minus her father, who was now dead.

"Um, eh, uh, thank you. So, so your name is Justin right?" Alice questioned the young rat.

"Yeah, name Justin is." Justin sputtered out.

"He mean, 'Yeah, my name is Justin.'" Jonathan explained to the now confused Alice.

"Ohh, um, my name is Alice Wonder Land, but people just call me Alice." The young mouse, Alice, squeaked.

Justin, finally finding the voice or the mind he'd lost in himself, spoke "Alice? Why that's a wonderful name very different, by the way it's nice to meet you" while taking Alice's paw within his and placing a kiss upon it.

Alice, trying to find her voice, replied "Nice to see you too. Oh I mean meat, oh no I mean meet."

"Cat got your tongue, Alice?" Jonathan joked while elbowing her.

Alice didn't seem to be fazed by that, but to have all of her attention on Justin, now thats what Justin wanted, like wise with Alice.

"Hello is anybody in there?" Jonathan asked of young Alice while knocking softly on her head.

Alice now noticing that Jonathan was trying to get her attention turned around and said in a low but sweet voice, "huh?"

Jonathan realizing that it was impossible to keep her attention sighed and then voiced in a frustrating voice "Oh forget it just keep starting at the handsome rat."

Justin now realizing what Jonathan had said, blushes at the comment and says, with a cheesy smile on his face "I not the handsome looking rat here and you know it, Jonathan."

"Of course you don't look handsome; you, my man just have pure luck with you today!" Jonathan yelled with arms slugged against Alice and Justin.

"Since Alex is not here to kill anyone who puts a move on his beloved sister, that means luck is on your side my dear boy!" Jonathan added.

Alice of course had a scow on her face after that comment and interjected before he could say anymore, "But unfortunately we have the luck of being in the same cage with Jonathan."

With that Alice stuck her tongue out at him.

Justin stood there and took in all of the information in his head, trying to remember everything about Alice, her life, and family. Something deep down in him wanted himself to know everything and everyone that knows anything about Alice.

Mr. Ages by that point had enough of their talk so he added his own say so, "Well I think we should all get some sleep before they interject us with more of that strange liquid."

"I think Mr. Ages is right, we should be getting some rest." Justin agreed with Mr. Ages.

Alice agreed to but only with a nod of the head seeing that she was too tired to move much more.

Upon seeing this, Justin, picks her up bridle style and lays her in a heap of clippings and lays down himself not too far away from her.