The Raven's Solace

Growing up with them, their dances were always justified,

Yet their reasoning is lost to me now

As I rule, ageless, over the night.

I find her words haunting me every step of the way

Asking me why, why- the only human to ever question me.

There's something about those words that

Want to hurt me, want to make me human

Want to tell me how. And yet

I write my magic upon the sky with this rain

And she can read it. I sing the spring awake

And she can hear it. I burn the leaves of the trees red

In the fall and she knows it. I can whisper with the wind

Or sing with the stars, I can walk on the other side of the rain

And always, always she will know.

My consolation is in stealing her away

And dressing her in the northern lights,

Dancing her away into infinity-

And yet still, still she knows,

Still she can speak my name and have it break my heart.

Raven King, she says, someday I'll die,

And all I can say is, Then I'll die too.