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A dragon was imprisoned within one of the many cellars that reside in Malefor's floating castle. He had chains attached to his four limbs, another one on his neck restraining him from moving around to much, and a final one that was restraining his tail from moving. The dragon had been staring out the window for quite some time now. He had seen Malefor fly out of the castle followed by two other dragons. He guessed that the purple dragon of legend, the one prophesized to bring the downfall of Malefor, had been the one to follow him up towards the sky. He saw the battle unfold. There were points through out the battle when he was sure that Malefor would win.

He took his eyes off the dragons battling in the sky, to notice that the Destroyer had made its way back to the volcano. He knew that this was the beginning of the end for the world. He then saw the three dragons that had been fighting in the sky come down and head towards the center of the Earth. He would now have to wait patiently, until the dragons came out to know if good or evil had prevailed.

Meanwhile inside the center of the Earth, Spyro and Cynder had just barely beaten Malefor. Spyro heard Ignitus' voice tell him the words that he needed to hear. With those words he understood what he would have to do to save everyone.

"I know what I need to do. Just get out of here Cynder." Spyro said not wanting to put Cynder's life in any risk.

"Spyro, no you don't have to do anything let's just go." She said fearing for his safety.

"Where Cynder? There'll be nothing left! The world is breaking apart. But I think I can stop it. I think I'm meant to." He said, trying to convince her and himself that he was meant to save the world from the very beginning.

"Then I'm with you," she said stepping closer to him. She knew no one should have to face this alone, and if it was the end for both of them; at least she would die with the one she loved.

Spyro just acknowledged the fact that Cynder wasn't going to leave his side. He closed his eyes trying to concentrate all the power he had left. Spyro released the concentrated energy in a single wave that went from the center of the earth through out its very atmosphere. Just as he released the energy he could have sworn Cynder had said something to him, but he couldn't quite catch it since he was to busy releasing the energy. The energy quickly started to reconnect any pieces that had broken of, due to the Destroyers actions. The whole world started to become whole once again thanks to him.

Back in the Earth's core Spyro had finished releasing all of his energy. He quickly took notice that he and Cynder only had a few moments, before they would be crushed to death due to the Earth becoming whole again.

"Come on Cynder we have to get out of here." Spyro said, as both dragons darted of towards the air. Spyro flew in the direction of a large opening in the ceiling; since the planet was slowly being pulled back together everything was closing in on the two dragons. Both Spyro and Cynder were avoiding rocks falling down and the Earth itself; as it was pulling itself back together. Spyro was using his earth element breath to create a solidified light green energy rock from his mouth he released it towards the sky, he did so to try and break the much larger rocks that were falling towards them. As soon as the falling rocks made contact with Spyro's energy rocks they were smashed into small pebbles.

He had found a way to deal with the falling debris, but the constant shifting of the Earth around them was a little bit harder to deal with. Spyro and Cynder could just barely avoid it. They were both constantly on alert moving side to side in order to avoid it. They managed to avoid the obstacles, and both dragons noticed a small hole. Both flew in the direction of it hoping that it was a way out. The two dragons flew into the hole and as they were going through it, they noticed a small glimmer of light at the other end. As they reached the exit they were greeted by a field of grass under them. They collapsed on the ground and fell asleep, because both exhausted from the whole ordeal.

The dragon, which was chained up alongside the castle's cold walls, saw the two dragons escape from the crack in the Earth. He now knew that Malefor had been defeated by the two dragons. He began to hear rumbling coming within the castle. Turning his head slightly around the room he noticed that the castle was moving again. He looked out the small window again and saw that the castle had slowly begun to move downwards. The dragon guessed that since Malefor had been defeated, his power was no longer present to suspend the castle in the air. With the absence of his power all the floating castles were slowly starting to fall down.

The dragon felt that he was slowly starting to rise into the air, but was restrained by his chains from going to high up. He knew that the castle was rapidly falling towards the Earth, so he braced himself for the impact. The castle broke to pieces upon its collision with the Earth. The landscape which the castle had crashed in to had been completely leveled down. The castle was now in broken pieces, which were lying across the field. In the center of the field was a small pile of broken down walls lying rigidly against each other.

The walls suddenly began to move, and out of their emptiness came a single dragon: his scales being that of a light grey, his silver eyes staring into the sky, he began walking out of the walls that used to surround him, with chains dragging at his feet. The chains that had once held him down, imprisoning him within the castle, were now broken. He took a few seconds to remove the chains from his body. He began with the chains around his dark grey horns, and threw them on the ground. Then he moved onto the chains around his fore legs and hind legs. Breaking off the handcuffs that kept the chains attached to him. He then brought his tail in front of him, and took of the few chains around it. The only thing remaining was the chain wrapped tightly around his neck. He grabbed onto it with both his hands and tore it apart.

He continued walking, until he was out of the area that the castle had crashed into. He looked around surprised that the entire Earth had been pulled back together.

"Seems you lost after all Malefor," the dragon said. "You thought you were unstoppable, and when you found out that there was a small chance that the next purple dragon could be the end of you, it became an obsession for you to kill him. That was your mistake you spend too much trying to get rid of him and not focusing on getting stronger."

The dragon then opened his wings and flew up into the sky.

"Unlike you Malefor, I did not waste my time. After you imprisoned me in that damn castle for seven years, I had the time to get stronger, time to perfect my fighting and elemental skills. Which can now rival those of a purple dragon, and I know why you kept me alive for all those years. You wanted me to be your last resort, right? In case you lost to him; I would be the one to fulfill your dream of destroying this world. To bad for you that's not what I'm going to do. I will go ahead however and fight that dragon. But not because he killed you, simply because I want to find out which one of us is stronger."

With that the dragon flew off into the direction that he had seen Spyro and Cynder go, after they had defeated Malefor.

Spyro slowly began to open his eyes. He took a look around the area he was in. He noticed that he was in an open field, surrounded by grass, and everything was being overlooked by the high mountains around it.

"We made it out." Spyro turned his head to the voice he had just heard, he came in direct contact with a pair of emerald eyes staring right back at him caringly. Spyro tried to speak to her, but no words came out of his mouth. He was to busy admiring the dragon in front of him; her vibrant black scales, her ivory horns, and magenta colored wings.

Why am I feeling this way towards her? I've always considered her a friend, but lately it feels different when I'm around her. The purple dragon questioned himself about his newly discovered feelings for her.

"Um, Spyro," Cynder said interrupting Spyro's state of thought, "I think we should start heading back to Warfang, to tell the others were okay."

"Huh, oh yea we should go do that," he said trying to put his thoughts behind him, and concentrate on what she was saying.

Cynder was looking at Spyro with a confused look trying to figure out why he was acting like this. Maybe he did hear what I said just before he saved everyone,she thought to herself, but why wouldn't he mention it, unless he doesn't feel the same way. It quickly dawned on her of this possibility. I'll just have to wait until he shows it, I mean there's no proof he heard me say anything, so for right know I'll have to wait.

"Alright Cynder you ready?" Spyro asked, lifting himself up from the ground and readying himself to take off for flight. Cynder gave no response she only stood herself up from the small patch of dirt beneath her and took off flying.

"What's her problem?" He said before taking of towards the sky.

They had been flying silently for a few hours until Cynder asked, "How long do you thing it'll be until we get there?"

"It's not as far away as you think," Spyro pointed straight ahead of him, "You see its right there over the distance"

Cynder could barely see it. Spyro was right it was just over the horizon, but even though they could see it by no means did that mean it was close and Cynder knew this.

"Spyro," she called out his name.

"Yea," he responded.

"My wings are getting tired, do you thing that maybe we could walk for a little bit instead of flying?"

"Sure, we did go through a lot today." He said lowering himself onto the ground beneath their feet. "We can use this time to get our strength back, but we still gotta hurry it looks like it could start raining." He said, looking up towards the sky, which had changed from its usual blue texture to a now grayish tone.

"Come on lets go," he told Cynder, who quickly followed behind him.

The truth was that Cynder wasn't tired at all she could have kept on flying, but she wanted to walk the rest of the way there. So she could spend more time with Spyro, because she knew that as soon as they arrived in Warfang the guardians would be taking up most of his time. Besides that she also wanted to know if he had the same feelings that she had for him. So she figured that this would be as good of a time as any to reveal her feelings towards him. Even if it might ruin their relationship, she knew that one thing was for certain. That Spyro would never stop being her friend.

"Spyro," Cynder called out to the purple dragon.

"Yea, what's the matter," he responded. He turned his gaze towards her.

"It's just that I've been meaning to tell you something for quite sometime now." She was now staring directly into his amethyst eyes.

"Yea, Cynder what is it?"

"Well I've been meaning to tell you this for along time now, I don't know how long though. Probably ever since you saved me back when we were in convexity."

Cynder knew that the next words came out of her mouth; were finally going to show Spyro how she truly felt about him. She began to open her mouth, but found that no words were coming out. As much as she wanted him to know how she felt about him, she just couldn't tell him. She looked at the ground in embarrassment, after not being able to tell him how she felt about him. She couldn't face him anymore she was ashamed that she had come so far, but when the time came to tell him she just couldn't say it.

Spyro noticed Cynder looking sadly at the ground. He didn't know why she was sad all of sudden, but he never did like seeing her unhappy. So he began taking a couple of steps towards her, stopping inches form were she stood.

"Cynder," he called out her name.

She slowly raised her head from the ground, and came face to face with Spyro. Again she tried to speak, but was too nervous to say anything.

"It's alright Cynder. You can take your time." Spyro began moving even closer to Cynder, they were now inches apart from each other.

After hearing those words from Spyro, new confidence had risen from within Cynder.

"Spyro, what I've been wanting to tell you for quite sometime now is that I…" She began to hesitate again, trying to decide if this was the right thing to do. "I lo…"

Before she could finish her sentence the sound of lightning in the distance had cut her off and rain soon followed. She began feeling that this would not be the appropriate place to tell him how she feels.

"Go on Cynder finish what you were about to say." Spyro said not even caring that it was raining; he just wanted to find out what she had to say.

"Well what I've been meaning to tell you is that I'm thankful for all that you've done for me." She began walking in the direction that Warfang was in, leaving Spyro behind her.

"Your welcome," He said half heartedly, he had expected her to tell him something else. Nonetheless he began walking as well.

The storm had become much worse since they started walking. Huge gusts of wind had mixed in with the rain. Making it difficult for the two dragons to continue walking. They had both thought about flying, but it would be almost near to impossible to fly with the way the weather was. Cynder had begun to regret her decision of convincing Spyro that they should walk the rest of the way to Warfang. If it wasn't for her idea they would already be there, and would not have to deal with this.

"Come on just a little bit further." Spyro said, indicating to Cynder that they were almost there.

They continued making there way through the storm, but as they were walking a huge lightning bolt struck in between the two dragons. The force of the lightning's impact was great enough to knock Cynder a couple of feet forward. She stood back up, and after regaining her composure, she began looking for Spyro. He was nowhere in sight. Immediately Cynder began to fear the worse for him. She hurried over towards the area that the lightning bolt had struck.

"Spyro!" She began to call out his name hoping for some kind of response.

She waited for any kind of response; she thought she heard a noise. She began listening more carefully for the faint noise. She heard the noise again. The noise was faint but it sounded like someone was grunting, it was coming from over a small hill. Cynder began running towards the small hill; hoping that Spyro was alright.

After making it up the hill she found Spyro, and another dragon fighting at the bottom of the cliff. She quickly made her way down the hill. She noticed that the dragon that Spyro was fighting looked almost exactly like him. They were both the same size, height, and from where she was standing the dragon seemed to be about the same age as them. The differences between the two were that his scales. His were light grey instead of purple like Spyro's. His eyes were silver, not at all amethyst like Spyro's. Instead of having a yellow chest it was dark grey just like his horns and the tip of his tail. He also had the same spikes that Spyro had that followed from the top of the head to the tail, but his were light grey instead of yellow. Cynder began making her way towards them.

"Don't come any closer!" Spyro shouted at Cynder's direction, "It's too dangerous. Leave him to me."

Cynder decided to take his warning, and would only join the fight if Spyro needed her help.

"State your name stranger," Spyro said with anger in his voice.

"Rai," he responded back.

"Why are you here? Malefor is dead there's no reason to fight for him any more." Spyro spoke to the dragon in front of him.

"You actually thing I'm fighting for him." He said menacingly.

"What do you mean?" Spyro questioned.

"I don't follow Malefor; I personally couldn't stand the guy."

"Then why are you fighting me?"

"Because I choose to." he said, staring coldly at Spyro, who couldn't understand why he was after him.

"You killed Malefor and I wanted to do that. Why? You ask, simply because I wanted to test my power against his, but you beat me to it. So now I'm going to test them against you." He rushed towards Spyro turning around just before colliding with the purple dragon, and hit Spyro across the face with his tale. The impact was enough to send Spyro a few feet across the field.

"Come on you can do better then that, get up!" The dragon demanded.

Spyro began to stand up. As he was standing back up he looked over towards Cynder.

Can't let her get hurt. He thought to himself.

It became apparent to Spryo that this dragon was not going to back down; until he made sure the purple dragon was dead.

He took one last glance at Cynder, "I now know what that feeling was that I had for her earlier." He said to himself quietly. "I must have been an idiot not to realize it," he gave off a faint smile, "It was love."

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