Kino der toten- theater of the dead

Broadcast On: Rickthofen: Somehow during our time travel experiences I have discovered new arrival of company who were unexpected to be HORRIFYING CHILDREN! Somehow their accent sounded like Takeo and I admit they are no doubt great killers like the torturers in a death camp. These little girls I assume to be amused by the sight of blood and they don't know where they are at because of the teleporter also teleported them here which I had no idea why. So whatever they do as they wish and if they do or don't survive I send them a post card TO HELL!

1. Rena Ryuuguu 2. Kotonoha Katsura 3. Yuno Gasai 4. asakura ryouko

(Somewhere in kino der toten)

The teleporter sent the girls to different areas where they will fight their way to escape back to their worlds and to do that they need to turn the power on and escape to a nearby teleporter which is a long way to fight through the overwhelming zombies and they must be causious. They were given special melee weapons and guns so that they can fight together as a team, so far they were confused as we speak right about now and they are separated in different areas. So they are alone at the moment.

Room one Rena Yuuguu-s story

I got blurry vision when some weird lightning brought me here while I was walking home from school, I did not know what's happening and I felt cautious and aware of my situation because the looks where I'm at doesn't look like a warm welcome. I saw everywhere a lot of writings, furniture was ether had destroyed and the doors and windows were all bloody and smells awful here. I did not like the surroundings of wherever I'm at and I felt like I need to get through some challenges if I were to get out alive. Then I saw a small radio that looks nice and fancy enough for me to bring home…..ahhhhhhh treasure for me to find is around me and I can take some souvenirs while I'm here because it's just too interesting! I continued my search as I saw guns and rifles on the table and a note that says "Dear survivor, I hope you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation and I hope these guns and ammunition helps you in your journey out. If you happen to make it out alive then I congratulate you from this THEATER OF THE DAMMED! If you die oh well good luck and watch out for zombies! Signed Rickthofen"

Zombies huh how interesting because I saw zombies in manga and movies and they were frightening when you get too close. I admit I'm frightened of the zombies but what kind are they, I picked up the weapons on the table and readied myself even though these weapons are heavy compared to the hatchet I carry around all the time. All of a sudden I heard a loud scream coming from outside and moaning from all directions which means they are coming in large numbers and out to get me. Looks like beak times over and time to kill some zombies, I looked around both the doors and windows which were blocked with a bunch of planks of wood which won't hold off a long time. I loaded this sub machine gun which seems heavy to carry and aimed at the bordered windows ready for them to come.

They arrived through the doors and windows which seems to be a pain because you got to be aware of everything and hear their moans and screams, I aimed at their heads and fired for a headshot which

fountained blood and feel to their backs which kind of made me smile. I heard one of the zombies tearing down the bordered walls while they grunted and screamed to be let in, I rushed and blasted their heads off and their limbs were flying off when I use this strange gun that made a loud bang which looked a lot of fun in close combat if I'm right. I hate it when I have to reload and I don't even know how to reload but I'm doing it anyways, Then all of a sudden a lot of zombies were pouring from the doors and windows that I had to run through the door and shoot while I'm running backwards. There's a whole lot of them and too overwhelming, then I saw a strange obvious power switch that looks tempting to pull because there's a big arrow pointing at it and so I pulled the switch which opened the curtains and made all the zombies which looked like soldiers that are deformed chase after me which now they are running and I have to run around this big place opening doors and shooting zombies pointlessly while I run out of ammunition. While in the theater while I left a crawler slowly getting toward me I found a box that is full of question marks and opened it which popped a strange heavy weapon that looks deadly and useful.

I killed the crawler and unexpectedly heard a growl like a dog which didn't sound very friendly and they are flamingly glowing and running toward me in a rush. They weren't so hard if you aim correctly and don't let them overcrowd you, after I defeated the demon dogs I saw a big tower thing that looks like a teleporter on what I read from the card I saw in the table full of weapons. I suddenly saw zombies everywhere that is in very large numbers and I'm surrounded entirely! But I had one card to play if these zombies are going to be annoying. I took out my hatchets and started slashing the zombies one by one without mercy which I created a blood bath and stabbed every single zombie standing in my way until one is left with no legs. I looked at the crawler that is trying its life trying to get me but I got it right on the forehead and blew its brains off and laid dead. I thought that was the last of them until there was still more coming to get me, I was getting tired of this and ran to a teleporter and activated it which reminded me when I got teleported here somehow. It took me to a room where people would put the movie film in and I find an interesting machine that has a note on the side of the machine. "Put weapons in Pack-A-punch for an weapon upgrade if you want to live and get out of here! Next teleporter out of here is next building through the 6 experimental area! Signed: Rickthofen"

I was relieved to find a machine to upgrade my weapons; although which weapon should I pick because all of them are good to use for killing. So I did was upgrade all of them and they were shiny and powerful, including my hatchets which seemed to have an extra attachment of two blades with a small mini gun at the end which pleases my zombie kills. I went through a hallway down the metal stairs which leads outside and zombies were outside and running towards me which wasn't a biggie because I wanted to try my upgraded hatchets, when I tried my upgraded hatchets they cut through the zombies which does a triple kill and the mini gun attachments made extra kills in a distance which made my escape more easier. I cleaned the blades which were really sharp and checked on my massacre status or dead bodies I did. There was a lot I killed and yet more are still coming by packs which I got to run to a building that says "398" which I think is a way out. I opened the door and closed it shut and then bordered with planks of wood, I looked around and saw a lot of power generaters and saw the teleporter which was huge and there's a note that says "im glad you made it this far alive now GET IN

THE TELEPORTER AND FIND YOUR WAY TO YOUR HELL PARTNERS! Signed: Rickthofen" I suddenly wondered who this "Rickthofen" person is and why is he helping me getting out of here when I randomly got here. I heard the door being slammed and almost breached and zombies are pouring everywhere out to get me, I quickly activated the teleporter by the button on the side and teleported me somewhere. Everything got all dark and blurry and felt like I was asleep as if everything was a dream until something poked me on the check saying "hello who are you…..are you alive?" My vision got clear and got up to see who am I dealing with until the mysterious shady girl suddenly took out a weird long cutter knife that had sharp teeth on it and it was by my neck. She responds "who are you? Are you a zombie?" I did not say a word until I said "I'm not" I took out my upgraded hatchet and pointed at her until we both dropped out weapons to have a small conversation. We sat at the steps so that we can talk, I asked her name and she responded slow yet clear "My name is Kotonoha Katsura you?" I responded my name Rena Ryuuguu. We became friends while we had this reasonable chat until we heard a loud screech ahead between the buildings and a bunch of glowing eyes that were focused to us and they were ready to climb over the fence which looks like to be high voltage of there was power here. We got ready for the fight and ready for them when they touched the floor which I commented to this beginning of this zombie fight "sleep well zombies and DIE IN TEARS!"

Interesting huh well this is part one which is rena ryuuguu's story and now its Kotonoha's turn for her story to come to place when she arrived at a place called "Stadt des Todes" which is near the edge of berlin zombie territory. Tell me how do you feel!

Next up: Kotonoha's story (Stadt des Todes)(city of death)