In my eyes, Loren and Bridget were the closest, out of the season three kids. So, here's my take on little Loren/Bridget drabbles! Read and review,

Rhyleigh xoxox

The girls of Solar Blue Surf Academy, class of 2008, were as different as three teenage girls could be. Bridget Sanchez, the blonde haired, blue eyed beauty from the Sunshine Coast, Loren Power, the shy girl from Laune and Cassie Cometti, self proclaimed sister expert from South Australia, surfing down in the Bight. They were as different as three girls could be, and yet they were going to be living together, for twelve months of their lives.

"Go upstairs and get a bed", Bec Sanderson said cheerfully, standing back to observe her six teenagers. A short four years ago, she was in their position. She was the Solar Blue class of 2005 and the group of six were the Solar Blue class of 2008.

High tailing it up the stairs, they spread themselves out among the bedrooms. There were three reserved for the six teenagers- one room for the boys, two for the girls. One painted pink, one painted red.

Bridget took the red room, putting her suitcases on the bed and opening them cheerfully. Loren, on the other hand, took the pink room across the hall, opening her suitcase and pulling out her favourite top. Cassie, on the other hand, was stuck. She knew neither of the girls from a bar of soap, and had no idea which one to room with.

But, in the end, after establishing that Loren and Bridget would both like a sister for the year, Cassie took the pink bedroom, Loren and Bridget choosing to share the red room.

"This is so cute!" Bridget laughed, holding up one of Loren's tops.

"You can borrow it, whenever you want". Loren smiled shyly, hooking another singlet onto a coat hanger and sliding it into her side of the wardrobe.

"The same goes for my clothes", Bridget offered, moving the washing basket off the end of her bed and removing the sheets. Stretching the fitted cotton over the mattress, she smiled. "I've always wanted a sister, you know? I have three brothers and they've made it their mission to make my life miserable".

Even though she would never admit it to them, she really would miss her brothers in the twelve months they'd be apart. James, Ben and Pete had thrown her a party when she received her acceptance letter, and despite the fact they had admitted it was their mother's idea, she had loved it. Her friends and family, a 'congratulations' banner, and all her favourite foods. Coolum on the Sunshine Coast was her home, but for a year, Blue Water was.

"Me too", Loren echoed. "My brother and I... we're close enough, but it's not the same as having a sister".

Loren had grown up with one brother- Alex, less than eighteen months younger. Her whole family was close, growing up on the beach. she had cried, when it had come time to leave Laune- it was the most amazing opportunity, and one that most surfers in Australia would die for. She had been thrilled, and yet had cried when it came to say goodbye.

"Loren, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful year". Bridget smiled, dropping onto the bed with a smile. Loren followed suite, an ear to ear grin on her face.