I'm one of those people who stand in front of my overflowing wardrobe screaming, "Mum! I have nothing to wear!"

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Rhyleigh xoxox

"Is tonight the big date?" Bridget said teasingly, as Loren rifled through the wardrobe they shared. "You've only been counting down all week!"

Lounging on her bed, Bridget giggled at her roommate's excitement, as Loren blushed a little. Pulling out her pink sundress, she held it up to herself, spinning to face her roommate. "What do you think? This one?"

The blonde on the bed shrugged, stretching out. "Sure! I like that dress".

It was suddenly shoved back into the cupboard, bewildering Bridget.

"Is there an issue with that dress?"

"I wore it when we went out for Garry's birthday dinner last weekend".

"Did you?"

"Yep. I can't wear that one".

Garry and the boys had proclaimed, many times, that the four girls in the Solar Blue boarding house stood in front of their wardrobes, complaining how they had nothing to wear. School uniforms were easy- checkered skirts and a polo shirt of their choice. But all four girls, upon going out as a group, had often complained how they had nothing to wear.

But there was a bonus, having four girls of approximately the same size in the same house. Upon entering the boarding house that day in January, they found they had all quadrupled their wardrobes. There were afternoons where Cassie would stroll downstairs wearing Loren's shirts, or Bec's shorts.

And yet, Garry was always amazed when someone complained of not having anything to wear.

"What about my blue dress that Cass was wearing the other day?" Bridget checked.

With music playing softly in the background, the two blonde roommates put together every possible outfit combination they could, strewing clothes all over their room. Calling in the help of Bec and Cassie, the brunettes scanned the room in horror.

"What do you think?" Loren wanted to know.

"I think this room is in worse condition now than it was when Perri and I shared it", Bec said in surprise.

"Wow", Cassie (the messy one of the house) gasped.

In the end, it was a unanimous vote, as Bec held up Loren's favourite pink sundress.

While Bridget flopped onto her bed, opening a magazine, Loren pecked a kiss to her cheek. "Thanks Bridget!"

"Have fun!" Bridget grinned.

"I will- I'll tell you all about it when I come home!"

"You better", she warned.

Because that was what sisters did.