Under my Skin

Summery :How would you feel when you realize that you know nothing about the person you are working with ? When a case brings the BAU team to Miami ,Secrets about Ryan are revealed Slash R/E .Please read and review . Slash Xover with Criminal Minds

Shows: Criminal Minds / CSI Miami

Pairing: Ryan/Eric , Reid/Morgan(established couple)

Spoilers : general spoilers till season 5 of both show

ME Dr. Alexx Woods knelt beside a body of a beautiful woman at the age of 28 . The woman Ashley Simon appeared to be sleeping except for the three knife wounds in her stomach and chest area and bruises on her once beautiful face and her torso

"Poor baby , You still had too much to do in life ." commented Alexx to CSI Ryan Wolfe who as snapping pictures of the corpse and surrounding area

"Same as the last two ,Alexx ?" asked Ryan kneeling beside her

"I'm sorry to say that , Baby . But I think it is ," she answered in her usual motherly tone .

In the last nine days , 3 bodies have been found . Women of roughly the same age and with successful careers were found dumped in their front lawns after being missing for 3 days with their jewelry scattered around them .By the way the bodies were found , There captor must have put them through hell ,they were malnourished and dehydrated

.The case had been taking its tole on them .The press was merciless and the evidence were endless but led to nothing and the team was on edge

"I don't like that Horatio , Not at all :"commented Alexx to Horatio who appeared by her side , his emotionless mask firmly attached

"Neither do I Alexx, Neither do I ."he said slipping his sunglasses on .

Later in the lab , Ryan was working on examining the evidence they had collected this morning , He couldn't shake from his mind the image of the woman's husband and young son whom they had met in the crime scene

"Hi Wolfe , How is it going ?asked Eric who just entered the trace lab where Ryan was working in

"As you see , they all lead to nothing , It's so frustrating ."

"Horatio called the FBI to ask for help , as if they can "grumbled Eric

"Sometimes you forget that I was one too, So was Natalia '' Ryan said with a raised eyebrow .His eyes blazing with fury and what looked liked betrayal

''I didn't .mean it like that., Wolfe" replied Eric slightly embarrassed

"Funny' chuckled Ryan with no real humor" Is that that why you can't stand me here in the lab ?"

"I said I was sorry." Snapped Eric angrily "Can you just drop it?' '"Why can't he get that I didn't mean it and that I'm truly sorry for the way I treated him" thought Eric

"Fine Eric, I'll drop it for now." said Ryan closing the subject

Conference Room ,BAU Unit , Quantico .Virginia

"3 women were murdered in Miami ,Florida" started J.J

"Julia Davis, Sheila Brooks and Ashley Simon were found murdered after disappearing for three days ,They were are rich women with prestigious jobs and high social standing ."

"I've researched the victims and they were all around good people , not even parking or speeding tickets ."Penelope Garcia ,the eccentric tech goddess said as she looked from her laptop .

"Where were the bodies dumped ?"asked Agent Rossi

"In their front lawn ."Replied Dr. Spencer Reid not raising his eyes from the file he was reading

"That sounds personal ."commented Morgan

"And cruel."said Prentiss

"Look how their jewelry is scattered around the body ."pointed out Aaron Hotchner looking closely at the photos

"All the jewelry were recovered but our UN SUB took a piece of jewelry from each one ."added JJ helpfully

"So our unsub is taking souvenirs ."concluded Rossi

"What I can't understand why kill the women and not take the jewelry ?" asked Derek Morgan who was leaning in his chair to look at the file in his boyfriend's hand

"Some criminals think they rise above such worldly matters ." Emily answered her rolling her eyes

"So you think our unsub is on a mission ?"her boss asked her ,she nodded in confirmation .

"Is Ryan working on this case in Miami JJ?" asked Penelope Garcia ,as excited as a kid in a candy store

Thee beautiful blond couldn't help the small smile that appeared on her face before answer "I think so , his boss called me ."

"I miss him so much" then she turned her attention to Spencer "My junior G man ,You still talk to him, right?

" Yes we talk He may seem ok but I think his team is giving him a hard time "replied Spencer sadly. He remembered how withdrawn Ryan seemed when the time visited him when he was shot by a nail gun ,which fortunately happened when the team was on a case in Miami so they can take care of him

"We can do just the same ." growled Garcia , she was very protective of Ryan and Spencer as they were the babies of the team

"We will do nothing ,Baby Girl ."Derek paused then added "For now ." Garcia's anger was a curse on the person subjected to it .It may start with photoshoped pictures and end with fake medical certificates or divorce papers

"Wheels up in 10 ." said Hotch before standing up and the others followed his lead

Later on the jet ,Reid sat beside his boyfriend of 2 years and leaned against his shoulder to look into Morgan's dark eyes who sensed his Pretty Boy's distress and wrapped his arms around is shoulders

"He is hurting so much ,Derek . I can feel it "

Ryan and Spencer had known each other even before they started working in the BAU , they had studied Chemistry and Psychology together and they were practically attached at the hip , Spencer was very sad when Ryan decided a career change even more that Gideon leaving and that was saying something

"What makes you say that ,Reid ?"asked Emily who was sitting on the opposite couch .both Ryan and Prentiss were close considering they were the only ones who can talk multiple languages and they used to practice together which frustrated the team greatly

"He doesn't laugh or smile anymore ,he wants me to believe that everything is ok but I know him too well ."sighed Spencer The rest of the ride was spent in a relatively awkward each one engrossed in their thoughts .

They got out of the get to find not only Ryan but also Eric Delko waiting for them . Ryan immediately ran to greet them while Eric trailed behind

Ryan hugged Spencer tightly patting him on the back

"Hi man, Get yourself a boyfriend "teased Morgan

"Hello to you to Derek .I'm not going to steal your boyfriend ,Trust me He isn't my type "

"Your hair is longer"started Spencer

"You cut yours "

"You don't wear sweater vests anymore "

"Neither do you , you like very nice actually , Garcia must be taking a good care of you ."

"Yip and she told me to say hi ."

The two friends were talking very fast that the group around them had trouble understanding but they were used to it but Poor Eric looked so lost, he never felt that out of place and frankly he didn't like it "God that is how we made Wolfe feel, so out of place"

.' Then JJ moved to hug him ."Hi Jayje , How is Will and Henry ?" "They say hi"

"Ma belle grande soeur " he told Emily their usual greeting (my beautiful big sister)

Mon beau jeune frere "she replied (My handsome young brother)

"Dave,Hotch ."Ryan nodded in the direction of the two older men who nodded back

Eric was watching the exchange with a mixture of confusion and jealousy ,Wolfe had never acted this friendly with any one in the lab but a tiny part in his brain said "You never really gave him a chance "He wished he could silence that part but couldn't

After brief but cold introductions they moved to the cars .

After all they had a case to solve

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