Chapter 5

Summery :How would you feel when you realize that you know nothing about the person you are working with ? When a case brings the BAU team to Miami ,Secrets about Ryan are revealed Slash R/E .Please read and review . Slash Xover with Criminal Minds

Shows: Criminal Minds / CSI Miami

Pairing: Ryan/Eric , Reid/Morgan(established couple)

Spoilers : general spoilers till season 5 of both show

Ryan woke up feeling more refreshed than he had felt in months , no actually years .AS if a heavy load had been lifted from his shoulders . it felt good to have friends to lean back on .

He showered quickly and brushed his teeth and went to the living room which was a complete and utter mess from last night's dinner ,empty Chinese cartoons and pizza boxes were spread out on the tables or on the floor so Ryan gave in to the irresistible itch to clean so he started by collecting the boxes and putting them in the waste basket then he swept the floor finally he polished the wood .

Ryan looked at the near-by clock and it was quarter to seven , he still had a lot of time to change after preparing a quick breakfast .

Dave was the first to enter the kitchen ,already showered and dressed ,to find Ryan flipping pancakes and making Spanish omelets for every one along with bacons and French toast .

Ryan presented him his plate with a smile "Morning Dave "

"Morning Ryan "then he took a bit of his syrup drenched pancakes and sighed loudly "Thanks for the breakfast "

"My pleasure "replied Ryan " Is there anything you want to tell me ? You seem uncomfortable "

"Well , I couldn't help but overhear some parts of your conversation with Morgan ,Reid and Prentiss ,yesterday "

"Ryan's smile dimmed slightly "It's nothing ,Dave . I just had some problems adjusting .That's all "

"Don't mock my intelligence ,Ryan . I won't pressure you but keep in mind that I'm here when you want to open up "

"Thank you " Ryan said genuinely grateful as the rest of the team filled the kitchen some dressed like Hotch and others like JJ still rubbing their eyes .

Ryan excused himself and went to his room to change , he chose a form fitting grey jacket that showed of his muscular forearms without being too tight over a red dress shirt and tight black jeans and gently spiked his hair .

By the time he came down all his friends were ready and waiting .Morgan wolf-whistled as Ryan came down the stairs "Wow cub .You look hot "which earned him a playful smack from his boyfriend and a pretty blush from Ryan

"He is right ,you know "Emily told him on their way to the cars "If I didn't know well , I'd say you are trying to seduce Eric Delko "

Ryan rolled his eyes , he wasn't even trying to dress up but his friends comments caused his confidence to rise .

Emily rode with Hotch while JJ rode with Rossi and of course Derek and Spencer rode with Ryan . The ride was spent in comfortable silence till the reached the lab .

They found Eric and Natalia in the show room going after the evidence once more , trying to find something they might have missed but the came up empty-handed

"Morning ,guys "Ryan cheerfully said entering the room "Morning" they muttered trying and failing to sound as cheerful .Eric slowly raised his eyes from the photos to look at Ryan who was standing in front of him taking in the jeans clad legs up to the tight red shirt and even tighter jacket and mentally slapped himself "Has Ryan always looked that good ?"

"Any lead ?" Hotch asked as he entered after Ryan followed by the rest of the profilers .

"Nothing "replied Natalia

"Hello my beauties " Garcia's chipper voice sounded from the screen , she was wearing a bright orange shirt with red designs that would have looked hideous on anymore but her .

"I want you to look me up the financial records of the student's parents of that year .See if anything stands out ."Morgan requested giving Garcia his most charming smile

"Will do , handsome Oh , I was about to look at the photos of the reunion or should I send them now ?" she asked

"Now will be good Garcia , thank you " Emily answered her Seconds later, The pictures arrived ,They showed the faces of four beautiful woman ,three of which were dead

"I think we found our next target " Ryan pointed out looking at the names under the picture "Catherine Smith "

"Her family has just reported her missing ." Calleigh's southern drawl filtered through the door as she entered

"We are ready to give the profile "Hotch announced as JJ led them to where several officers were sitting

"The unsub was organized, methodical and would be white, between the ages of twenty-five and thirty" Hotch started

"She is versed in the world of wealth and privilege considering the school she graduated in ." Emily added

"She will be discreet, capable of convincingly disguising herself if needed ."Morgan said

"She may have a low-end job which makes her feel inferior to her friends but she couldn't give up her lifestyle so she must have a lot of debts "Spencer offered

"She feels the need to justify her actions that's why she leaves the jewelry considering her friends retained the lifestyle she lost ." Rossi finished "A woman's life is at stake so we have to find her as quickly as possible "

"Talk to me baby girl "Morgan said to Garcia over the phone

"Several men lost their money that year and they had to pull their children out except a Mr. Darren Summers who had paid the school in advance .His daughter is Tanya Summers .She works as a waitress at a restaurant where the victims frequented "

"Hotch "Morgan called loudly "We have a lead ,Tanya Summers"

"She has lost custody of her only child and the bank took her house around the same time due to her inability to pay her debts ."Ryan answered his eyes never leaving the computer , he could feel Eric's presence behind him and tried not to be affected which was particularly hard especially after he saw the way Eric looked at him when he had arrived .

"Ryan ,the address ?"JJ asked snapping him from his thoughts

He gave her the address which was a small apartment downtown which a waitress couldn't afford

They sped into the streets ,sirens blaring and reached the flat in 20 min. Morgan kicked the door open and as they had expected their unsub wasn't there neither was the abducted woman

The BAU took their time examining the contents of the apartment , it was beautifully furbished and cosy way above a waitress paycheck . They found a black leather bound journal on Tanya's nightstand

Entry Feb.1st 2012

I saw them at the restaurant today . They didn't recognize me even when I took their orders .I never felt so humiliated

Entry Feb 5th 2012

I killed her today , it was so easy .Easier than killing a chicken .She screamed so prettily as she lost blood ,at that moment I knew that she remembered me .The girl she went to school with , her friend , the beautiful cheerleader and then she was no more . Julia Davis was dead .

Entry Feb 10th 2012

The world said its last goodbyes to Sheila Brooks today , I know I was at the funeral , you see I never felt so powerful ,all these people were crying because of me .i saw her daughter Amy sitting on her father's lap clutching her dolly tightly .

She would never see her mom again , the same way my son wouldn't because of a court order

Ryan forwarded to the last entry which was of that days date

Entry Feb 28th

Today she dies , The perfect girl , the model student Catherine Smith .My once best friend who never looked twice at me after I lost all my money Thank you husband dearest . Without you I wouldn't have found the perfect place to take my revenge

Ryan called Garcia immediately " I want you to find all of Tanya Summers remote properties , where she can access easily "he quickly told her

"You got in cub " she chirped

A moment later The BAU team and Ryan received the message contained the address .It was a small warehouse in the industrial district

Ryan drove like a crazy man not listening to Eric who was telling him to slow down , After reading the mad killer's journal , he vowed to save the victim from her

The officers and agents approached the small ware house cautiously which SWAT surrounded it , From a small window they could see a beautiful brunette tied to a chair ,her clothes torn and her face bruised which a blond was talking gleefully while holding a gun

Eric and Morgan kicked the door open causing Tanya to point her gun at Catherine ,her finger on the trigger "Get away from her." Ryan ordered

"You shoot me , I shoot her " she said arrogantly "We will die together " pressing the gun to her friends temple

Then a shot was heard

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