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Here's an excerpt from the first chapter, The Death of Lies

Figures danced around the roaring fire, the beat of drums and the chants of voices flooding the small valley. The Bloodraptor Clan celebrated in the traditional matter, beside a bonfire, the lapping flames high enough to burn away at the sky. Trolls, Tauren, Orcs, Elves and Goblins all laughed and drank, telling stories and goofing around.

Vyndakian was laughing as the Troll named Zalaman told a story of how he had stolen some fruit as a child, picking up one of the Orc youngbloods in his hands, handling the child like a delicate gourd. In the Death Knight's arms was a stranger to the Clan, but someone he had held close for years.

Trayste Ashward laughed, her voice like the peal of bells. He had met her when he had first joined his Paladin order, Arcanus Illuminadum, as a child. She had wandered down from her room in the Temple, and the two stared at each other in the gardens for what seemed like hours.

As they grew closer, her father, the Archpaladin, had done everything in his power to keep them apart. Even with this the two had grown closer, continuing after Vyndakian had been married. Everything had been great until his family had been murdered.

A clap on the shoulder roused the Elf from his thoughts, as Jarn'dor Gurubashi sat next to him. The Druid grinned at his friend as Zalaman tossed the child up, catching him in his arms. The small group laughed at the bemused look on the young Orc's face, as his mother picked him out of the Troll's arms, scolding him.

They all roared with laughter at this, Jarn'dor wiping a tear from his eye. Trayste cuddle into Vyndakian's chest, trying to muffle her laughter. Even Zalaman chuckled as the mother took her child away, the young Orc muttering under his breath.

"Come mon," said Jarn'dor to Vyndakian, "Ya must have a story ta tell us. Afta all, ya been livin' da longest." The Death Knight closed his eyes. His memories had been broken after joining the Lich King, forgetting most of his earlier life. Since he had joined the Clan, snippets of them had been coming back. Already he had remembered how to play an instrument called a guitar, and Trayste… He had remembered everything about her.

The Elf stood up, tousling his mate's hair. He walked over to Zalaman, the Troll shuffling away so that Vyndakian could sit at the head of the group. With a great sigh, he began to talk.

"My friends, some of you know me, and some of you do not. But tonight, I will tell you all a story. This is not a pleasant tale, as it is of revenge, and murder. It is also a tale of how one man can sell everything for one love. Sit, my brothers and sisters, and I shall tell you of how my Order, Arcanus Illuminadum, was destroyed.

"I was once a Paladin, with a wife and child. My life was not perfect, and my family hated me, but I was in love. I had always been in love. But this love was forbidden by my superior, the Archpaladin Ashward. For it was his daughter, a person I had seen grow up as I had.

"One day, I returned from a mission, which had failed horribly. All of my Brothers had died, and I had been the only to return. The Archpaladin had soothed me, told me all was well. And so I returned home, to watch as it burned down in flames.

"I caught the marauders, and I saw that they had been of my Order… My Brothers and Sisters had turned against me. And so, I returned to the Temple. The Archpaladin spoke down to me, as if I were a child. He expelled me, stripped me of my armor, my weapons, and my rank. I became lost in absolute anger and hate, wandering.

"I traveled far, far north, and the first time I came to my senses was in a snowstorm. A voice spoke to me, told me I could have the power to sate my need for revenge, for one thing. I would need to give up my eternal soul, and never again walk the path of the light.

"To the surprise of the Order, I returned. But I did not return as a Paladin. I returned as a killer. That night, Acanus Illuminadum, was destroyed…"

16 Years Ago

Vyndakian walked forward, his sight blinded by rage. Everything in these Eversong Woods withered at his touch. He was Death itself, and he would enter the Seed of Lies, and put out its maker.

Two Paladins stood in front of the gates to the Temple, their golden armor reflecting the pale light of a handful of torches. All across the stone wall were mantled torches, the beacons giving only a small form of light in the moonless night.

The Death Knight pushed out from the bushes, walking on open ground. It was not long before the Paladins spied him, their hands gripping the pommel of their blades. Vyndakian had no words for them, instead commanding the blight he now controlled to sweep forward.

His cold aura extinguished the torches, as his plague extinguished their lives, the disease eating away at the Elves' flesh. The Death Knight places his hand on the mighty stone door, taking the time to examine the carvings upon it. They were smooth, and intricate, weaving around each other like tree roots.

The Elf chuckled, as the lines formed a shield, to signify the protection the door gave this holy place. No shield would save these betrayers from his wrath.

Vyndakian placed a palm flat against the door, channeling his power. With a simple push, the mighty door flew off its hinges, the ancient stone tumbling and rolling across the Temple's courtyard. It crushed women, children, and Knights alike, as the came to rest against the opposite side of the Courtyard.

He drew his Runeblade, and all hell broke loose.

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