Jack watched the CCTV, smirking. After all this time he was surprised that Ianto didn't realize he was being watched. If he did, he made no mention of it. So Jack spent this particular afternoon sipping coffee and watching the man putter about the Tourist Office, preparing it for the following morning.

Every day was something different. Today Ianto was unpacking a box of brand new pamphlets on The Wales Millennium Centre. He took great care with them, arranging them just so into neat, even stacks. The way his hands caressed each neatly folded booklet one might think it was a priceless piece of art, and not just a "What to See" of the famous landmark.

After he was finished with that box, pushing it aside, he removed his jacket and hung it carefully on a hanger in the corner. Ianto picked up a feather duster, working it around and behind, over and under every nook and cranny in the office. Jack's eyebrow rose, and he admired how much attention Ianto gave to the books on the shelf, and the equipment on the counter. He shouldn't be surprised, really. Ianto was as meticulous at work as he was at home. Jack had seen his flat. It was pristine.

He suddenly wondered if Ianto spent that kind of time getting things just right in the bedroom, as well. Shifting in his chair, Jack adjusted his trousers. He glanced out of his office and watched his team working, faces deep in concentration. Flicking his eyes back to the CCTV Jack licked his lips. Perhaps indulging in the smallest fantasy wouldn't hurt.

He watched as Ianto cleaned above the door, reaching up to full height, stretching just enough to draw his trousers tight across his arse. Jack swallowed, eyes darkening as he imagined all the things he wanted to do to that arse. His hand absently settled in his lap, brushing against the burgeoning hardness between his legs.

Ianto moved to the other end of the office, disappearing for a moment behind the beaded curtain, returning seconds later sans feather duster, and carrying another box. Jack watched closely as he placed the box on the floor, squatting beside it to run a pen over the tape and slice it open. Jack's mouth went dry as he watched Ianto's muscles flex beneath his trousers, his thighs holding him in place as he sorted through the box's contents.

When Ianto stood again it was with a handful of Cardiff bus schedules. He placed them on the counter, organizing them, Jack figured, by route. When he was finished with the box he placed it behind the counter with the other empty box, then leaned back against the counter and stretched.

Jack's palm pushed down on his trousers, trying to ease the pressure building. As Ianto lowered his arms he turned to face the camera, eyes seemingly meeting Jack's though they were nowhere near each other. Jack froze, hand hovering over himself as his eyes narrowed. Before he could give it more thought, however, Ianto had looked away.

Another smirk crossed Jack's features and he glanced at his watch. It was after six, reasonable enough time in the evening to send everyone home. Getting to his feet and ignoring the bulge in the front of his trousers, Jack walked to his door and called out to his team, "Alright, kids! Time to call it a night."

There were a couple looks exchanged between Gwen, Tosh and Owen, who were standing beside each other discussing something on Tosh's monitor, but they surprisingly didn't need telling twice and began to gather their things. As they made their way out of the Hub for the night Jack moved back to his office, sitting down at his desk.

Ianto didn't look very surprised to see his teammates leave, and he locked the door behind them upon their exit. Jack watched him carefully, wondering if he'd continue his little show. Ianto must have felt he was done getting the office ready, however, as he put his jacket back on and headed back into the Hub.

Jack switched off the monitor and went back to the papers cluttering his desk, trying to look busy. When there was a knock at the open door Jack looked up, smiling.

"Hey, Ianto. I sent everyone home for the evening."

"Yes, I saw them, sir," Ianto responded, face giving away nothing. "Would you like anymore coffee before I go?"

Jack couldn't help the frown that crossed his features, but quickly replaced it with a grin, holding up his cooling mug. "A refill would be great, Ianto."

Ianto took his mug, fingers brushing Jack's, and disappeared down to the kitchen. Jack tried to think of something, anything, to say to him to get him to stay once he got back to the office. The archives could use a little dusting? No, too obvious.

"There you are, sir," Ianto said as he placed the mug in front of him. "I've shut the machine down as I'm heading out."

"It's early for you, Ianto," Jack commented, taking a sip of the coffee and then warming his hands around it. "I don't think you've left this early in months."

"Ah, well," Ianto shrugged, placing his hands on his hips. "I actually have a date."

Jack's eyes widened. "Really?" His voice was entirely too high to be normal. He cleared his throat. "I mean, a date…wow. Have you been seeing each other long?"

"As in dating? No, sir," Ianto shook his head, smiling. "This will actually be the first one, though we've known each other quite a while."

"I see." Jack's heart fell into his stomach. Sure, they hadn't actually ever done anything apart from flirting, but Jack was certain there was interest on both sides. Maybe he'd been mistaken. "Well, I don't want to keep you, Ianto. Thank you for the coffee."

"You're welcome, sir," Ianto replied. "But you should probably finish that quickly."

"Why's that?"

"Our reservations are at seven, and they won't hold the table."

It took Jack a moment to process this new information, not fully understanding until a smirk crossed Ianto's face and he saw the man move toward Jack's coat. When the implications finally hit him, like a smack to the head, Jack grinned.

"Why, Ianto," he teased, standing up and slipping into the offered coat. "Are you asking me out on a date?"

"I suppose I am, sir," he replied, straightening the coat on Jack's shoulders. "Although, I admit I should have asked before obtaining reservations."

Jack shook his head, picking up the mug and taking a long swig of the hot liquid before putting an arm around Ianto's back. "I would have said yes either way, Ianto."

"Glad to hear it, sir."

They walked out of the office and through the Hub, Ianto taking the mug from Jack and emptying its contents into the sink before giving it a quick wash. Jack set the rift alert to mobile settings, hoping against hope there wouldn't be anything to disturb them that evening.

When they were finished Jack held out his hand, smiling when Ianto took it. "Shall we?" he asked, squeezing the hand he held.

"Absolutely," said Ianto, taking the keys from Jack's coat pocket. "I'll drive."