Title: Standing Ovation

Author: weird_katharine

Rating: PG

Warnings: None

Genera: Character study

Pairings: None

Disclaimer: I do not own any recognizable ideas or characters.

Summery: Charles' thoughts on Nathan's Go Forth and Die speech.

Charles followed Nathan up onto the stage, hoping to get this over with quickly. Everything about today had put him in a bad mood.

Look at the poor, big jackass, he thought. Too dumb to know what Harvard meant. Too dumb to know he was being mocked. It was amazing. It truly was. The school administration had managed to simultaneously whore themselves out to Dethklok and humiliate Nathan.

Squinting in the bright spring light, he looked out at the crowd. Not that the people who had supposedly earned their degrees were any better. They were going to eat this garbage up with a spoon, most of them. Anyone who would willingly give a standing ovation to something written by a corporate lawyer and read by a man mispronouncing half the words should have to give their diploma back.

None of these thoughts were exactly new to Charles. They only confirmed his view of the world, but they were still eating at him.

Then came the inevitable moment when Nathan threw away the stack of paper in disgust. Charles disappeared behind the scenes and turned his full attention back to whatever it was that Nathan was going to say, that he would have to justify. As he listened, his jaw nearly dropped, and the hard, bitter knots inside him loosened a little. Nathan did know how absurd this all was, and was expressing it better than Charles ever could. Before the audience could figure out how to react, before the ravens completely covered the the sky, a ruthless smile spread across his face, and he began to applaud.