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Fate was a cruel and evil thing. That was what young Fletcher Moon learned today.

Fate hated him. The freak, the oddball, never quite fitting the natural image of a twelve year old boy. This is what he now knew.

Today his world decided it was time to show Fletcher reality. And it hurt, badly.

At 8:00 am, the young Moon stepped into his first class of the day, indifferent and uncaring. Then, enter Jason Mc Manson. Jason was, in all aspects, a bully. Not really specifying who you were, the boy was a 6'1" tyrant. Today, it was Moon's day.

Jason slipped in the chair next to Fletcher, silent as a door mouse in a church. "So, where's the body guard today Moon?" the terrorist whispered brashly.

Fletcher winced at the sound of the boys voice, but answered calmly "Red is not here today."

A cruel sounding chuckle came from the mouth of the taller. "Not here? Well then Moon, I guess I get you to myself today."

This was the cycle of the day:

A taunt from Jason, silence from Fletcher, a taunt, and nothing. By the time of lunch, Fletcher had seen that Jason was wearing down with all the verbal goading. He though Jason would leave him alone. He though wrong.

"You know Moon," the torturer growled, pushing the small boy against an unused shed "This has been along time coming. This is for all the people's reps you ruined with your play detective act, you little shit."

Then, the first blow came. Fletcher let out a short gasp when Jason's fist met with his stomach, knocking the breath out of him. Then one to the jaw, legs, neck, and his chest once more. This was repeated over and over on cycle, each blow coming in rapid succession.

The assailant fled quickly after his attack, leaving Fletcher to run, sobbing, to the closest place that came to mind; the Sharkey home.

The small brunette knocked fervently on the door, hoping Red would be the one to answer. His hopes were answered when the tall ginger did.

When Red Sharkey opened the door, he was tackled by the sobbing form of Fletcher Moon. "Oi! Half Moon what 're you doing? What's wrong?" the Sharkey lad asked his friend.

"Mc Manson... beat me up..." the younger croaked out in between gasps and sobs. Mc Manson. Red would kill him.

"Sh. It's alright Fletcher. He's not here; it's just you and I. No one else. Shhh..." the elder comforted, rubbing gently circles on his partner's heaving form.

Just Moon and Sharkey. Fletcher and Red. Standing up together to face the world. And so it will be always.

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