A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Once upon a time in a faraway land there was a tiny kingdom, peaceful, prosperous, and rich in romance and tradition. Here in a stately chateau there lived a widowed gentleman and his little daughter, Cinderella. Although he was a kind and devoted father, and gave his beloved child every luxury and comfort, still he felt she needed a mother's care. And so he married again, choosing for his second wife a woman of good family with two daughters just Cinderella's age, by name, Anastasia and Drisella. It was upon the untimely death of this good man, however, that the step-mother's true nature was revealed. Cold, cruel, and bitterly jealous of Cinderella's charm and beauty, she was grimly determined to forward the interests of her own two awkward daughters. Thus as time went by, the chateau fell into disrepair for the family fortunes were squandered upon the vain and selfish step-sisters while Cinderella was abused, humiliated, and finally forced to become a servant in her own house. And yet, through it all, Cinderella remained ever gentle and kind, for with each dawn she found new hope that someday her dreams of happiness would come true.

All her life, Blair Waldorf dreamt about one thing; marrying a prince. But not just any prince; Prince Louie. An only child and heir to the throne. Known for his intelligence, charm, and kindness, Blair yearned for the happiness that he could offer her. After all, it would be the ultimate Cinderella story.

After her father passed away, she was left under the care of her evil stepmother, Caroline. Along with Caroline came her two spoiled daughters, Penelope and Priscilla. With just the four of them under the same roof, Blair always felt left out. She was constantly put under the radar and was never allowed to do anything or go anywhere. Although she was thankful everyday for not having to clean up after everyone, living a life where she had little freedom and little opportunity for adventure was a lot worse than anyone can imagine. Everyday she would stare out her window and daydream about the day she would finally escape her bedroom walls.

That is why, when the opportunity entered her mailbox, she was more than thrilled.

A huge smile spread across her face as she stared at the envelope from the Royal family. She knew what was inside. Afterall, it was the talk of the town. Every female 16-20 years of age would open up their mailbox and find an invitation to the royal masquerade ball. Granting them a dance with the one and only Prince Louie. Hoping to sweep him off his feet and possibly land them an engagement ring.

"Blair, what are you doing? Is that the royal invitation? Give it here!" shouted Caroline as she entered the living room.

"Can't I just-"

"Blair, I said give it here," stammered Caroline.

Blair did as she was told and handed her the unopened invitation.

"That's more like. Now call the girls over here," she ordered.

Before Blair could protest, Caroline gave her a stern look that meant that she would be grounded if she didn't do as she was told.

Blair only nodded and headed to Penelope's and Priscilla's bedroom.

It only took one knock for the shouting to start

"Go away Square Blair!" they shouted in unison.

Blair sighed and cautiously opened the door.

"Caro-Mother wants you two to come downstairs," she said

"What for?" Penelope asked

"We got something in the mail," Blair couldn't help but smile at the memory of the invitation.

Penelope and Priscilla looked at each other and squealed. They quickly raced past Blair and down the stairs.

Blair quickly followed and made it just in time to hear the location and the time of the masquerade.

The Ballroom Palace at 7pm this Saturday.

Blair smiled with her step sisters as they discussed what they were going to wear. But Blair's smile quickly faded as she saw the cold stare from Caroline. Before Caroline even spoke the words, Blair knew what was coming.

"Blair, I'm sure you remember that you have something else to attend to that night."

Blair couldn't believe Caroline was using her weekly cocktail parties as an excuse to not attend. As it was, Blair knew no one was going to come. Everyone would be at the ball.

But Blair didn't say a word. Instead she just nodded and headed back toward her bedroom. She cried herself to sleep that night.

Once Saturday came, Blair heard as her step sisters prepared for the biggest night of the year, possibly the biggest night of their lives. Blair couldn't stand it, but its not like she could go anywhere. She was stuck there. Forever. This was her chance and she was going to pass it up.

As she sat there by her window, like she always did, she watched as Penelope and Priscilla slid into their town car in their ballroom gowns and headed for the ball. Blair couldn't stop the tears from running down her cheeks.

Before she knew it, the time read 6:30. And she had a cocktail party to host, there was no time for moping around.

So, she composed herself and slipped into her black traditional dress and headed downstairs.

Once she entered the living room, she noticed that the tables weren't set. In fact, it looked as though a cocktail party was not even going to happen.

It wasn't until then that it suddenly dawned on her that there was never going to be a cocktail party. Caroline had intentionally made it seem as though she had never cancelled the event. When is fact she had.

"Miss Blair, Miss Waldorf tell me that there is no more party. She said she sorry for the misunderstanding. She forgot to tell you," explained Dorota, the maid and Blair's only true friend in the house.

"She's not sorry. She did this on purpose so I could miss the ball," cried Blair.

"I know. I'm sorry, Miss Blair"

"Why does she hate me so much? I never did anything to her?" she cried

"It not your fault. Miss Waldorf just an evil person."

"This was my one chance to escape. Or at least try to escape and now its too late," sighed a defeated Blair.

Dorota watched as she saw the young girl whom she watched grow to become a beautiful, kind, and sweet young woman cry. She knew she couldn't just stand there and do nothing. She knew Blair didn't deserve this life and always did what she could to help her. Tonight was no exception.

"Miss Blair, come here," she told her

Blair followed as Dorota led her to her bedroom.

And there laying on her bed was the most prettiest strapless white gown that Blair had ever seen. Laced with a unique checkered pattern, Blair couldn't believe her eyes.

"Dorota, how did you-"

"Please, try on Miss Blair."

"Thank you so much, Dorota," Blair had tears in her eyes as she tightly hugged the one person who was more like a mother to her than Caroline ever was or would be.

Once Blair put on the dress, she looked at herself in the mirror and was shocked by how beautiful she looked.

"Prince Louie want to marry you right away," smiled Dorota as she stared in awe at her beauty.

"You think? My hair and make up look ridiculous," Blair noticed as she tried to fix her bangs that wouldn't hold.

"I fix it. While you hold your mask," replied Dorota handing her a matching white mask.

"Dorota, how did you know?" Blair had to ask as Dorota began fixing her hair.

"Miss Waldorf is mean, Miss Blair. Of course I know what she behind. I know she don't want you to go to ball. She know Prince choose you and not her spoiled ones. So, yesterday I buy dress and mask."

"Dorota, I don't know how I can ever thank you. You know how mad she'll get. In fact, isn't she here?" panicked Blair as she realized Caroline would never let her out of the house.

"No. She at the ball."

"What? So she just left me here?" stated an upset Blair.

"Best thing you do now, Miss Blair, is marry Prince Louie and never come back," spoke Dorota.

"No, I'll come back. For you, Dorota," Blair promised.

"Ok, now go. Taxi waiting for you already," replied Dorota

"Wish me luck?"

"Good luck. Prince Louie be dumb if he don't choose you."

"Thank you," smiled Blair as she hugged Dorota one last time.

She knew that if Caroline discovered the girl behind the mask and expensive white gown, she would not only be in serious trouble, but also Dorota. So, once Blair arrived she promised herself that she would have to stay hidden.

That proved to be more difficult than she had thought. Once she entered the ballroom palace, the dancing had begun, but one look from the Prince, and everyone's eyes were on her.

She could feel the stares and was thankful that it was a masquerade dance, otherwise everyone would see the red in her cheeks.

As she made her way down the stairs, her heart was beating a mile a minute. She knew that the Prince was waiting for her. And once she saw his hand held out for her, she gracefully accepted it as he led her to the dance floor.

All eyes were on them and she couldn't have felt more comfortable gracefully dancing with the Prince. It was everything that she had imagined.

Once the song ended, the Prince led her outside to the garden, away from everyone.

"I must say, you are quite the dancer," he spoke.

"Thank you. You aren't so bad yourself," smiled Blair.

She couldn't believe she was talking to the Prince.

"Now, I must ask, where have you been all evening?"

"I ran into a few complications. But I'm here now," replied Blair.

"And I'm glad you are," he smiled.

"Me too," she smiled back.

"I was getting restless in there. You would think since I'm a guy I would love having the option of choosing from all those woman. But I'll be honest, there wasn't one woman in there who captivated me like you have," he said.

Blair didn't know what to say.

"I'm sorry, did I embarrass you," he laughed.

"Maybe just a little. There are a lot of woman in there who probably hate me right now."

"That may be true, but they would be wrong in hating you for something that is not of your control."

"I guess," Blair admitted.

"Now, before we get to know each other better, may I first ask your name?" he asked

"It's Bl-"

"I'm sorry to interrupt, Prince Louie, but you have many guests who are waiting for you," interrupted a security guard.

"I understand," Prince Louie stated, he then turned to Blair, "I'm sorry, but I must attend to my guests. If you will, please wait out here for me until my return?"

"I will," promised Blair as he gracefully kissed her cheek.

"I won't be long," he promised.

So as Blair sat and waited, she suddenly found herself shivering. She didn't think to put on a coat and instantly regretted it. Fifteen minutes had already gone by and the Prince hadn't returned.

So she stood up and walked to the edge of the patio and embraced the beautiful view of the city as it lay before her.

She suddenly jumped at the sound of a lighter flicking. She turned around to find a young man who anyone could easily mistaken as Prince Louie if it wasn't for the specific bone structure of his face, smoking a cigarette.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you," he apologized.

"That's OK," she said as she faced back to the view.

"Are you cold?" he asked as he watched her fold her arms together

"A bit," she admitted.

"Here, take my jacket," he said, sliding it off and putting it over her.

"Thanks," she said as she snuggled into the warmth that his body heat had left.

There was a silence that fell between them and Blair couldn't help but notice how natural it felt.

"So why aren't you inside?" Blair finally asked

"I'm not one for social events. That's more Louie's thing," he stated

"Are you a friend of Prince Louie's?" she asked curiously

"Something like that. So, I take it you're the girl that everyone in there hates?"

"Yeah, I guess so. But I'm used to it, so what's new?" she admitted

"If it's any consolation, I think everyone in there hates each other, including themselves."

"That does actually make me feel a little better," Blair smiled

"You're welcome," he returned her smile.

It was then that she suddenly felt something for this man that she had only just met. If she didn't know any better, this feeling felt stronger than what she had felt when she was with Prince Louie. She quickly looked away from him. Embarrassed by what she was feeling, because she knew he couldn't certainly be feeling the same way.

"Don't worry, it shouldn't be long now until Louie comes back for you. Once he does, I'll be out of your way," he said a few minutes later with a torn smile

"Oh, you're no bother to me. Actually, I'm glad you're here. I was getting pretty lonely. Not that I'm not used to it, but I forget how nice it is to have someone to talk to," Blair admitted.

"That's funny. Most people find me to be extremely annoying and not good company," he laughed, "I guess I can see what Louie sees in you. You're different."

"Good different or bad different?" she had to ask.

"Definitely a good different," he stated in all honesty.

The way he said it made Blair's blood rush up to her cheeks. She looked away from him embarrassed.

"You don't have to be embarrassed, you should embrace the compliment," he smiled.

"Thank you," was all she could say.

There was then that silence that fell between them again; however, this time Blair found herself staring into his dark eyes, wanting so desperately to kiss the man behind the mask. But before she could stop herself, they both heard the buzzing of his phone. She quickly looked away from him as he excused himself.

"Yeah, OK. I'll be there in a minute," she overheard him say.

Once he hung up, he explained to her that he had somewhere he needed to be.

"I have to attend to something, but it was nice meeting you, Miss..."

"Blair. Blair Waldorf," she stated as she accepted his hand to shake, "And you are?"

"Charles. But I go by Chuck," he admitted

"OK, so Chuck No Last Name?" she teased.

"Exactly," he returned her smile, "I hope to run into you again tonight"

"I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you," she admitted.

He nodded before heading back inside.

A few minutes later, Prince Louie returned for Blair. But all Blair could think about was Chuck.

"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for so long. Please forgive me," he stated

"Of course," stated an understanding Blair.

"Let me make it up to you, come inside with me and I'll announce to everyone that I have chosen you," he stated.

Blair smiled. Her dream of marrying a prince was once step closer to becoming reality.

But once again her smile faded and her dream was shattered as she was greeted by Caroline.