I was in bed after chemo. It was hitting me hard. I was feeling so sick. Scott, Drake and my friends were doing my school work. They had me on an NG tube it wasn't fun. The weeks passed after chemo quickly the months passed.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I was sitting on the couch playing a video game with Charlie it had been four months since I got sick. I wasn't any worse but I wasn't any better either dad and mom were sitting on the love seat. Dad was reading the school paper. Mom was reading the newspaper. We were waiting on a phone call it was about my last MRI I rubbed my nose. I hated this NG tube. I had to have it. I could not keep a thing down and I had gotten an infection while the stomach tube was in. so not cool.

The phone rang. Dad ran to get it. I tried to listen but couldn't hear.

"Gordon?" Mom asked.

"They want Rick at the hospital now."

"Dad what did they say?" I asked getting worried.

"They think the tumor has grown a bit."

I nodded I couldn't contain the tears that started to flow I was sixteen I didn't want to die.

Charlie pulled me into a hug, "Rick they are wrong" He told me as he rubbed my back.

After I calmed down, we drove to the hospital. Over the next hour, I was put through a regiment of tests and exams. I was sedated so most of it was a blur.

I was in a hospital room on an IV it was in my hand. My mind still felt fuzzy. I looked to see Charlie.

"Hi are they talking to mom and dad?"

"Yeah a guy came by with a lady Rick I think they are your real parents"

"No I don't want to be taken away from you. I knew this would happen?"

"Hi are Patrick Riley?"

I nodded "Please don't take me away from my family"

"We saw you with them in the lobby are you happy?"

I nodded mom and dad walked in "hello who are you?"

"Tom Riley this is my wife Liz we are Rick's parents"

"You can't take me away," I said

"Rick we won't. We would like to get to know you"

I nodded. " Did it grow?" I asked looking at my adoptive father whom I loved like a real father he had shown me love and had taken the time to teach me to drive.

"No it didn't. I have good news they ran several tests. You need to finish your last round of chemotherapy they were looking at another scan and thought it was yours. Rick I'm trying to tell you that you're in remission" dad told me.

I let out a happy cry as I hugged my father the final two weeks went by slowly I was drained I would be so glad when I could get things back to normal. I was only on day three.


I jumped as I saw Cole Sutherland walking towards me "What are you doing here?" I asked bitterly I had just had a vomiting spell and the NG tube inserted again Charlie was beside me glaring at him. If looks could kill Cole would have dropped dead.

"You're the Brain Tumor patient?"

"Yeah you want to make fun?"

"No I go to the hospital to help brain tumor patients I'm a nine year cancer survivor "

I turned to face him

"You had a brain tumor?" Charlie asked

"Yeah I'm sorry I was mean. Rick sometimes I do stuff and I don't think and I failed cause I was kept back. And I bully so well I don't know why I bully but I got bullied and I guess I became mean. When I found out you were sick I felt bad. Rick I don't want to bully I just did it to fit in with Jason Brown."

I looked at Cole. I wasn't feeling like talking truth be told I was sedated.

Charlie POV

I looked at rick he was fighting to stay awake. I looked at Cole he did not make sense. He did explain it better he had been kept back in grade three. He was bullied by his other so called friends so after that he became the bully to his younger peers. He would talk to other kids and teens about surviving a brain tumor. He did talk to Rick. I don't think Rick heard him. He was sleeping soundly. The weeks passed Rick slept a lot his body needed it. It was his last chemo day I was in school. I invited Guy and Adam over my parents were going to have a party for him. If he wasn't too tired. Drake and Scott were coming as well they knew what Rick had been through.

I was excited to see Rick his parents were starting to come around more and more. They bought him stuff I don't think he cared for it much.

Rick POV

"How do you feel son?" dad asked

"Good I feel tired but good. Glad chemo is over." I told him. I wasn't feeling sick or anything. I had gotten mad at my real parents they wanted to buy me a brand new car. I didn't want it I wanted my car I didn't want new stuff.

"Dad did I Christmas pass?"

"No son it didn't it is next week"

I nodded. I was being wheeled out in a wheel chair. The car was already parked a t the door dad let me walk to the car

Before I got in I looked at him "Dad can I drive?"

He looked at me. " do you feel up to it?"

I smiled and nodded I spoke, "Yeah dad I do."

"I know you do but you just had chemo an hour ago how about I drive"

I nodded and got into the passenger's side.

Dad drove home "Mom is home?" I asked once we got home.

"Yeah she is off today"

I nodded we walked inside.

"Welcome home Rick"

I smiled and hugged my mom I was happy to be home.

"Rick are you in the mood for a welcome home party tomorrow?" mom asked

I nodded and sat down on a chair. I was feeling hungry." Mom can I have something to eat?" I asked

She smiled at me she removed my ball cap and kissed the top of my bald head "Rick I'm so proud of you"

I looked at her I hadn't done anything "What did I do?" I asked

"You beat cancer we are very proud of you"

Charlie ran through the door he ran and hugged me.

"Rick I'm so happy your home. Are you feeling okay?" he asked

I nodded.

"Want to play Nintendo?"

I nodded we played until dinner. Mom made hamburgers I was able to eat a full hamburger. Even though Christmas was a week away I felt like I had the best gifts ever I had a forever family two loving parents a little brother who loved me, two other parents who I liked. The best gift was beating brain cancer I won a battle and I had won over the bully what could be better in my life as far as I was satisfied my life was finally how I had dreamed it would be.