Getting Use to Being Home Again!

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Riley and her sister Taylor have been home for the last six months and things seemed to be going good. Riley still is having a hard trusting her father, but they both knew that it was going to take time, but John was wishing that it wouldn't take as long as it was. He just wanted his little girl back, but he didn't know how he was going to do that. He was so tired of watching her go through things alone. He never thought that he would lose his daughter trust the way he did, but he couldn't blame anyone but himself. He was up early that morning making breakfast. He wanted to do something special for his girls to so them that he cares and loves them. He mainly did it for Riley. He knew that Taylor forgave him and loves him, but Riley was going to take some convincing.

He looked over hearing his girls walking down. He smiled to himself watching them walk down pretty much like they used to. Taylor smiled at him as she walked over to him and kissed his cheek. Riley on the other hand got the juice and sat down at the table pouring her some. He watched her and sighed a little knowing she wasn't going to get over being hurt time and time again. She went through a lot in her young life and one of them was when she lost her mother. John couldn't look at Riley the same since she was the one that took after her mother so much and things that he did to her after Kiara die was the most horrible thing that he could have ever done. He blamed himself for a lot of things and now that he had the girls back he was going to make sure that he made things right with them once and for all.

Riley looked over at her father and knew that he wanted to make things right between them, but she didn't know how much she could trust him at the moment. She gave a small smile to him before she started eating. John sat down when Taylor did. He watched the girls and smiled. They had grown up over the past three years and he missed out on so much. He was kind of glad that he missed out on Riley starting her period because he didn't know how to explain that to her. Taylor on the other hand he knew that was going to be tough, but he knew that Riley would help her out as much as she could. Riley has been taking care of her sister since she was pretty much born and took full control when Kiara past on.

He smiled "So are you girls ready to get back to school?" he asked

"Kind of." Riley said

"I know I am." Taylor said

"Why kind of Riley?" he asked

"Because I am afraid of being there again." She replied

"Honey you know that you done have anything to worry about right?"

"Dad I wish it was that easy, but it's not when it comes to me."

"What are you talking about sweetie?"

"Dad please I don't want to get into it right now."

"Riley I need to know what has you so scared of being back in school with other kids your age?"

"Dad it's because I blame myself for Taylor and I getting taken away three years ago. If I didn't fidget so much in my seat then we wouldn't have gotten taken away when we did and we could have been here with you." She said

"Riley that wasn't your fault at all honey. You have to understand that."

"It's kind of hard dad."

"Riley I was the one that made the decision to do all of those things to you girls and you got the worse of it. Riley your not to blame."

"Dad I just cant deal with all of this right now. I know that the kids there are going to be talking and its going to be about you and I just don't want to hear how bad of a father you were to us and how he got taken away when we did."

"Riley you don't have to listen to them. Just cause they say things doesn't mean that its true."

"Dad you know damn well that the things that they are going to be saying about us are true. You may have found away to deal with it, but right now I don't know how to deal with it and its not going to be easy for me to deal with." She said getting up and walking back to her room

John sighed rubbing his head

"Dad just give her time. She has been dealing with a lot lately and this is just to much for her." Taylor said

"I know sweetie. Just make sure that she doesn't have a nervous break down at school."

"I'll do my best dad. I have to get going. Love you."

"Love you too." He said

Taylor smiled walking up to get her sister. John watched her sighing knowing that she was right. Riley just needed the time to get herself straight and use to the fact that she was living with him again. He watched the girls walk out of the house and headed off for school and he knew that things were going get better from this point on.