Dinner is an awkward affair.

"Do you eat?" Sasuke asks, poking his head into the fridge and grabbing for the sushi he bought yesterday. His fingers are shaking, a little, and he pretends that he doesn't notice. Just like he's pretending that he is not fazed by the stranger with magic who has barged into his home and made herself welcome. Sasuke retreats behind a mask of indifference and calmly watches the way her face scrunches as if she's offended.

"Yes," says the girls who's name is Sakura. "Of course I eat."

She eats a lot.

Sasuke is still pretending not to care about anything, so it doesn't faze him, even as her nimble chopsticks pluck up his favorites.

"What's your name?" she asks.

"You don't know?" Somehow, he thought she knew. Why else would she be here, in his apartment, if not for him specifically.

"No. I only know what you look like."

This is a weird thing to say but Sakura is weird and if Sasuke starts obsessing over the oddities he will go insane. "Sasuke," he says. "Uchiha Sasuke." It's not as if there is any danger in her knowing his full name; what would she do? Stalk him?

She looks up from her food and smiles at him, bright and quick and very human. But she has pink hair and the light above them is only stationary because she hands are busy. Sasuke's brain hurts. "Nice to meet you, Sasuke."

"I have to study," he tells her later, when dark has fallen completely and the cold has settled in the corners of the room. "So you should go."

She is poking around his bookshelf, lingering on the few pleasure books and glancing at the numerous textbooks. When she turns to him, her mouth is turned down. "I'm not leaving."

"I have to study."

"So study."

"You need to leave."

"I won't."

"I will call the cops."

"You're going to tell them a fairy snuck into your house and ate dinner with you?"

"Go away."

She just stares at him, arms crossed over her chest.

Sasuke storms to his room and tries not to think he's going insane.

Later, as he is getting ready for bed, he goes to check on her.

She is on the couch with a biology textbook. The irony kills.

"I only have one bed."

"I don't need to sleep."

He raises his eyebrows. She shrugs. "Not much, anyway."

"I do need to sleep. So be quiet."

Her only response is to turn the page.

His clock flashed 3:00AM, but Sasuke gets out of bed nonetheless. He has just remembered something very important. There is a scowl on his face, because he thinks that he must really be going crazy – how else could this ridiculous delay be explained? He stumbles down the hall.

She is still sitting on the couch. There is a little bundle of light hovering close over the pages of the book in her light. The blatant magic makes him angry.

"Why are you here?" he demands.

Sakura does not look surprised to see him. There is an odd expression on her face, and she offers him a tight smile.

"For you, Sasuke."

Fear hits him hard. He has to swallow before he can be sure his voice won't tremble. She weaves light and changes her hair and who is he to say what other powers lie behind little arms and a pert nose? There are no weapons close, and he is fairly certain he will not be given the chance to overpower her. "So you're here to kill me."

Sakura looks shocked. And then she laughs. Truly laughs. Sasuke hates her for it.

"No. Never."

Sasuke does not trust her, and fear still tastes bitter at the back of his throat. "Then what do you mean?"

"You'll see," she says. "You'll see."

end note: Totally not pertaining to the story but humor me, lovelies: What's a great/intelligent/adventure-filled/anime-esque(if that makes sense)/awesome/romance book? (Also, the more magic and fantasy the better.) Because I have a surplus of free time and a bookstore with coffee and comfy chairs calling my name