Bright, happy morning

How happy I am, to see you

There, waiting for me

Hello to you, too

This smile

Yes, it's for you

This walk

Yes, it's a bright, happy walk

I'd whistle a tune

If I could hold a tune

And maybe I will

Just to see if I can.

Walking on the street

There's so many people you meet

Isn't it neat

The places they can take you, your feet

Out of the house

And into the street

Out of unhappiness

And into someone's heart

It's as neat as neat can be

And neater still

It's a bright, happy thing

To be in someone else's heart

And for them to be in your heart, too

They'll fill it with gladness


And hopefully with not too much sadness

But you know how to fix that

Don't you?

If you put on a smile

And go out on the street

You'll be amazed at the people you'll meet

You'll be surprised

At that bright, happy mood

You're suddenly sporting

They're your people

And they're so supporting

On a bright, happy morning.