Bliss, o joy, perfect happiness, and pleasures delightful

Lustful, loving, oblivion

Is this

Surreptitious? Is it wise, or stupendous? Is it our demise, or our


Bide a little time to your thoughts, before they grow to cold

Listen to your heart, inside and out

Is that the sound, of reason knocking on your door? What for, does

Sleeplessness come, in the night, or restlessness, by the first rays of daylight?

Should you be thinking, of something other than this, this perfect happiness, and joy divine; Who is that knocking, on your door so late?

Be heard, speak up

Loud is the whisper, of desire in my ear, of want in my chest, dragging in each breath

If you've something to say, by goodness, say it, already, but don't make me wait, for I hate, that, I hate with no

Shame at all, to say.

Say, speak your piece, I've got places to be, pleasures to find. Don't hold me up, don't be so unusual.