Cover me in diamonds and bliss

Cover me in rose petals and mist

Cover me in kisses

But don't forget those nasty hisses

Close the door, don't make me to blame

Cover me from shame.

We are what we are

They're so fond of saying

But some of us, we're below par

I don't know what about they're braying.

I do what I have to do

I am who I want to be

But could you stop, for just a while, and stand with me, too

Could you smile, instead of frown, at me?

I'm not a criminal

I'm just me

Don't be hypocritical

When you've not said two words to me

Don't shoot those dastardly looks my way

I'm not inflatable

I've got bills, like you have, to pay

And I'm human, too, so breakable.

If you can't be my friend

Don't be my enemy

Remember that rules can bend

Without breaking, and stick and stones, can hurt me

And, yes - Oh, yes! - words can, too

They can make me so blue

So don't you

If you can't look in the mirror, at the end of the day

Don't you throw those words at me, all in a slew

What a stew!

Because I'm not your enemy, and I'd hate for you to have to pay

The price I've had to pay

To be me

To be free.