Brutal Substitutes


I throw him down on the bed ripping his clothes away. I bite down on his neck as my nails rip into the flesh of his back.

"Heh your quite the animal." he mummers against my ear.

I freeze furious "I'm not paying you to speak Seth." I snarl

"No your paying me for the family resemblance. Charlie" he snickers.

I don't bother using lube when I penetrate him, he's getting paid well enough and I want it to hurt. I want him to pay for reminding me I can't have what I want.

I cum screaming his brothers name.


They walk down the red carpet arm in arm everyone snapping their photo. Toki beams with pride clutching the blonde close to him, moving his arm down his dates back, burring his face into an ivory neck surrounded by golden hair. "JEG elske du Skwisgaar" his whispers into the others ear

"Toki hon you know I can't speak Norwegian." a feminine voice giggles.

Toki feels his heart break a little as he is brought back to reality Skwisgaar is being held by an old woman not him, the woman in Toki's arm is just a poor substitute.


A Snakes and barrels record played in the corner drudging up ghosts from Pickles past as he laid sprawled out on his bed Memories of loving hands that once touched him, lively eyes that peered out at him from under a old top hat, soft lips that once lingered against his own and strong arms that once held him tight and kept him warm.

Pickles took a drink of a bottle of Jack Daniels that sat on his nightstand, the booze and drugs were all that kept him warm now. The poisons that had erased all traces of the man he had once loved were ironically all he had left, Pickles took another drink, they would just have to do.