Serena was effortless, she was beautiful, charismatic and kind, an infuriating combination, even if she was arguably the most beautiful girl in Manhattan she couldn't seem to get her love life right, she had all the guys but always seemed to be attracted to the bad ones but there were two amazing guys, Nate Archibald and Dan Humphrey. Dan and her ended for many reasons, she always felt he had loved the idea of her but couldn't handle the real Serena with her many flaws. It was different with Nate they had been friends since they were kids but one day changed everything, Nate was Blair's boyfriend so he was off limits but then the Shepard wedding happened, Blair was away, Nate and Serena were alone, they had too much to drink and ended up having sex, she ran away when that happened. Nate was hurt, then she came back but she kept saying she didn't come back for him. Their love was forbidden but then finally after 3 years Nate and Serena had the chance to be with each other but she was going through many problems and wanted time for herself however Nate would always be the one who didn't judge her, he loved Serena on her bad days and accepted the flawed Serena. Now Serena had lost Dan and Nate.

It was a serene spring day in New York city, Serena flipped through the pages of her textbook she was studying for finals but she was already feeling restless. Serena began to think about how Dan and Blair, the two people she considered her closest friends had gone behind her back and had... well whatever they had. Serena picked up her phone and went through her contact list. Serena suddenly felt very lonely there wasn't one person she could think about talking to since Dan and Blair were no longer her friends, it wasn't that she was a loner there were many hang arounds in her life but she hardly could call them close friends. She came across contacts whose names started with N and there she saw Nate Archibald on her screen, a smiled crept onto her Chanel pink lip gloss coated lips, Natie she still had him she thought to herself, she knew it was different now after their break up she couldn't just go over to see him, order pizza and watch old movies with him like old times. Blair, Serena and Nate had been inseparable when they were kids Serena never cared how messy Lily's love life was or how it was effecting her and Eric when she was with Nate and Blair, she would forget everything but now Blair and her weren't even talking and Nate was distant with her ever since they had broken up but she couldn't blame him for that.

Serena hit call on Nate's number, she didn't know what to say but she didn't want to loose him.

"Hello?" He said sounding sleepy.

Serena imagined him with his hair golden brown hair tangled up, laying in bed with just his blue boxers on, looking sexy even in his sleepy state.

"Hey Natie." She said cheerfully.

"Who is this?" He asked.

It felt like a knife pierced her heart, Natie was her childhood nickname for him and he couldn't even recognize her voice anymore...

"Nate, it's Serena." She said sounding much more serious now.

"Oh Serena, sorry I was taking a nap and I should have known it was you nobody calls me Natie anymore." He teased.

She smiled and her heart soared, he sounded like her Natie again.

"You better be sorry Nate and no one calls you that because it's my name for you." She said.

"You're the only one allowed to call me that S, so why did you call?" He asked.

He wanted to talk to her, he missed her voice, her scent, her Serena-ness, he wanted to go over to her and.. just touch her again. Touch her again?

"I was just wondering how you are and I... miss you Nate." She said, her voice sounding sad.

He felt like taking the sadness out of her voice and to kiss away the pain. What about his girlfriend? Then again Serena is his Achilles heel.

"I'm good S, do you really mean that? Ben seemed to keep you company." He mused.

He instantly regretted how mean he sounded. Serena bit her lip, she was starting to see her mistakes and felt crushed how could Nate ever believe her? Actions spoke louder than words and her's were screaming at him that she didn't need him.

"I do mean what I say, look Nate I really need you right now and Ben wasn't who I thought he was. I have no one left and you don't need to help me, I know you're with Raina now and I don't deserve it." She said distantly.

"Serena please don't say that, if you need me I'm here that doesn't change I promise. This Dan and Blair thing is really getting to you isn't it?" He asked.

He knew part of her loved Dan, it hurt him greatly to accept that but Dan was his friend and he wasn't possessive he would rather let Serena be free than to hold onto her so tightly and take away the thing he admired the most about her, she was free like a butterfly she deserved to fly and go where ever she wanted, he would not take that away from her.

"Thanks Natie, I don't know why you're this nice to me.I don't want to ever date Dan again, I just felt hurt that they couldn't talk to me about this, I wanted to know how could they not tell me?" She said.

Nate smiled, he knew it was wrong to smile at this moment but she said she didn't want Dan anymore, that was good, very good. Apparently Golden Boy suffers from memory loss and is forgetting Rai.. what's her name again? Right no one really cares.

"It's the same reason you ran away when we had sex while I was with Blair, she didn't want to hurt you and she didn't want to admit it to herself that she might have feelings for him. We never wanted to tell Blair the truth about us but S she forgave us for what we did." He said carefully.

"But they're not us Nate we were meant to be.."She said then suddenly stopping herself from continuing.

She couldn't believe how honest she had been, it was unfair for her to say it to him now. Nate blinked his eyes and cleared his throat.

"Do you still think that S?" He asked straight forwardly.

"You have a girlfriend." She said.

"Why does this sound so familiar?" He asked.

Serena couldn't help but giggle, Nate and her were facing the same dilemma he was dating someone else, she was scared to admit how she felt... it was history repeating itself.

"Natie why don't we go get some coffee and take a walk?" She asked.

"That sounds great Serena. I'll meet you at Starbucks in 15 minutes." He said.

15 minutes later

Serena was sitting down at a table, she had ordered a frappuccino and had started to drink it, several guys began to stare at the ethereal blond as she sipped at her frappuccino, she seemed oblivious to the attention but to be honest she had gotten so use to it that it was a common occurrence to her like how day turns to night. That makes us love you so much more S but we can't hate her now can we? She just can't help it. Nate walks into Starbucks, all the girls stare at him, he's 6'0, golden brown hair and stunning blue eyes, he's gorgeous, Serena lifts her head up and watches him stride over to her, he too is oblivious to the attention, it's so common for him too, Serena bit her lip Nate was gorgeous and looked yummy. Aren't we always wanting taken men S? She jumps up from her seat and wraps her arms around him as he approaches her table, he smells like the most delicious boy alive. Nate wraps his arms around her, pulling her beautiful body against his firmly. He loves how she smells of a mix of essential oils, a truly unique scent it was completely her own. He wants to kiss her soft pink lips again, take her far away from all the chaos that surrounds her. Nate wants to protect his golden girl from the stupid men she falls for. They awkwardly pull away, they had been hugging for too long, it was not a friendly embrace but it was sensual. They take their seats opposite of each other.

"So I'm third best?" He jokes around.

Serena stares into his blue eyes, why can't he see she loves him? That she's scared because he is the only exception, she knows she screws everything up, she's scared she will ruin it further and he won't be in her life anymore, she knows this, it scares her.

"Nate don't say that" She said quickly.

"I'm kidding Serena, you seem.. different today." He observes.

She pushes her golden locks behind her shoulders and licks her lips, Nate notices this and finds it sexy.

"It's just I've made so many mistakes and I feel like I don't deserve you being here I screwed everything up. Dan and Blair were right to focus on each other instead of me, I'm the screw up they finally realized it then again I'm sure they knew it all along but now they can't deal with it anymore. Why am I like this Nate?" She asked sounding very sad.

Nate was angry, she made mistakes but she was no screw up, he was here because he loves her. Loves her?

"You are not a screw up, forget about what's going on with Dan and Blair that's their problem now. Serena look at me, you don't have to ever feel bad about who you are with me, I like who you are and if you make mistakes so what? Learn from them move on from it." He said kindly.

Her heart soared, she smiled at him. Nate was amazing to her, he knew what to say at the right time.

"Thank you Nate, you're right it's their problem not mine. Nate when you say things like that it makes me see what my one true biggest mistake was..." She said and then trialed off.

"And what was that?" He asked curiously.

"Letting you go, that was the biggest mistake." She said honestly.

She avoided his gaze and looked off into the distance. Nate felt conflicted but Serena was here in-front of him admitting the very thing he always wanted her to say, not so he can be evil about it but to tell her it was okay and now they could fix the problem. Nate moved closer to her, he placed his hand on her smooth cheek and let his fingers get entangled in her hair, he puller her closer to him and softly kissed her pink lips, she returned the kiss, moving closer to him and kissing him with passion, she heard a sound of a camera phone Nate and her pulled away quickly and saw Georgina Sparks standing in-front of them with a phone in her hand.

"Serena and Nate how cute! I'm sure Gossip Girl would love to hear about this." She said.

"Georgina, don't you dare!" Serena said firmly.

"Why not S? Is Nate taken again? You're his whore aren't you?" She taunted.

"That's enough, go away we don't care what you do with that picture." Nate said.

Serena looked at him to say what about Raina? But he shook his head. He would have to face the consequence he wouldn't let Georgina blackmail Serena again.

"Fine losers goodbye." She said.

She glared at Serena and walked away.

"Why did you do that Nate? Raina will find out about what happened with us." Serena said.

"I know but she can't blackmail you again, I'll deal with it." He said sounding defeated.

Serena touched his hand and rubbed it slowly.

"Thank you for doing that for me and I'm here for you too." She said kindly.

Nate stood up and helped Serena out of her chair, he put his arm around her as they walked out of never wanted him to let go of her.

"S, everything is going to be alright." He said soothingly.

"I know it will be for sure." She said sounding cheerful again.

"How do you know that for sure?" He asked.

"Because I have you again." She said proudly.

"You always had me but I'm glad you realized it." He said.

They walk back to Serena's penthouse and go to her room, they feel like kids again. Lily knocks on the door.

"What is it?" She asked

"Serena, Blair is here." Lily said.

Serena and Nate exchange nervous glances.

Blair slowly opens the door, she looks shocked to see Nate there but looks at Serena.

"Serena we can't let our friendship end because of a guy again, no offense Nate." Blair says quickly.

Nate looks at Serena and mouths "Go easy on her."

"I know you're right B, it just shocked me so much but you should be happy with whoever you want even if it's…. Dan" She said.

Nate smiles, he likes it when she shows kindness to people.

"Thank you so much S but you don't have to worry about me being with Dan because Louis and I are engaged." She said matter of factly.

Nate and Serena look at her, they're shocked.

"Engaged? Wow congrats B!" Serena said happily.

"Yes, engaged, now is that the Breakfast at Tiffany's DVD?" She asked.

Serena got it Blair didn't want to talk about it and she would find out later.

"Yes it is, now go sit on my bed and we'll all relax and watch the movie." Serena announced.

Nate moved over and let Blair sit down next to him, Serena sat on the other side next to Nate, they pulled the blanket over them and pressed play on the remote, the three childhood friends sat together watching their favorite old movie. If only their lives were that simple like it was years ago, now Blair was engaged, Serena felt lost and Nate was confused in his relationship but he longed for Serena but then again somethings never changed. Being a child is easy but growing up that's the hard part they were all suffering from emotional growing pains.

Over at the Empire Hotel Chuck Bass was feeling empty and alone.

Over in Brooklyn Dan Humphrey was writing a poem about a rich, brunette girl that he couldn't get out of his mind.

See they're all suffering from emotional growing pains but some of us grow up faster than others.

You know you love me.


Gossip Girl.